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The official website of NFL | thirteenth weeks of regular season injuries | Football Club Minnesota Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr (Anthony Barr) a groin injury, safety Harrison Smith (Harrison Smith) a hamstring injury. Two of them leave early in the first section. Bill Sean Mccoy ran Weile buffalo (LeSean McCoy) with concussion briefly left in the second half. Stephon Gilmore (Stephon Gilmore) is injured in the shoulder. Cleveland Brown took over Travis Benjamin (Travis Benjamin) with a shoulder injury. The line players Joel (Joel Bitonio) than him with an ankle injury. Josh - Shaw (Josh Shaw) back injury. The outside hand Malone - Moore (Marlon Moore) rib injury. new England patriots wide receiver Matthew Slatter (Mathew Slater) suffered pain. San Francisco 49 new proximal Lawrence Macdonald (Vance McDonald) and linebacker Aaron Lynch (Aaron Lynch) suffered a concussion. Baltimore Raven's near end front Crockett Gil Gilmore (Crockett Gilmore) has a back injury. The quarterback Matt shaobu (Matt Schaub) was once left out of the field. Jacksonville Jaguar took over Rashard Green (Rashad Greene) on the shoulder. Miami dolphin took over Kenny Stiles (Kenny Stills) ankle i cheap nfl jerseys free shipping njury. New York giant attack striker Eric Flowers (Ereck Flowers) ankle injury. Saint Louis rams horns Norris Jenkins (Janoris Jenkins) received a concussion test for the two time. San Diego lightning cornerback Brandon Hosmalin Voss (Brandon Flowers) to leave early because of a knee injury and protection shoes. The wide receiver (Dontrelle Inman) - Tangteleier ginman neck injury. Denver Broncos running back C.J. Anderson (C.J. Anderson) with an ankle injury, tight end Vernon Davies (Vernon Davis) and linebacker Danny trevathan (Danny Trevathan) suffered a concussion. 〉The official website of NFL | cowboy President: the new season pays attention to run in order to protect the health | by football Dallas Cowboys season plagued by injuries, especially the core quarterback Toni Romo (Tony Romo) of the long time absence led directly to cowboy only in dismal record end. So the new season cowboy everyone let Romo deeply aware of the importance of maintaining health, cowboy Jones - executive vice president Stephen (Stephen Jones) in a recent interview with special emphasis on this point. Jones said in an interview: in any case, the most important is always guaranteed Romo health, we must also keep him healthy. We chose this really talented izeh Kiel - Elliot, his arrival is of great help to our team, not only helps to run, he is still a very threatening backcourt ball point, and his passing protection is also very good, he has provided the help will be greatly reduced by the burden. Let us go back to two years ago the offensive and control the ball long time to win the game. We are very excited about the status of the team. Jones continued: it's clear that running is our main heart. On the other hand, the experienced quarterback like Romo, in turn, will help Elliot. When we put Elliot in the backcourt, plus our offensive attack, the defenders have to pay attention to the anti run, they will not be able to use five points (five second tier players defensive formation) and tenth formation (six defensive players, second tier) which will greatly change the defense strategy.this is Dick Loeb (Dick LeBeau) career end point? , the legendary defensive coordinator, will not continue to teach in Tennessee Titan. has 80 year old Monday Loeb said he has not been invited to join the new coach Mike - Frabel (Mike Vrabel) coach group. last week, according to informed sources, if not in the Titans left Loeb he would retire. If did Loeb chose to retire, then NFL will bid farewell to the league's most outstanding one of the coach. As a player and coach, Loeb's career spanned 59 years as a player and he was inducted into the hall of fame. In the 14 years for the Detroit lions, the total number of copies he has made is still tenth in history. ??1973????????????????????1984??1999????????????????????????????????2000??2002???????????? After that, he from 2014 to 2004 as Pittsburgh Steelers defensive coordinator, the team won 2 Super Bowl champion. Then he joined the Titan. as "regional blitz quarterback" tactics creator, Loeb formulated for some defensive tactics is the most fierce There's no telling the history of the most. The quarterback won't miss him, but if this is the end of his career, he will leave a lasting impression on the league.NFL official website | Mario tower first time in the training squad in steals | football This year's show Bangyan quarterback Marcus Mario Kobita (Marcus Mariota) since joining the Tennessee Titans, in training a total of 231 spread over the ball, was never steals, only interceptions or experience in the official game of pre-season opener against the Atlanta falcons. On Tuesday, local time, Mario Kobita's record was broken by no one in Titan's team. Zach Brown was lucky to get a copy in a defense on Tuesday. in a two minute attack and defense, Mario Kobita's pass was linebacker Avery Williamson (Avery Williamson) with the fingers hit, then the safety guard of Norris Searcy (Da 'Norris Searcy) and the ball up in the air, and then by Brown ball control, completed the interception. coach Ken Whisenhunt joked in when it comes to this team finally broke the record, now can consider to find another quarterback Mario Kobita cold-shouldered. He said: I'm glad that the record has been broken so that everyone is always talking about it. It's amazing to tell the truth for so long, but he's still making progress, and this training camp is good. I'm looking forward to his performance in the second games in the pre - season. Mario Kobita also responded to the matter, he said: the record will be broken sooner or later. The defense was very good at the time. A few defenders were fighting for the ball. It was a successful defense. But because it was a two minute time limit rehearsal, it was a little lost for me to fail to win.

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