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The official website of NFL | bears defensive problems under the sign before 49 people end | football bears up defensive coordinator Vic van Kyrgyzstan Austria (Vic Fangio) 49 people in the office when jioubu, previously due to domestic violence was defensive end Mike Donald ray termination (Ray McDonald). team chairman George Mike Kasich (George McCaskey) after the interview, approved the general manager, Ryan parks (Ryan Pace) signed the former player in a year contract. Pais said: we not only signed a 3-4 defensive front, but also a 3-4 defense front known for Fangio's defense system. Mike Donald has been playing for 49 people since he entered the league in 07 years. It has made 210 escapement, 19.5 capture and 4 ball loss. Since the 11 season, he has played more than 3000 games in Fangio's defense system, and believes the bear has signed a contract that will help the team to finish the defensive system as soon as possible.Adrian - Peterson (Adrian Peterson) knows what people are talking about. And obviously, he's got enough of it now. , a former Minnesota Viking star, has expressed dissatisfaction with people on him and his future views on twitter. "you can't believe what you read or hear everything people say," Peterson said. "One of the things I don't worry about is to have a ball in the new season... I'll have a ball!" This is not what everyone recently guessed is related to money. You'll feel that these "experts" have been communicating with me directly. When you don't know what's going on, people make up their own stories! Say I put on airs... Say I don't want to play at less than 8 million doll cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ars! " "but, look, it's easy to add your own views when you don't understand a person or do not understand what they insist on. Unfortunately, this is the world we are in! This is what I say directly from my mouth... I will look for the most suitable team and try to help the team win the championship is my main goal! I'm not in a hurry. Let me sweep away those questions or guesses about why I am not in urgent need. I wholeheartedly believe that God will let me go where I need to go, so that I can get what I pray for him to give. That's the way it is. even though Peterson is optimistic about his future direction, the fact is that he may not have a suitable home for him now, especially because his asking price is high or low. Last week, the Vikings signed Murray Latta Gaius (Latavius Murray) as his replacement. The Seattle Seahawks signed Eddie RESINES (Eddie Lacy). Oakland Raiders seems to be more willing to consider before considering Peterson Ma Sean - Lynch (Marshawn Lynch). Other teams that need to run are likely to think about the strength of the draft, and there are a lot of good running guards in the show this year. so Peterson may still have to wait. But from his remarks on Friday, at least he can still be patient.Why two Minnesota Vikings cornerback in 25-38 team defeat on the Green Bay Packers game plan and choose to ignore yourself? NFL official website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) on Monday, according to informed sources reported that coach Mike - Zimmer (Mike Zimmer) of the original plan is Javier Rhodes (Xavier Rhodes) responsible for marking the Green Bay Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson (Jordy Nelson). , but early in the game, the veteran cornerback Terence Newman (Terence Newman) Rhodes told him also unmarked Nelson, which means that the two cornerback only their defense of their own half can stand. in 38 year old Newman, currently only entered the fourth season career Rhodes agreed with Newman's plan. When the final Rhodes on the sidelines by Zimmer questioned, he explained his face hard choices: listen to the boss or respected in the defense of newman. Newman maverick plan lasted only two wave defense - Rhodes third wave attack in the packers began to mark Nelson, and Nelson Newman off - but has caused enough damage, he finally achieved in the first half of the ball 145 yards and 2 touchdowns. When Rhodes in the second half full mark Nelson, Nelson just completed the 2 ball 9 yards. after the end of the game, Rhodes did not blame Newman. On Monday, Zimmer made a similar decision. "I talked to them all yesterday. We changed a few tactical slogans last week, and I probably didn't know what to do with them, "Zimmer said. "One thing about this is that Javier and Terrence, is the best player in the world. They took part in the game and trained every day. They learn tactics. They are really a shirt. I should have said it more clearly. " when asked whether Rhodes or Newman is ignoring the game, "Zimmer said they carried out the required tactics, but they may mess up," he said: "I can remember a time: once we take mantoman in zone defense, and two individuals were regional defensively, we missed one opponent. This happens, and it happens every day. " When was asked again if his players were interested in ignoring the tactics, Zimmer stressed, "no, never." , while Newman refused to comment on the matter, said, "no, I don't know." He again denied Zimmer's tactics on Monday: "it's only a communication problem." That's the way it is. " but people familiar with the matter said Newman not only know the new defensive plan -- and he wanted to come out and pulled in rhodes.Olive: Wild Card Battle week newspaper: the packers beat the Redskins catch up from behind packers celebrate victory star Netcom, who won the regular season in a series of three consecutive victories, is home to meet the recent poor Green Bay Packers. Red is the ideal start, four point guard Aaron Rodgers in the second wave of attack in the packers (Aaron Rodgers) in the end zone was killed, let the red security branch. Quarterback Kirk Cousins in red next attack (Kirk Cousins) took over the ball found outside the DeShawn Jackson (DeSean Jackson) completed a 15 yard touchdown, but the referee in the video after the retrial judge Jackson at the 1 yard line out. The packers in the next touchdown zone before successfully blocked red three continuous attack, red have to play score. then the packers offensive team still did not state, while the red up, before the packers considered the number one marker object Redskins tight end Jordan Reed completed 24 yard touchdown catch. At this time the packers offense finally awakening from the 20 yard line on the way to the red line 12 yards after Rodgers's pass found receiver Randall Cobb (Randall Cobb) completed a touchdown. The packer finally opened the beard. In the next defense, they killed koxis and succeeded in losing the ball and winning the ball. The switch also helped them to get 3 points by playing the ball. In the last attack before the end of the first half, Rodgers passed the ball repeatedly, and finally passed the ball to Davant, Adams (Davante Adams). The packers took the lead and entered the second half with 17-11. started the second half after the red in the first wave of attack in a smooth manner, which nearly end Reed completed a long four file conversion, and ultimately by their cousins have 3 yards rushing touchdowns. Red skin rewrites the score to 18-17. But the packers in the next wave of attack is also in color, first is very short and rushed the ball forward into the half near, only 4 previous red ball for 6 yards running back Eddie RESINES (Eddie Lacy) is the first in four grade 1 yards for 11 yards and then completed a continuation of attack. 30 yards to push in red red zone, another running back James - Starks (James Starks) and 4 yards rushing touchdowns made. need to regain the lead at the Redskins offensive group but fizzled out, instead, the packers offensive group state one to stop, shortly after the start of the fourth quarter, the packers scored third consecutive touchdowns this wave, Jiangong is run Wei Lei Xi, then the packers finished with 2 points, than rewriting is 32-14. Since then, the two consecutive attacks of red skin have ended with the failure of the four shift, of which the second place of attack ball right transfer is located in the red area of the party. The packers take the opportunity to expand the score with the free kick. In the next step,

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