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The official website of NFL | crow boss: ESPN reports are nonsense | football ESPN on Friday released a report about the crow team and NFL in Rice (Ray Rice) Lei extension reported domestic violence cases process, and on Monday Baltimore crow team boss Steve bice (Steve Bisciotti) that Audi held a news conference that the report was released in the building on the best interests of individual les. 48 minutes before the launch of Audi's headquarters at the crow headquarters, the Raven official rebutted the report on ESPN. At the press conference, Audi said, "I think the source of ESPN's information is obviously inclined to Leslie. Although it basically takes an anonymous way, it can clearly distinguish the lawyer, agent and friend from the theme. They are restoring facts and taking the best way to restore facts to others as they seem to be lying before. The report, however, suggests that their charges are not consistent with the facts we are currently holding. ESPN last Friday, this report is released after 11 days with interviews with more than 20 people, including team officials, former Union and active officers, NFL players union representatives, and Rician's colleagues, advisor cheap nfl jerseys free shipping s and friends. Audi is sorry that he didn't try hard to get the casino elevator video before the Raven team. Now the team is deeply regretted by the influence of the Rician agency law. But it also adds that the crow will not dispose of anyone because of the improper disposal of the matter. Audi was initially expected to be banned from four to six games and was as surprised as the others when he was only banned for two games. But he denied the rumour that he continued to offer other jobs after cutting out as a seal for the team's harmony. According to ESPN reported hush money contract had turned on the Audi les of thebes. Audi, added: why do I feel ridiculous, because he cut his salary of $six million, I have to pay $twenty-five million (after three years of income, while fifteen million security) as if he reported with a $one hundred thousand salary to hire him to help Harry - Svane (Harry Swayne) in the player development department (work for five years as he needs to hush money), I work 250 years to return the money. but finally bill Audi said he would still forgive les and give him a job in the future.although the Saint Louis rams started with a 1 - 3 defeat this season, they still showed some expectations. One of them was the quarterback Austen - Davies (Austin Davis), who completed a great leap from the substitute quarterback to the first, and made his own characteristics. and the other is the third grade and took over the cloth (Brian Quick) - Quirke Ryan was born. The second round of 2012 was selected to take over, and this season has been striding forward. As of Monday night game against San Francisco 49 team before the game, he takes 21 catches for 322 yards and scored 3 touchdowns scored to lead the rams. 6 feet 3 inches and 218 pounds of him, showing his ability to create space. According to the statistics of NFL, he ranked eleventh in the League every time he received the ball from 12.1 yards in the league, and at the same time, he also did well in terms of opportunities. He scored the 66.7% goal in the 31 pass to him. asked how this season Quirke made such progress, San Francisco 49 team defensive coordinator Vic Fangio (Vic Fangio) of the third grade of the Appalachian State University produced wide receiver gives a positive assessment: "yes, he has a typical large connected body. And he can reach 4.5 seconds at 40 yards. In my opinion, he is now more confident in the game and has accumulated a lot of experience. He became more and more confident, and more and more aggressive. In the course of running the line, he can realize his adaptation and adapt to the attack system of the goats. In four games, has created the best number of hits, numbers and numbers in his career. But in fact he is on the offensive coordinator Blaine Schottenheimer (Brian Schottenheimer) - under third years. Sometimes it takes time for young external contacts to play their potential. And at the age of 25, Quirke had reached a new height.Chicago bears the main front matru proximal Lawrence Bennet (Martellus Bennett) today officially met within the team ban. In training on Monday, Bennet told his teammate Fowler (Kyle Fuller) strike violently, caused extremely bad influence in the team. bears general manager Phil Amery (Phil Emery) on the second day after the incident officially announced the team of Bennet's decision, Bennet will be fined and suspended for the double punishment, but the bears did not disclose the specific amount of punishment and no matches Bennet. According to the alliance, Bennet will be deducted for 4 weeks at most. As for the team's penalty decision, Bennet also expressed his idea, "every attack I have taken seriously. I did it every day before, and I worked hard. If that's too much, I think maybe I'm the most violent person on the court. " It seems that Bennet himself was not fully aware of his mistakes.|GSD outstanding athlete award at the end of July 15th , the project is dedicated to the selection of models for sports. They not only achieve excellent results in sports, but also develop their sports spirit into education, advocate fair competition and contribute to the use of doping. every year, GSD will reward athletes from the US and the world. Whether in service or retired athletes, whether Olympic Games or Paralympic Games participants, as long as they meet the selection criteria, they will receive 10 thousand dollars reward. all the nominations in July 15, 2014 submitted to the World Curling Federation ( mailbox The nomination form should include the following: 1. athlete name 2. athletes' recent competition level 3. describes the humanitarianism and social activities of the nominated athletes. 4. briefly explains why you think they are the ideal candidate for the award.

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