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[Patriot: East American hegemony, many years without crown] The 2012 season the Patriots is undoubtedly a strong team, they just in one season before the super bowl, but they also lost their victims -- New York giants. From the super bowl of 05 years, the Patriots went to the Super Bowl twice, but they passed the championship in an unacceptable way, including 08 years of helmet catching and 12 years of Weiss Welker (Wes Welker). (the forty-sixth Super Bowl in 2012, patriot Weiss Welker, the key to the key, the second time the team lost the super bowl to the New York giant), year coaching patriots and is now fully consistent, the coach is Bill Biliqieke (Bill Belichick), defensive coordinator for Matt has just been promoted Patelisha (Matt Patricia), offensive coordinator for the year to return the Patriots Josh - Mcdaniel Si (Josh McDaniels) defense group, Vince - Will Falk (Vince Wilfork) important the role of defense is still on the front of that year, V in the season completed a total of 3 sacks, 6 damage pass, 2 times and 4 times making off the ball to pick up off the ball. This training camp just retired veteran defensive end rob ninkovich (Rob Ninkovic) the same. He was omnipotent in the Patriot defence, completed 58 grappling, 8 escapement, 5 to force off the ball, and 4 to pick up the ball. When the defense is still the main patriots team only cabl cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e Wei East Tower - tile (Dont 'a Hightower Haitao) and security guard Dwyane Mccati (Devin McCourty) two people, of which the tower in the year is still a rookie, Mccati in the middle of the season to finish 5 steals, 3 forced off the ball. The rest of the players and the Broncos cornerback AKI Budd Taleb (Aqib Talib) and the Bill linebacker Brandon sparks (Brandon Spikes). The other players in their defense team also have midline guard Jerrod Mayo (Jerod Mayo), who finished 147 grappling in the season and was also in the career bowl. The Patriot team completed 20 times of the season, 32 times force to drop the ball, and 21 times to get rid of the ball is really terrible. The offensive team, only tackle Nate Sold (Nate Solder) and Marcus Kowski (Rob Gronkowski) and Brady (Tom Brady) three people in the year and now is the main. Brady then has completed 401 passes for 4827 yards, 34 touchdowns and 8 interceptions. Large long finish 55 catches for 790 yards and 11 touchdowns, the team made the most. The offensive team and thin flexible flexible groove external Weiss - Welker, his one season completed 118 passes 1354 yards and 6 touchdowns. The little patriot fans who see the ball at the end of the year can think of him.The official website of NFL | [attack] series pistol formation | Rugby pistol attack formation is one of the most common attack formations in American football. Many modern tactics in the formation were created by Chris Ault, who was then the head coach of University of Nevada. The pistol formation is developed from the basis of the traditional shotgun formation and single back system based on. In the formation, about 4 yards behind the quarterback in the center station, than the shotgun in the formation of the 7 yards short of many; and different standing in the shotgun formation quarterback and running back side by side, pistol attack in the running back standing about 3 yards behind the quarterback. In general, the pistol formation, is on the line of scrimmage into the quarterback position gave them more advantages, such as the punch ball, can better read each other's defense; while playing the offensive, they can also have enough time to choose the best pass. Therefore, the pistol formation attack is considered to be a flexible attack means, especially when the quarterback itself has the ability of punching ball, it is very difficult for the defence to judge the real intention of the attacking party. Through reading, which is based on the defensive end in his quarterback after the ball, red ball, pass make a prompt decision, choose or attack on his ball, the pistol formation flexibility can be further strengthened. formation history: 1999, Mill Valley Michael Taylor invented the earliest pistol attack, was also called shotgun I formation. And a friend of Michael Taylor, Tom Kaczkowski, is a coach at the North College in Ohio. In a conversation, Tom Kaczkowski complained to Michael Taylor about the trouble of the team. At that time, the Ohio North College team ran very fast, but the quarterback was tall and slow. Lenovo to some of their own ideas before, Michael Taylor spent a few weeks to perfect his invention of the shotgun formation I. His new tactics worked, and the efficiency of the attack team at the North College in Ohio was greatly improved. , and the Chris Ault of the University of Nevada team, was the first coach to make the pistol form become popular in the college arena. Although many teams tried to use this formation at the time, for example, University of Missouri, Indiana University, Louisiana State University and Syracuse University, Chris Ault and his Nevada wolves were the most used pistol formation teams. In the 2009 season, Nevada's number of punching balls is 345 yards, the first in the country, and their total number of offensive propulsion has also reached 506, for the country.The official website of NFL | Brown fan design team | football quarterback on the cemetery with Halloween approaching, a Cleveland Brown fan decided to transform his home front yard with horror. So a quarterback Brown cemetery appeared. since 1999 Brown returned to Cleveland, the team has already had 22 quarterback. The cemetery even includes the last 2 quarterback, Josh - McKoen (Josh McCown) and Jonny - Manzel (Johnny Manziel). the fan also told reporters that his neighbour had also made room for him to place a quarterback tombstone to ensure that a new quarterback was introduced in the future. The team is currently considering 2 wins and 5 losses, perhaps McCain and Manzel days are long, perhaps our fans also need more areas to prepare for a new quarterback.The official website of NFL | Redskins wide receiver Moss because of the referee fined 20 thousand | football make impertinent remarks Washington Red Leather team's Santana Moss took the cost of losing his cool behavior in Sunday's defeat to the New York giants. NFL media sources Labobote - Ian (Ian Rapoport) on Friday reported that Moss because of the referee is in make impertinent remarks a fine of $22050. When the Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) is after the touchdown playback was commuted to drop the ball back after the array, so that the veteran receiver was made the above behavior. Moss was expelled from the duty referee Geoff Terry Pollitt (Jeff Triplette) and his behavior was stated as "very inappropriate words to the referee". that made the red team an extra embarrassment this season.

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