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The NFL website, NFL restart the veteran camp for young players, football has wo veteran test battalion will return in some form in 2017, although the measurement of camp will be under a new name and held for younger players. agent received the notice on Friday the first NFL player has started to accept the registration of occupation camp. This one will be held in Feinikesi, Arizona, from 25 to 26 March. The camp will only target players who signed the first contract in 20142015 or 2016, or the last player who finished the contract in the 2016 League year. ?????150????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? player has occupation camp aims to provide a platform for the NFL team recently lost the contract, not how many years experience of the players to show their freedom. Last year, NFL the event was canceled because of the lack of interest in the test team for the veteran camp. still has no idea whether the same camp can attract enough interest of players and teams after restarting, which will decide whether this event can continue in the league schedule. The abo cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ve content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | pirate receiver Evans new season is expected to further | football The Tampa Bay Buccaneers super rookie Mike - Evans (Mike Evans) will buy their NFL in the second season, the last season the dilapidated pirates array, Evans is one of the few bright spots, but the new season, Evans is expected to strive for further improvement, really toward the top take forward. Evans this year with the new offensive coordinator Dirk Skrtel (Dirk Koetter) cooperation, using the special value of Skrtel took over the team's top outside, do the offensive coordinator during the Atlanta falcons had specifically to Julio - Jones (Julio Jones) to develop red zone tactics, once in Jones in the red zone is only a single marker. It is the end point of attack nine out of ten. Evans will receive the same treatment, pirates in the red zone attack, will more nearly end Austen - Saifulian - Jenkins (Austin Seferian-Jenkins) and exon two (Vincent - Jackson Vincent took over Jackson) on the formation of one side, let Evans separate array on the other side, so that the quarterback easier to read Evans the movement, so as to facilitate its attachment. also this year ushered in the pirates as a champion rookie quarterback Jamis Winston (Jamies Winston), a characteristic of Winston is to dare to sell, and used to a catcher repeatedly fed the ball and more for long. Winston played a very tacit understanding with his former teammate, Calvin Benjamin (Kelvin Benjamin) who was taken up by the black leopard top while playing basketball in Florida. Winston's ability to finish the long pass is not good, but this is exactly what Evans is best Beijing time today, an official twitter on a website exposes a team of suspected NBA all - Star Games this year. From the picture, there are two kinds of black and white colouring shirts, and the front of the Knights and the warriors are printed on the front of the two shirts. On the other side of the other black shirt, the name and the number of the shirt were printed on the back of the coat. each year, NBA sponsors will launch a new all - Star shirt, and sometimes even have a unique color or design for the host city. In addition to the bland color between black and white, this shirt has some significant changes. Most conspicuously, the logo on the shirt was Jordan, not a Nike. A former friend also shared a all - Star shirt on twitter, exactly the same as the top. This shirt is very simple, the design of the two colors of black and white collocation, is in the middle of the Lakers' logo, shoulder Jordan and KIA logo. because this year's NBA all star weekend will be held in Losangeles, and all star voting results are expected to be announced soon. read the original copyright statement: the content and editing of this article are from the Internetthis week Baltimore crows will play against the Carolina Panthers. The focus of the match falls naturally to the former Panthers. Now the Raven first catcher Steve Smith (Steve Smith). In the past 3 games, Steve has completed 2 games more than 100 yards, with a total of 32 passes. He also became the team an important offensive weapon, but it has also led to the team's top was over Torre Smith (Torrey Smith) cold. last season, the team is four points, Joe Torre Flach (Joe Flacco) first choice. He finished 65 hits, 1128 yards in the 2013 season. Talk about yourself and the chemical reaction, Flach Torre said: "we have a tacit understanding between. Some people on twitter have criticized me for being awful now, and some people say I should have taken at least 300 yards and 3 arrays in the last few weeks. In a word, the game is the way it is. I am really not accustomed to my present performance, but I believe I can overcome these problems. I will soon harvest the array, and as long as we keep in line with Joe, we can soon succeed. I can't do it at the moment, but things will get better. Maybe there will be a change on Sunday, and I'll do my best. " Steve in the strong performance of the first three weeks of may be one reason why Torre sink. But this week, the team will lose the tight end Denis pita (Dennis Pitta). In the absence of offensive weapons, offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) may give more opportunities to torres.

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