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. - Kelly (Chip Kelly) the next job might consider University of California at Los Angeles. U. S. time Sunday, there was a news news that Kelly met the school representative, but there was no deal between the two sides. had a rumor that Kelly had met with the University of Florida before, but no consensus was reached. And the head of the University of Florida revealed that Kelly would meet the University of California at Los Angeles's representative later. Kelly is 53 years old, since 49 people have been fired by San Francisco without any coaching. But because of his 4 - year contract, 49 people still pay for his salary. It is widely believed that University of California at Los Angeles is unable to offer quotations from the University of Florida. Kelly from the northeast, he at the University of Oregon has proved that he can win victory in Pac- 12, but he is not in the SEC teaching experience.10 month 30 days, the temperature of Beijing in this Sunday dropped to almost zero, but there is a group of people who did not choose to stay home, early in the morning, they came to the Fengtai sports center from all sides, despite their different gender age, some wearing uniform clothing colleges, with a helmet and armor, but the purpose of their visit is the same in American football popular. On the day of , the eighth NFL University Bowl Final was launched in Fengtai S cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ports Center on schedule. Finally, the defending champion Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine defeated the opponent overwhelmingly. In the four years, the University bowl was selected for the third time. Not only that, around the University bowl, AFLC was also organized against the rugby match on the same day, and a series of exciting competitions, such as the women's flag football, the juvenile flag football, the open group, the flag football and so on. On the sidelines, multi - experience games allow viewers who want to know football to participate in the sport. On the field, field, players and fans enthusiasm for the sport of rugby, beat Beijing autumn cold temperatures. Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine successfully defending, the level of rugby in the waist flag is increasing in order to better promote American football, NFL China brought the sport of flag football to China, which has been popular in more than 30 countries. In 2009, it founded the NFL University's flag football league. As China's first NFL officially sponsored NFL Football League, it represents the highest level of Chinese waist flag football. From the initial entry only in Beijing, Shanghai two 24 university team, added in 2010 to 2015 the addition of Shandong and Guangzhou division, Wuhan division, to set up in 2016, from primary school to university and the open group of different categories of competition, with the League continues to expand the scale, the number of participants is rising, and the system adjustment, also in the League last year was renamed "NFL flag football match". The "University bowl", the national finals of the university group, "NFL waist flag rugby game", is based on the competition system. The teams from Shanghai and Guangzhou university group and Beijing university group and the runner up teams participate in the national finals, competing for the trophy that represents the highest honor of flag football. in the morning, after the semi-final competition, Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine and University of Shanghai for Science and Technology were eliminated two host team of Beijing Sport University and the Beijing Institute of Technology team finals teams. afternoon finals against both sides started to quickly enter the state in the competition, each with a touchdown. But as the game went on, the defensive team of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine showed strong strength, and several successful defensive and intercepting control led them to fully control the situation on the field. After gaining the right of ball, the attack team of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine team tacit understanding, and repeatedly used the true and false cross between the quarterback and the running forward to deceive the defending team, and achieved the advance and extension of the large number of yards. In contrast, the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology team, was failed to maintain a good attitude after the success of the other steals, passes frequently frustrated, defeated. 〉Spontaneous offseason training is generally warm in nature, his teammates each other between gas and gas, to avoid the intense physical contact in general in order to adapt to the main. But in the training of the Raiders, it doesn't seem to be the case. , according to CSN reporter Scott Baer (Scott Bair), the Raiders have been fighting three times in a team training team on Tuesday local time. The first is the Raiders this year huataijiaqian signed offensive guard Kaileqi - ossun Mary (Kelechi Osemele) and rookie defensive end jeeha - Ward (Jihad Ward) each hit, then attack guard Jon Feliciano (Jon Feliciano) and defensive tackle Leon orr (Leon Orr) struggling together, then rookie guard Wadaer - Alexander (Vadal Alexander) and defensive end Damon Terry Moore (Damontre Moore) conflict. , the head coach of the raider, Jack Del - Rio (Jack Del-Rio), said it was not clear. He said, "I don't know why they are so angry. I guess they may be too happy to play at the weekend, or watch the warrior, thunder and robbing seven last night. These events today are good lessons for us. These quarrels and conflicts are unnecessary. They are not consistent with our mutual respect. The protagonists of these three conflicts are basically the new people in the team, they can not understand our team culture, the responsibility is all in me. I hope we don't waste time and energy on such things. We need to be tough, but not tough. Following the order is the most fundamental.earlier this week, the Chicago bear attack coordinator Aaron Kromer (Aaron Kromer) was publicly criticized for the quarterback Jay Cutler (Jay Cutler). On Thursday, local time, Kromer apologized for his hasty remarks in the face of the team. Cutler was also asked in a subsequent interview, but he said he would not be angry about it. Cutler said, "no, I won't be angry. You know, instead of talking about the expression, he said the team's problem, and he told us what we had been thinking. I want to perform better, to attack the front, to perform better, the same as the catcher, and we all hope to do better than we do now. Now we are 5 to 8, and anyone will have the same idea as Crome. We can understand each other. " now, the bear has not been able to play the playoffs, but they still need to fight for the rest of the game for honor. The coaching team also hopes to seize the last chance to prove himself, and there have been rumors that the team is considering reorganizing the coaching team after the season.

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