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The official website of NFL | Gary Tohti from the historical record in just a | football Todd Gurley, the Saint Louis rookie Todd Gurley, has completed a 144.3 yard advance in its first 3 games, but this Sunday's match against San Francisco will win a new record if he can keep this average. According to , according to ESPN, Glen's 433 - yard run was more than fourth of the league's shot data since 1970. He only needs 107 yards to complete the new record - the first 4 games in the first 4 games. if gri can keep this state until the end of the season, he has 10 games to create data, and then he will complete the 1547 yard ball, which will be the fifth place of the league's rookie running historical data. But you have to know that gri is only 21 years old, and the only player of that age has done these terrible numbers.NFL's official website, Spencer wale is trying to become the chief of new leaders in football nest tiger news June 22nd this offseason, Jamal - Charles (Jamaal Charles) and Jeremy Mclean (Jeremy Maclin) all left the emirates. It is estimated that Arrakis - Smith (Alex Smith) is also fast. the question is now. Who will be the leader after the emirate? Spencer Ware (Spencer) said it was a challenge. Will recently said it was a great responsibility to be a leader in the field. But cheap nfl jerseys free shipping it didn't make me feel very stressful. I am still in daily activities, and before the Seahawks and Ma Sean (Marshawn Lynch) to work together or is here working with Charles not what different. My working attitude is still the same, but I am older and more mature. wil has been in 14 regular games for second years and got 921 yards. The 25 year old boy in Cincinnati next season will become the number one option in depth, but what he can get highly depends on Xiakandelike - West (Charcandrick West) - Hunter and rookie Kareem (Kareem Hunt) performance. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Squash, the world Squash Federation Ambassador campaign ended in Dalian , from 12 to 15 June, the delegation of the world Squash Federation visited Dalian for the first time, and held four days of ambassadorial promotion and Dalian youth squash promotion in Dalian. The event organized by the China Squash Association, Dalian Squash Association and Dalian Guoguang sports facilities Engineering Co., Dalian City, Xigang stadium, Dalian Plaza, House Education Group, Dalian mobile digital TV, karakkal agent, fitness and Chinese, imperial Dalian Yi Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Anjin house smart Squash Club Beijing, tennis sports science and Technology Co. Ltd., Dalian Island Yacht Club, Lang Qing design (Dalian) Co., to speed up the training of professional squash project, to further promote the development and popularization of squash. (the world Squash Federation delegation and the Chinese Squash Association Leadership, the leadership of Dalian Heng Long square and the leadership of the Dalian Squash Association), in the evening of June 13th, the press conference of the promotion activities was held in the squash Hall of the Heng Long square. The leaders of the world Squash Federation, the State Sports General Administration, the small ball sports management center, the Dalian Sports Bureau, the Dalian Squash Association and Dalian Heng Long Plaza leaders and relevant departments attended the press conference. More than 20 mainstream media in Dalian and the country were reported on the event and a series of promotional activities in the evening. (left: Dalian Squash Association Secretary General Wang Guoguang, WSF Harding, WSF Howard, the spokesman of the delegation of international referee Rober Arrffan WSF, the delegation of Hongkong squash assistant coach Liang Qinhui, deputy general manager of Dalian Plaza, Hong Jianshan WSF, tournament director Cai Yukun WSF delegation before the women's world ranking fifth, Liu Weiwen ball movement Management Center Deputy Minister Huang Kai, the delegation of four WSF before the Hongkong men ranked first, WSF executive vice president Liu Shaowei officer Andrew Shelley and Dalian Squash Association Zhang Yongpeng ) (Liu Shaowei) (Liu Weiwen) during the conference, the world Squash Federation leadership and Dalian Squash Association speech, introduced their relevant circumstances; at the same time, the Dalian Squash Association relevant responsible person for the development of Dalian squash to the leadership and the media made a detailed report. The leaders and the leaders of the Department also made detailed answers to the issues of concern to the reporter's friends. After the meeting, Chinese squash national team and the world squash Ambassador team in the world the first piece of purple squash field is located in the Plaza brought pleasing performances for the guests and the audience, wonderful attracted bursts of applause and joy 〉 the sidelinesThe official website of NFL | Vikings defensive spike Joseph may be missing in the war | football game the Minnesota Vikings may decide National League North title in the next Sunday night race in efforts to prevent an opponent from the Green Bay Packers running back Eddie RESINES (Eddie Lacy) fifth consecutive games rushing over 100 code number when the lack of defense - Joseph (Linval Joseph Linwa spike) help. Joseph came back from the game against New York giants, and he came out of 65 games in three games. But on Friday, he was absent from this week because of his foot injury, and he was voted out for the next match after the third training. He could be out for means that Sharif - Freud (Sharrif Floyd) may be served as the starting defensive rush, he has served this role in the three game of Joseph's missing. Freud did not take part in Friday's training for a knee injury, but he was listed as a possible next game. Kendrick - Ellis (Kenrick defense spike Ellis) may also play a more important role, he and Freud and Tom - Johnson (Tom Johnson) composed of rotation. has been a huge threat to the Vikings in the recent match with the packers. Since coach Mike Zimmer (Mike Zimmer) took office, packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) had not passed more than 212 yards in the three games of the two matches. And in these three games, it was all the time that REI led to the defence of the Viking defense team that was focused on defending Rodgers. The first game in the first game of the season was to match the Vikings against the Vikings, in which the Vikings lost 13-30 to the packers.

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