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Minnesota Vikings coach Mike - Zimmer (Mike Zimmer) said he has not decided in the first regular season against the Tennessee Titans in the appointment of Sean Hill (Shaun Hill) and Sam Bradford (Sam Bradford) as a starter, he also said before it will be announced until the first choice. Zimmer said he would tell the team once he made a decision. "So don't ask any more," he said. on Saturday to get through the transaction after the Bradford Vikings in training this week for Hill and Bradford are playing time in training. The deal made Bradford from the Philadelphia hawk first quarterback to the state of learning new attack tactics eight days before the first battle of the season. Bradford said Sunday for the first time to participate in training when compared to now is more suitable for the team, he also said that if he played in the first game he won't wear tactical bracers. was asked whether the first game would have a negative impact on his future confidence after such a short time. Bradford said, "I have seen many ups and downs in the league. As for my confidence and the mental state of my treatment of these things, I don't think it will affect it. "NFL official website, red Garrett in training camp hope jun cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ior rugby, return nest Washington chief Jay gall (Jay Gruden) has previously said that several veterans are hopeful to overcome the injuries and make a contribution to the team. Washington according to media reports, Garrett Gruden to outside linebacker Junior - (Junior Galette) regression optimistic. Garrett has not played the Achilles tendon for two years in a row. he can run and lift it now. There's nothing wrong with it. Gruden said, but we may not allow him to participate in the offseason team activities, but I hope he can return to the training camp in intact. if Garrett is able to keep fit, he will be able to provide an urgent threat to the red skin. groden also said the veteran defender DAngelo Holzer (DeAngelo Hall) had a return sign. Last September Holzer tore ACL, if the injury is good, we may be able to see the safety in the field. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Friendly printing on 2016 05 - 17 04:10 China Times Ye Shihong / comprehensive report Hayne used to be an excellent olive player. (The Associated Press information photo) used in the famous Australian occupation football Hayne (Jarryd Hayne), in order to challenge their own choice in American football last year, moved to NFL, and a team of 49 people of all ages, signed a 3 year, $1 million 575 thousand (about 51 million 790 thousand dollars) contract, but from the Rio Olympics call, so he decided to give up NFL a career and salary, and to Fiji 7 rugby team together to challenge the Olympic gold medal dream. Olympic Games in Rio in August 5th debut, the determined to increase the golf and rugby 7 people two kinds of sports, including golf last appeared in the Olympic Games is 1904, and the 7 Rugby to distinguish between, is the first to enter the Olympic family, for the past 4 degrees held the Olympic football game is 15 person also, let the Games will be held in the two movement, even more significant. 28 year old Hayne, last year made an important decision in life, is to choose to challenge their own never participated in football, and challenge the highest temple of NFL, he and a team of 49 people signed a 3 year contract, as he ran in front, the outstanding performance of the preseason, not only let people almost forget he is olive the player, also attracted a large number of media stampede in australia. , but rugby and American football are different after all. Hayne's NFL career was released by the 49 teams in the first season and joined the practice team. But then he went back to NFL. His career achievements were not brilliant, but he could gallop on the NFL court to prove his strength. "Fiji national team looked for me in the Olympics. I don't think I could miss this opportunity. I announced that I was retired from the 49 team. Hayne's father is Fiji and his mother is an Australian. He used to represent two countries in international competitions. He said, "taking part in Olympic Games is my dream since my childhood. This opportunity is as important for me as I can join NFL. " Hayne's retirement declaration, 49 person team general manager buck full support, Buck said: "Hayne proved that as long as the efforts will be able to reach the goal, he wears 49 Jersey to show the best level, he will represent Fiji to Rio today, we fully support, and look forward to seeing his performance. "" " in the 12 month of the 49 team is a memory that I never forget. "Hayne was inconceivable to the 49 people to understand his ideas and decisions, and he said," it's not enough for all this, to say much more thanks. " (Chinese times) when the electronic newspaper sports page Tyrannosaurus stamped out the first break of the Eastern Conference finals Miami Chen Junhui retire Guo Junwei crouched Lion CultureJordan Cameron (Jordan Cameron) has seen enough performance of Miami dolphin offensive team this summer, which makes him predict that he will rebound this season. "in my heart I know I can do well," Cameron told ESPN. "I know I can be a professional bowl player. I'm trying to help the team win. Now I'm not going to set the goal and tell you what I'm going to do in the season. Now I'm grinding my technology, and that's the only thing I care about. " has no reason to doubt him. Cameron has been in the 2013 occupation bowl, in that season he finished 80 in Cleveland Brown made the ball 917 yards and 7 touchdowns. now he came to a group to attack the proximal front play, in the past two seasons was the main dolphins tight end Charles clay (Charles Clay) to complete the 184 ball. Cameron is expected to double the 424 yards of his injuries during the last season. 's durability was still a problem after a concussion and a number of injuries that made Cameron just 31 games in Brown's four season. But when he was healthy, he was able to be the top end of the league.

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