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Minnesota Vikings have a special effect on the new stadium for $19 million 700 thousand. on Friday, the team said the money would ensure that the new effect was like a huge rotating glass door. The Vikings paid a total of $more than 500 million to pay for the big project, while the taxpayers paid the rest. The cost of the total metal structure will be $10 billion. SMG group has announced a 10 year operation rights agreement with the Vikings stadium. SMG also has the right to operate the stadium in Chicago, New Orleans, Houston and Jacksonville. The new stadium will be opened in 2016 and the Vikings will be playing at the outdoor stadium in University of Minnesota before the next time.main quarterback Robert Robert III (Robert Griffin III) will return to Washington Red Leather team this season. The two question is: when will the comeback and the red leather team start him? for the first issue we obtained a relatively optimistic answer, according to NFL cheap nfl jerseys free shipping media insider Ian Labobote (Ian Rapoport) news is Griffin III's goal is to return in five to six weeks, also can be in the Redskins tenth weeks Hugh comeback weeks ago. , however, whether Griffin III is coming back after the return of the third world depends on the red skinned substitute quarterback Kirk Cousins (Kirk Cousins). If the red team was scramble for the playoffs at that time, it was hard to get kocesin to be a substitute. But if the poor team record or cousins the performance of Griffin III can not just passable, return to the starting. (Note: third weeks in the 1 o'clock end Redskins away to Philadelphia hawks, Cousins made 30 passes 427 yards and 3 touchdowns 1 interceptions honors, plus second weeks against the Jacksonville jaguars, received a total of 677 yards and 5 touchdowns and 1 interceptions good results) indeed, trade rumors around Cousins throughout the offseason, but he stayed. Rapoport learned from the red team that at least a small part of the team was very important for the three - grade quarterback. in the Clif Browns this year drafted Jonny - Manzel (Johnny Manziel), the Brown team has proposed a round or two round pick trading cousins. But Griffin Sans's injury history Redskins general manager Bruce - Alan (Bruce Allen) for the protection of the transaction has not been clear. , maybe this paragraph is quiet after a month, but in the next few months, you will hear a lot of discussions between Griffin Sans and Cousins.After spent three days of holiday, the Green Bay Packers training in the playoffs this season is scheduled to start, but in the training on the first day of the offensive team group two main - quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) and the receiver (Jordy Nelson) - Jodi Nielsen did not appear in the Tang - Hodson center. , in fact, Rodgers's absence is not surprising. Earlier this week, there were reports that Rodgers had received the treatment of calf injury. It is not expected to return to the training ground until next week. Rodgers's return date is probably next Thursday. But the absence of Nelson is surprising. He has not been hurt in the regular season and the Detroit lions' closing battle. The media has not heard about him in the near future. because there's no match at the weekend, so the packers are not required in this week on the injury list is updated, so to know the answer to coach Mike - Mccarthy (Mike McCarthy) is willing to reveal at the end of the training, the team will be scheduled two days of training on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the rest one day.aldong - Smith (Aldon Smith) was arrested on Thursday, causing him to be cut off by 49 people on Friday, a major loss to the 49 defense team. has devoted a high level of performance to Smith's 4 year career. The data in value passing network impact efficiency occupation football focusing in addition to the 2014 season, Smith each season in 3-4 outside linebacker in the top five, he and J.J. watts (J.J. Watt) and von Miller (Von Miller) NFL the best passing hand competition impact of the title. Smith is the newest member of this year's treatment more than players out of predicament to season 49 people to defend the group to leave. He will be leaving 49 people last year seven people in front of the defense fifth important members, after Justin Smith (Justin Smith), Patrick Willis (Patrick Willis), ray Macdonald (Ray McDonald) and Chris (Chris Borland) - Poland Howard for a variety of reasons to leave. , especially for the team's passing impact, was the biggest loss so far, and 49 people need to find someone to replace the 51% pass of last season. They need rookie (Arik Armstead) - Arik Armstead and the second grade players Aaron - Lynch (Aaron Lynch) - this for so little experience of the players is very high request instead of Justin Smith and AL East Smith contribution to the team.

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