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Tencent sports February 21st Broolyn news (reporter / Shen Yang), the link between New York and Jeremy Lin is decreasing, and "Lin crazy" is only mentioned in the reporter's report. A few years later, what people see is a professional footballer who is on the normal track. And that made Jeremy Lin very happy. the Howard of "Lin madness" is on the right track. & initial nbsp12 years, when the "linsanity" Cheng, American football occupation League NFL another player Tim and Jeremy Lin Thibault is also experiencing a similar "phenomenal" moment, at that time, he also created from unknown to the soaring miracle, the United States people put their compared, let their rating each other. After this, Seth Tibbott got a large contract turned cheap nfl jerseys free shipping several times, and was traded to the better team. Endorsement advertising, for a moment received soft hand. the fate of the two people has also developed into a similar trend after that. That incredible moment seemed to be their spell. It seems to have brought unthinkable beauty, but the cost of the aftermath makes it difficult for two people to digest. , & nbsp2015-16 season, Jeremy Lin finally broke away from his painful Losangeles, which did not bring peace to his home west coast, but he felt the self doubt of her career. "I've been working hard for years, but I can't see the results." Jeremy Lin once said to reporters, at the time of their own mood. In his view, scolded by Kobe wussies, did not really hurt his heart. What really frustrated him was that he had never been able to get Scott's re-use. Even in the short time of playing, he could not release all his energy. Even though DAntoni, the teacher, once said, Jeremy Lin can live in any of the NBA teams. It's just that he needs the ball. And that's the last thing the Lakers can do. when the Hornets general manager Ricci - week to call Jeremy Lin's agent expression when you want to sign Lin, made it clear that the team can only two years of his contract for $4 million, compared to the previous 3 years $25 million salary, Jeremy Lin's net worth has shrunk greatly. At that time, there were several other teams that had been quoted for Jeremy Lin. After careful thinking, Jeremy Lin decided to come to Sherlock. 〉Dallas cowboys with No. five selection of Iraq gathered at the Seoul - Eliot (Ezekiel Elliott) but this is not to say that they will exchange their veteran running back. recently, the vice president of the team, Stephen Jones (Stephen Jones), has made it clear that Darren Mcfadden (Darren McFadden) and Alfred Maurice (Alfred Morris) will not be traded at least for now. "At the show conference we got a call to deal with our running guards, but we were not interested," said Jones. in fact, the team's coaching team agreed that Eliot did not have the starting strength. Gary Brown (Gary Brown), the running coach, said: "Eliot needs to compete for the job, which is a good thing for the team." Eliot didn't complain about this. He said, "now the rhythm is faster, the pace of the game will be faster. I may have been a little tired, but now I can go on, I will be fully prepared every day."This home shirt is based on the 2017 Adidas EQT style. It uses the red demon red as the main body, the front of the chest also added a delicate stability design. The red in the shoulders and sleeves should be deeper, and the highlight of the design is designed for the three bars on the right shoulder. The Adidas LOGO is placed in the bottom of the collar, the United Football Club in Jersey in the middle position.After the two jerseys, they were all engraved with the name "PANAMÁ (Panama)" and the collar marked "LIMITED EDITION 2016 (limited, 2016)". The front below the Jersey carving patterned, horn carving is regarded as the national bird in Panama. The main part of the

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