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?????????????????????-???????Greg Zuerlein????????????????????????????????????????????? 's previous additional points were 2 yards from the front of the array, and the last 2 weeks in the pre - season were 15 yards away. The additional score of 20 yards from the ball is now turned into 33 yards. rams Wednesday after the end of the training, Zeerlan said: "this is an interesting experiment, but I do not know what the reason is. They want to try new things, we just cooperate, they haven't asked me. I don't know why they're going to change it, and it's been a long time. decided to start the experiment at the meeting of the team shareholders in March. In the 2013 season, there were 1267 tests, 5 of them. Now shareholders want to use it in the preseason to see what's going on. Zeerlan said that this additional points play harder than before, but also is a kick.New York giants are waiting for news about their star pass. According to the official website of NFL reporter Mike (Mike Garafolo) - Lafoluo reports, Jason - Pierpaolo (Jason Pierre-Paul) Tuesday visit expert William - Myers (William Meyers) to check his groin injury. Myers is a core muscle expert. Lafoluo reporte cheap nfl jerseys free shipping d that if Pierre Paul needs surgery, he may take 4 to 6 weeks. The team hope that Myers can check Pierre Paul's injury and that he could not fit. Pierre Paul in the 14-24 giants lost to Pittsburgh Steelers game second injured left and did not return. He said after the game that the injury didn't worry him, but his visit to the experts was not a good sign. Pierre Paul this season, it is also an important reason to take the initiative in the giant National League wild card in the competition. He is a powerful competitor to the best comeback of the year. It would be a big blow if he had to be absent for a long time in the next season.The official website of NFL | crow 5 distance play saints | kick football Beijing time August 29th, the 11 round of pre-season matches, the last round of the same round, and many other wars. The most anxious game is New Orleans saint's home game against Baltimore crows. The final match is: Crow 22 to 13 win the saints. the game highlights a lot, crow team last season all star kicker Justin Texarkana (Justin Tuck) completed a total of 5 times the kick, and backup quarterback Taylor Reed Crow - Taylor (Tyrod Taylor) performance of 17 passes successfully completed 105 yards forward 10 times, with 1 touchdowns and a steals. The four points of the saint's substitutes, Griffin Ryan and Griffin McCown, are relatively inferior. The number of the two players is 150 yards and the completion of a pass is 150, but Mccoy's 4 passes are 4 times successful. The of the game can be said to be a play war, the first quarter than the opening 5 minutes, Turk completed a 46 yard free kick, after the ball back to Saint Mccoy, the way to reach the smooth progress of crow front 2 yards short passes to running back Teruileisi - Cadete (Travaris Cadet) completed a touchdown. The second section of the game 8 yards to crow quarterback Taylor diotte - Thompson (Deonte Thompson) to complete the touchdown, the game will enter the kicker's performance time, tenth minutes, the saints kicker Derek - Tim (Derek Dimle) took the lead to complete the 23 yard shot, fifth minutes, 27 Turk crow second yards shot, the last 49 seconds again to complete the 45 yards long distance shooting Texarkana, section second of the last 1 seconds, Tim completed 49 yard super long-range shooting, halftime buzzer. The third and fourth sections respectively completed the Turk 32 yards and 24 yards to play. The two kickball was spelled for the focus of the game. the game two teams performance can be said to be satisfactory, backup quarterback performance are qualified, the two teams play in hand is to give the fans a big surprise, everyone is to understand the Turk for a long time, but the saints Tim as a rookie kicker who can finish 49 yards of buzzer shot for the saints it is no small surprise, maybe next season, you can see the saints more play score. The advantages and disadvantages of teams is also very obvious, the Crow City tournament third high conversion rate, reached 11/19, and the Saint 0/7 data is a bit poor, the biggest problem lies in running the ball, the game ball was only 42 yards rushing yards, 214 yards of the huge contrast crow gap, you know crow main running back Rice did not play the game, the saints defense is still eye-catching, 2 steals, and 2 times the number of bird crow arms, let st 〉The official website of NFL | Miami dolphins interim coach Campbell leave | football After 13 weeks as a temporary manager of Miami dolphins, Dan will not stay in the team to witness another coach's position in the Dan. NFL website reporter Ian reported that Campbell left Monday at the dolphin and are looking for other jobs. Campbell took part in the team's search for the new manager, but the dolphin top selected Adam Gass (Adam Gass) as the next manager. Campbell still has a contract and needs to end his contract with the team in order to find other jobs. team boss Stephen Ross (Stephen Ross) introduced him to the news conference, saying he wanted Campbell to stay, but let her new manager decide. Campbell has the wisdom to have other ideas. Only to leave the dolphin can let him strengthen his resume in order to attract other teams to be the manager in the future. The dolphin was 2 - 0 at Campbell's coaching, but then slipped and scored 3 - 7 in the last 10 games. Campbell has made many new mistakes and has exhausted the energy of the team at the beginning. Obviously, dolphins still need to improve their tactical design. Campbell has been the close - end head coach of the dolphin since 2011, where his next stop is worth paying attention to. He has never been an offensive coordinator before, and this position is a reasonable next step for a coach with a master's ambition.

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