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The official website of NFL, the Minnesota Vikings kicker Blair Walsh cut in rugby nest Blair Walsh (Blair Walsh) ended in the age of the Vikings in Minnesota. The Vikings cut off the poor kicker on Tuesday and did a bad job in the team's 20-26 defeat to Washington's red skin. The Vikings did not take much time to find a substitute. They will sign Kai forbath (Kai Forbath). play in the Vikings once scored 20 points, but then in the end of the first half Walsh kick throw touchdowns additional points, which makes the red only in 14-20, a touchdown can tie the score behind. This is the latest in a series of concerns of Walsh. Walsh this season, missed 4 touchdowns additional points shot, is the League maximum, he also has 4 free kick kick. Of course, his troubles from last season against cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the Seattle Seahawks playoff final missed a 27 yard free kick to win the Seahawks 10-9 start. Walsh made a mistake in the cold weather during the national live broadcast of , but after that, he was unable to recover. Eventually, he lost his job. ? The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Chicago bear was officially a team of Jimmy Clausen (Jimmy Clausen) in the next game. The team coach John - Fawkes (John Fox) announced the quarterback Jay Cutler (Jay Cutler) will be absent due to a hamstring injury in Sunday's game, which makes the first play against the Seattle Seahawks Clausen game. Previous reports pointed out that Cutler would be absent for at least two weeks. in the game against the Arizona Cardinals game, Cutler played 23 times after the replacement Klausen pass 14 times successfully for 121 yards, 1 passes by quarterback steals, scoring only 56.6. Clausen in the first NFL record of 1 wins and 10 losses, only one win in the 2010 season is fifteenth weeks against the Arizona cardinals. also announced that Fawkes Geoffrey took over the outer Arshin (Alshon Jeffery) is out of the game, he had to continue treatment of hamstring injury. Geoffrey was absent from the game. (Marquess Wilson) - Wilson Kido will replace Geoffrey starting. From the last game, the bears will greatly depend on the offensive end, near matru Bennet (Martellus Bennett), Eddie - Royall (Eddie receiver Royal) and Matt Forti - running back (Matt Forte). even in the Cutler and Geoffrey health situation, on the road facing the start of the two game losing streak to the Seahawks also looks daunting. Without the two players, the bear team could face a disastrous defeat.Three Gorges evening news that "Nike paries team" title Technology "thermostatic shirt" PK "zero burden shirt" , mark the three stripes and other parts of the weight areThe official website of NFL |49 team and the proximal front sirich completed 4 years of renewal | Rugby According to NFL Ian - Rapoport media (Ian Rapoport) reported that the San Francisco team has 49 people with proximal frontal Garrett sirich (Garrett Celek) completed 4 years a total of $14 million contract, among them, there are 450 universal security. The 49 team general manager Trent Barcs (Trent Baalke) said in a statement, since 2012 from Gareth to undrafted identity into the team, showing the level of technology, the occupation accomplishment, and strive at a high level in the league's desire, his determination and input on and off the pitch are the certification, we congratulate Gareth, as he expected, we continue to progress together with the team. Although the three season before sirich only got sporadic appearances, but because of the 49 great team personnel in last season's change as well as the main force of the original tight end Vernon - Davies (Vernon Davids) leave sirich obtained show his chance in the game starting in 8. is worth mentioning is that Gareth's brother is the Philadelphia Eagles tight end Brent sirich (Brent Celek), and the 49 team's new coach. Kelly (Chip Kelly) is the Hawks coach the past few seasons.

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