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The official website of NFL | Todd - Gary: no Pedersen | Rugby Since the outbreak of Todd Gurley data in Saint Louis rams, the contrast between him and Adrian Pedersen (Adrian Peterson) has been heated by people since. is going to face the Vikings in Minnesota this week. Gregory also stood out for the first time to comment on the contrast. He commented: "I only played 4 games in the league, but Pedersen stayed in the League for so long. His golden age was far beyond me. glee is currently a few of the top runner who can hit Pedersen's first season's record. He is now the most player in the first 4 games of the league, and the only rookie has completed the performance of over 125 yards. , let's take a look at Pedersen's record. In the first 7 seasons, no less than 10 touchdown and 2097 yards in 2012, this feat is still less than 9 months after he just completed the knee surgery.Chicago bears quarterback Jay Cutler (Jay Culter) in the last game in the hamstring injury, will miss at least the team after two games. Cutler is in the team to a 23-48 loss to the Arizona Cardinals game, in interceptions after sackin was injured in the attempt. with Cutler's absence, the substitutes for the quarterback Jimmy Clausen (Jimmy Clausen) will be the first quarterback of t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping he team. A game last week, Clawson came off the bench to try passing 23 times, completed 14 times for 121 yards by a quarterback steals, passing score of only 56.6. Coach John - Fawkes (John Fox) said: "as I said yesterday, ready to Clausen every game, a lot of backup quarterback to do like him. I think the quarterback is more difficult than the rest of the place. He always has to take criticism. But I think Clausen did well."talks about the odd number of Jersey. Buffon passes through the controversial Number 88, Ronaldinho, the symbolic age 80 of the Milan era, and Lizalazu's 69, which is closely related to the year of birth, height and weight. But to say "wonderful flowers", Ivan · Zamorano's "1+8" can recognize second, no one dare to recognize the first. 1996, "Chile sammer" one of Zamorano from Real Madrid to join the Milan International Center, has been the symbol of No. 9. Two years later, however, his shirt number became "1+8". It turned out that Robert ·, the "melancholy Prince" of the time, was also joined by Baggio. And he wanted to get the No. 10 shirt in the team. unfortunately, the "aliens" Ronaldo was wearing the No. 10 shirt. "Alien" was not willing to wear the number 10 shirt, so just can be a "good". But Ronaldo also said: let out the shirt, but he must wear 9. As a result, "bad" is zamarano. Chile people consider repeatedly, decide the overall situation, the number 9 shirt for. It was probably the gleam. He chose No. 18 and added a "+" between 1 and 8. In this way, in the absence of a heavy number, the Chilean used a "humorous" way to prove to the world that he was still the 9. once blamed the aliens for taking Zamorano's number 9. But to think about it, maybe the "Prince of melancholy" Baggio is the "initiator" of the competition. coincidentally, this season in Serie B, once played in the Serie A giants Nor Jo Lini of Parma, his No. 9 Jersey to the vice captain of team play, and then choose the number 18 shirt. And he also added a "+" between 1 and 8. This is reminiscent of former Inter star - Ivan · zamarano. Nor Jo Lini has followed his predecessor, hoping to lead the team back to the top league.To strengthen the ruling level of squash | Asian Games squash referee training held in Kunshan Luca 2010 China squash Tour Finals will be held in Kunshan. In October 1st, the first arrival of the referees participated in the Asian Games referee training course. The reporter interviewed the Chinese Squash Association referee committee technical director Meng Feixuan, Meng Feixuan said, Chinese will send 6 referees Asian Games squash competition, the training is to help the Chinese referee to master technical terms more standardized, the successful completion of the task to judge at the Asian Games. Meng Feixuan revealed that 6 referees will participate in the squash game in Guangzhou Asian Games. This is the first time that there are so many Chinese referees. The Asian Games squash competition is one of the highest level squash events in Asia. Many of the players are the world's highest level players, especially women players, many of them are world-class athletes. Therefore, the difficulty of the decision of the Chinese referees is very difficult. Judging from their professional level, they should be able to do the referee work of large competitions, but they do not have long time to do referees and lack of practical experience in international competition. Therefore, the Chinese Squash Association decided to hold a referee training course for the Asian Games during the finals of the Chinese squash tour. Meng Feixuan introduced, first of all, we will conduct a high-level guidance for the referee who will participate in the Asian Games. The training course involves many complicated problems in the actual combat, especially on the judgement of obstacles and the skills of referees in the competition control. we read the video to explain the complex problems encountered in the competition and introduce the experience of international referees in dealing with these problems. As I said before, in order to reach the level of international referees, the Chinese referees should also strengthen their preparations. Besides, in the Asian Games squash game, the judges need to use the English language. In the squash match, the referee has more interference on the game, so we need to make a correct judgement of the complex situations in time, and sometimes we need to communicate with the athletes in necessary language. The referee must master the professional English terminology, clearly express the judgment of the situation, and can accurately express the results of its own judgment in English. Meng Feixuan said, the game of penalty judgment and discretion of executive interpretation must be to achieve standardization, so as to master and control the normal game. Therefore, the focus of our training course is to strengthen the referee's correct use rules in the execution and standardize the use of standard English technical terminology, so that our referee can successfully complete the Asian Games' execution. (Paul)

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