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The official website of NFL | coach Bill Malone left the team out of the contract | football has a surprising coach job every year. It took a few more days this year, but now we have an amazing news. buffalo Bill announced Wednesday that head coach Doug Malone (Doug Marrone) chose to jump out of the contract. But he may continue to stay in the east side of the United States. According to NFL news reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), the New York jet is likely to be his next stop. we think the jet has a great interest in Malone, which will not leave Bill without a lot of choice. In the search process under manager Bill, the incumbent San Diego lightning offensive coordinator Frank (Frank Reich) - Krishna is a notable name. we are disappointed that coach Malone is no longer an important part of our team. We thank him for his hard work and leadership during his head coach, and we wish him and his family all the best in the next chapter of his life. Bill's new boss, Terry Pegula (Terry Pegula) cheap nfl jerseys free shipping , said in a statement. was a heavy blow to the team after Bill's first win and less season in ten years. The last coach, Mike Rudge (Mike Mularkey), who led the team to such a record, was also strangely left to leave the team. Because of the recent change in the team's owner, Malone had a clause in his contract for three days to jump out of the contract. Russ Brandon, the president of the team, had to deny the conflicting reports between Malone and the team's management. According to the news of Rapoport, Malone asked the new boss to renew his contract. They refused, so he chose to jump out of the contract and take a parting gift. Rapoport said Malone would get 4 million dollars after he jumped out of the contract. was a little surprised that Malone had so many home options and bargaining weights after his two season in Bill's two season. But considering that the team used EJ- Manuel (EJ Manuel) and Kell Orton (Kyle Orton) as quarterback, the record of 9 wins and 7 losses is really impressive. The team defense team is at the top of the League under the direction of Jim Schwartz (Jim Schwartz). Despite the poor performance of the quarterback, they successfully play the role of the offensive team.The official website of NFL | Jaguar players in the North Carolina Area kidnapped | Rugby Jacksonville Jaguar confirmed their defensive guard Earl Wolf (Earl Wolff) was kidnapped briefly last month in North Carolina's hometown, but has not been hurt. Faye Te Vee, the local police explained that they received in February 23rd kidnapping message, Fayette observer reporter dimension is the first time to report the news media reported that Wolf was visiting one of my friends, a group of armed men to be forced into the impact of a Land Rover. The police said they were not clear about the time of the kidnapping, but the time was not long. Todd - Dickman (Tad Dickman), Jaguar public relations spokesman said in a statement on Saturday said that Wolf is currently in good condition was not affected by physical or psychological, I hope the media respect the private life of Wolf. us time on Thursday, a man was prosecuted for the case.| squash squash Tour Finals draw ceremony held at the Garden Hotel Quintilian Luca. October 1st, Oushennuo ceramic cup 2010 National squash Championships and the 2010 China squash Tour Finals will draw ceremony was held at the Kunshan Sports Center Jinhui squash. The game sets a, B group, through the draw, discharge the match sequence. according to the referee Wang Lei, a man 5 players, a female contestant to take four, round robin, group B men take a knockout, group B female enrollment less than 16 people take double elimination. , according to the tournament, will start at 9:0 a.m. on October 2nd, with a 45 - minute interval per game. The athletes must be punctual in accordance with the scheduled time. As the Guangzhou Asian Games take three referees, this competition will also be part of the court to use three referees. (Paul) 2010 National squash Championships and 2010 China Squash Tour Finals match table: (PDF)free player Fred - Jackson (Fred Jackson), as Buffalo Bill, is one of the most comprehensive players in the league. is now 36 years old. He doesn't get any chance to sign as a veteran, but it seems that the retirement contract has nothing to do with him. It is reported that Jackson didn't sign the decommissioned contract, but he wanted to continue to fight. last year, Jackson did not play, the last time he appeared in the stadium in 2015 as a member of the Seattle Seahawks, he held the ball 58 times that season for 357 yards and 2 touchdowns, two touchdowns are the ball. in all cases, the possibility that Jackson could receive a call from the team was very low. The NFL alliance does not welcome the age of the running guards, especially in the years that the league teams like to find some valuable rookie guards at the end of the draft. , of course, we respect Jackson's love for the court and the game and hope that he will continue to pursue his dream.

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