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The NFL and NFL players agreed on the new drug administration rules on Wednesday. Although the specific constitution is not announced, we have learned that there are 3 players will end the ban next week can be played: Denver Broncos wide receiver Weiss Wilk (Wes Welker), the Dallas Cowboys cornerback Orlando Iskander Rick (Orlando Scandrick) and the Saint Louis rams wide receiver Bailey studman (Stedman Bailey). Previously, the 3 players are unqualified because of amphetamine, was banned. In the new rules, the ban on Josh Gordon (Josh Gordon) from Brown, Cleveland, will be properly adjusted. now, let's get to know the 3 players. Weiss - Wilke: Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) is the most reliable out of the groove to return. Mustang said Wilk has passed the test of concussion, can play in the game. With Iman Nur - Wilk regression, Saunders (Emmanuel Sanders) and de Maris Thomas (Demaryius-Thomas) will return to the outside, Andre (Andre Caldwell) Deviel cheap nfl jerseys free shipping le card has become the No. 4 team took over. This season, the Broncos offense will remain strong, with Jules Thomas (Julius Thomas) to return the outbreak and Wilke, have reason to beat the Seattle Seahawks mustang. Orlando Iskander Rick: Iskander Rick will play in this week's competition for rams, which will provide urgent defense for the defending team. However, only a Iskander Rick can't change the status quo of the cowboy second line. Last season, Iskander Rick was the team's most efficient corner guard, and he had a good cover in the slot. - Bailey studman: for the offensive team rams, currently Austen tahon (Tavon Austin) for lateral cruciate ligament sprain will be temporarily absent, so Bailey's return is a major positive. Bailey showed great stability in the second half of last season and in the pre - season. The young quarterback Austen Davies (Austin Davis), who has just won his first career victory, will have a reliable helper this week.The official website of NFL | packaging workers laid off before the first round of | football offensive tackle Green Bay Packers announced today that the team's attacking player Derek Xie Rhodes (Derek Sherrod) was cut off. The first round of the new show ended the 3 and a half years of packaging career. During the period, he made 20 appearances, including the first second weeks of the season to fight the New York jets. In the opening war, his struggles left a bad impression on the fans and the team, which allowed his opponents to kill the quarterback two times. in the 2011 draft, the packer brought him under thirty-second. The 2012 season, Sherrod missed the entire season because of a leg injury. This summer, the packers once expressed optimism for Rhodes's future. However, the team did not execute the team option for the 25 year old attacking team in the last year. According to , according to ESPN, Sherrod was involved in the number of offense of 28.1% of the packers this year. The media hold a reservation for his future, thinking that some teams who have a lack of depth in attacking frontier may have some contact with Rhodes. But the media also further pointed out that Sherrod's strength and history of injury will put some teams away.|2015 national beach handball handball championships opened in Gansu Dunhuang today | hand Co the 2015 "body color cup" national beach handball championships opened in Dunhuang, Gansu. There are 9 men and 12 women to participate in this event, the competition will end on the 6. Since 2000, China has held different forms of handball in different forms in Weihai, Qingdao, Guangxi and Beihai, Shandong. At present, beach handball has been used by the International Olympic Committee and the International Handball Federation as a formal event for the Olympic Games.The official website of NFL | Green: I will play football in the last week of | this week Cincinnati tigers will compete for the division championship and Pittsburgh Steelers, wide receiver A.J.- Green (A.J. Green) naturally do not want to miss such an important game. ???????????????37-28?????????????????T.J.-??????T.J. Ward?????????????????????????????? Green said he received a X - ray test at half time, and the results were negative. But because of the pain, he chose on the sidelines. This season, Green has been troubled by injuries and still has a gap of 50 yards from a thousand yards. But as long as Green can play, he is the tactical core of the team's passing attack. If the win this week's game, the tigers will have the opportunity to become the No. 2 seed in the first round of the playoffs, so bye. But if they will lose the game, or to the No. 5 seed identity in the wild card race challenge Indianapolis pony. Green said: my injury is not serious, although some pain, but does not affect the game. I'll be out in the last week and we'll take the game.

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