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New Orleans saints ended a disappointing season. At present, the most popular discussion on the team is the question of whether Rob Ryan can stay. Coach Sean - Payton (Sean Payton) was silent on the issue in an interview. Payton said: "everyone has its own position, players have what players need to care about, and the coach has the things that the coach needs to grasp." I don't think it's the right time to talk about it in the right position. At least not now, I won't make any point of view. " This season, the saints averaged loss of number thirty-first in the league in points allowed per game ranked twenty-eighth. Injuries may be one of the reasons for bad performance, but more importantly, the team has too many missing escapement and also struggles to cover defense. is the eleventh season of Ryan's defensive coordinator. However, he has only 2 seasons to lead the team to the top 13 in defensive ranking. Instead, there are 5 seasons in the top 5. According to NFL official network reporter, Payton is more inclined to let the team retain Ryan, he do cheap nfl jerseys free shipping es not want the team to replace the defensive coordinator only two years later.Denver wild horse's HORNBACK Chris Harris (Chris Harris Jr) is one of the best corner guards in the league. , but he didn't get the same attention as other players of NFL top 100. In 2014, he was the least number of passing passes in the entire league, and didn't let any foreign players complete the corner catch in their own area. ESPN analyst Joe Gruden (Jon Gruden) said: "Chris is the most underrated players in the league, his marking and regional defense are the best." , the 2 professional bowl player, was selected in 2011 and started in 2012 and is one of the reasons for wild horse to become a top defense team in the league. , on Monday, Denver will welcome Houston's challenge to Dezhou. Harris will face Andre Hopkins (Hopki Hopkins) and they will fight against it.The official website of NFL | American football the origin and history of | football American football (or American football) is one of the most popular team sports in the United States and a variety of rugby. The purpose of this exercise is to advance the ball to the opponent's end zone score, score a variety of ways, including the ball crossed the line, drop to the bottom line after teammate, or to direct the ball on the ground two branch post middle shot. A team that scored more scores at the end of the game won. development in nineteenth Century The history of Rugby comes from the early British football game in the mid nineteenth Century, which was directly evolved from rugby football. Rugby was first introduced into North America by the British army at the Keele University in Montreal, Canada. The first intercollegiate rugby match in November 6, 1869 was played by Rogers University in New Jersey, Princeton University, and finally defeated by 6:4 by Rogers, though the match between 25 men was not very similar to modern American rugby. modern American style Rugby style was developed by Harvard University in the three series of Montreal wheat Keele University in 1874. Mackie was playing football like rugby, while Harvard used a more similar football in Boston. Because there is no unified ball case, the two teams take turns in their own game to show fairness. Harvard players like to run the ball in rugby. In 1875, the Yale University persuaded the Yale University to use rugby ball as an example of their two teams. In 1875, Yale, Harvard, Princeton and Columbia University formed Intercollegiate Football Association with football balls, but scored a slight change. In 1880, , coach of Yale University, Walter ·. Camp (Walter Camp) introduced the offensive and defensive line to replace the British football's parallel formation, stipulates 11 players per team, including 4 guards and 7 forwards. The competition is divided into 4 sections, each of which is 15 minutes, between first, second and third, fourth, each rest 2 minutes, and the second, third for 20 minutes. The game is performed on a field with a length of 120 yards and 160 feet wide. Before the end of 10 yards each with a goal line, the distance between the two goal line for 100 yards, the goal is the same with the median line system, rugby, but the ball is smaller than British american. The game when the player with the ball to each other in front of the goal zone touchdown 6 points; could play a ball, such as kicking ball across the goal bar, can also be 1 points, other shots are 3 points; the player with the ball is the extrusion line, defending 2 points. 18〉The official website of NFL | patriots receiver Edelman in baseball batting | football training Julian Edelman (Julian Edelman) was never to recover a year to accept the second foot surgery, but he at Fenway Park performance indicates his recovery in the right direction. yes, indeed Fenway park. The new England patriot took over on Wednesday at the home of the Boston Red Sox. Edelman in training their own estimates of hit 6 or 7 home run, which for a football player is very impressive. if you are given a chance to hit a home run in batting training in their own lifetime, you will want to beat the green monster (Green Monster) (Fenway Park left home run wall). While Edelman looks in training to do it.

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