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the new England patriots in the local time on Saturday announced that the rookie fullback Joey - Yousefa (Joey Iosefa) from the training squad promotion squad. At present, only the James White patriot array (James White) and Blanton Bolden (Brandon Bolden) two genuine running back. earlier this week, the former Denver Broncos patriots running back Monti Bauer (Montee Ball) signed into the training squad, but in comparison with Yousefa, Bill - Bailey (Bill Belichick) or a tendency to choose the team more familiar Yousefa. Yousefa 6 feet tall, 247 pounds, at run inside. The former University of Hawaii's running guard was selected by Tampa Bay pirates in the seventh round of this year's draft. Yousefa University during a total of 512 times to punch the ball for 2218 yards with 21 touchdowns. In addition, he also has the ability to catch the ball, 60 times the ball to push 438 yards with 3 array. If you can get the opportunity to play, the Patriots will play a similar hope Yuyousefa Jules Garrett Blount (LeGarrette Blount) the role of.Handball |2015 "lottery Cup" national beach handball c cheap nfl jerseys free shipping hampionships | hand Association the 2015 "body color cup" national beach handball championships ended in Dunhuang, Gansu yesterday. After three days of intense competition, the Tianjin team and Anhui team fenhuonannv champion. 2 to 8 women in the women's group were the PLA, Shanghai, Xinjiang, Jiangsu, Beijing, Guangxi and Heilongjiang. The men's group 2 to 8 were Guangdong, PLA, Jiangsu, Shandong, Sichuan, Shanghai and Anhui.The official website of NFL | giant announced that Mike Adu became head coach of rugby | New York giant in the local time on Wednesday to determine the coach, the 38 year old Ben Mike Adu (Ben McAdoo) will become the new coach. In the past 2 seasons, Mike Adu has played a great role as a giant attack coordinator and has a deep trust within the team. In coach Tom Coughlin (Tom Coughlin) after leaving the team, the team finally decided to choose the internal mining, a person familiar with the team coach. Mike Adu and quarterback Eli Manning (Eli Manning) relationship is good, he is regarded as the younger version of Andy - Reed (Andy Reid). Originally giant plan before interview, Cincinnati tiger attack coordinator Hugh Jackson (Hue Jackson), but the latter decided to join Cleveland Brown coaching group on Wednesday. As the Philadelphia hawks were also interested in Mike Adu, the giant decided to make the appointment early. despite the poor performance of the giants this season, Manning and Odell took the lead in the performance of Odell Beckham (Beckham Beckham). Mike Adu is expected to further stimulate the team's potential, and the goal of the new season is to return to the playoffs.CCTV Spring Festival and looking at how to do, "the Spring Festival" with a celebration, the world's top sports entertainment event, the fiftieth Super Bowl will be held on February 7, 2016 (Beijing time on February 8th morning) war, the game will be broadcast on the global more than 170 countries and regions, but the site to watch the game is not so easy. is 50 times in the final of the European Championship ticketing website aztickets has listed next Super Bowl Stadium - the Levi's stadium is located in California Santa Barbara, the different positions of the fare, the Red areas are VIP seats, not by ordinary channels to enter the pink area of the highest price, the current average price of about $10000, blue second position, now $8000, in turn is purple, yellow and stand the highest point of the green, even the green region, the current price is $3950, as final 70 euros fare is 50 times higher, and a month after the Super Bowl teams out of the furnace, the fare will be on top of the world. sky price makes big people hard to see At the beginning of the forty-eighth session of the 2014, the super bowl is located in New Jersey's Metropolitan stadium, "want to do" the hospitality of a host of New Jersey governor Chris Christie (Chris Christie) sent a circle of friends, there is a buddy box at the stadium to see the ball quickly sign up at that time, like be like clouds. Numerous mobile phone to receive no electricity, chat window to play the crash don't mention it. Later, someone reminded the team, can not use the box during the super bowl, the governor has made a fool of myself, deliberately let the spokesman explained his reckless and Super Bowl tickets policy "misunderstanding". "USA Today" reported that Christie, a season to spend $82000 a box "tall", many times by the taxpayer questioning, the money really can buy a Super Bowl ad in the Katie Lake full-size luxury SUV, but in fact the Super Bowl game box price up to $800 thousand (here the nouveau riche too much, can not be lower), the annual salary of less than $200 thousand he cannot afford, lianshangwuguang Christie finally entered the New Jersey sports and Exhibition Bureau box (the New York giants and jets before the home court by the agency management, and with him the ball) and former New York city mayor Giuliani see in the box, led by New Yorkers strong in the face of the 9.11 terrorist attacks in the face of the famous super bowl price tickets also cash strapped". 50 tickets at the top of the Olympic half face 2015 Super Bowl held in the Arizona Cardinals home court, Glen DELL compared to New York, here is a "small city", but the tickets are still too high to be reached, a few days before the ticket exchange site bursting.

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