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NFL's official website, will consider relaxing the restrictions in the Football League for celebration nest 2016 season, the judges of the increasingly stringent touchdown celebration of the control, the emergence of both players, yellow fans, also let the entertainment alliance serious decline. Therefore, the competition committee must consider making a little adjustment. , according to ESPN reporter, the committee thinks that the referees should be more flexible to remind players to celebrate the boundaries of actions rather than giving them unsportsmanlike conduct. This will not lead to a formal change in the rule book, but the Committee hopes that the alliance can enable athletes to conduct celebrations without passing boundaries within a suitable length of time. is a good idea, but the coach and the players know what cross border may be difficult. The overly ambiguous description of the rules may also result in the consequences of a different law enforcement standard, no matter which day, which section or the offense. The best solution for should be defined by the league's explicit rules, indicating what is allowed and what is not allowed, and then execute this rule in a long run. Celebrations will be thrown yellow, violent contact but won't be punished is ironic. The act of allowing the referee to carry the pot is only to shift the attention from the obscure rules of the alliance. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | pony proximal front: attack group is the | football rally time The Indianapolis pony has been stagnant in the past 4 games after the first 12 games of the season to score and push the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping number of storms in the first 12 games. we did not perform well in December, and the near end Dwayne Alan (Dwayne Allen) said to ESPN before the Cincinnati tigers' playoffs on Sunday. It's time to cheer up and play the best performance of this year. After scored 31.8 points in the first 12 games, Alan and his teammates had only scored 19 points since fourteenth weeks. The 7-42 disastrous defeat to Dallas Cowboys 4 days before Christmas was a typical performance of their stage, and the pony did not perform well in all aspects. quarterback Andrew Luck (Andrew Luck) has set up an attack team in the past 6 games, there are 5 games, 2 times or more turnovers per season, leading to the conversion of ball weights, and in December, they only scored 67 yards. Star Hilton (T.Y. Hilton) took over the T.Y. unable to keep healthy and veteran Reggie Wayne (Reggie Wayne) lost in the past state is one disaster after another but all teams, the problems encountered at the end of the season. The results of alone can't be explained, Alan said. Embarrassed and disastrous to the cowboy. After the other team win. We don't play the performance we want. He added: "our slogan is to ravage them and get 50 points." We haven't done it so far. It is time to regroup, is a success in the playoffs. played better when the pony has proven itself to be supported with explosive force of the team, but they also showed a peak condition at the early playoff team's weakness. We will find out in the next game whether the long December's experience still bothers them.opening the lion initiative, soon three strikes, Sam - Martin (Sam Martin) the punt 30 yards to the position. The packers offensive team debut, due to two main Paowei were not debut, ty Montgomerie took over the outside (Ty Montgomery) and Lipp koves Ki (Aaron Ripkowski - David Aaron) played most of the running back duties. The packers had to abandon the kick after a catch and a three break pass. Third lion again after the ball right away, use short and high quality pavement cover, the packers played the first half position, the guard Wofford (Larry Warford) early action fouls in the second, Aaron - Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) with three size when the cruel Chong Chuan also regret in vain. The lion attack group seems again to play back the feel, running back Zach Zener (Zach Zenner) and Gordon Tate (Golden over Tate) on the road and air constantly advancing, but a pass interference makes the lion faced third Tate 15 yards, with short pass Tate screen did not win the first attack the first section of the end of the game. In section second of at the beginning of the game the lions kicker Matt Platt (Matt Prater) accidentally missed 39 yard free kick, Rodgers wonderful escape to find two sacks, continuous tight end Jared - Cook (Jared Cook) and Richard Rodgers (Richard Rodgers), straight to kill the male lion red zone, 2 points to find out, Rodgers's pass and finished Rzepkowski vacancy 8 yards receiving touchdowns, packers away Xianshengduoren, leading to 7-0. The offensive group lion finally has high optical performance, Jones T.J- (T. J. Jones) take the ball directly into the packers half way to Red Lion stride forward singing militant songs, Mika Hyde in the end zone before sackin Ankun veteran Boulding, but the game state Qijia Zach zener in three to complete 2 yards rushing touchdowns, lion strong equaliser. The packers offense consecutive fouls so that they can not achieve smooth advance, the lion got the ball right after Matthew sent Stanford almost steals, with a short half continuous propulsion, advancing to the ten yard line in the male hand has not been suspended, finally completed 3 yard touchdown catch tate. 14-7, the lion against the super score, only to the packers left 23 seconds. Rodgers tried to push the continuous long pass to the other half, Mason - Close 53 arrow code Love shoot perfect hit. The half score was 14-10, and the lion was on the lead. the second half just start, the packers to secure type of short + pavement attack in advance, before the end, Rodgers rushed to find calm in the face, passing over Adams de exon two (Davante Adams) - Aventis catching a touchdown to help the packers counter ultra score touchdowns, after Adams came a swivel dunk in goal, the result is 15 yards. But it doesn't work for the packers.Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten (Jason Witten) three weeks before the season the ball 10 times and scored 95 yards, three weeks ago in the League since Third low. The first, second were his 2003 rookie season and his injured 2012. From Bill - Callaghan (Bill Callahan) data to see, the cowboys in rushing offense in the league in third, Witten contribution in punch the ball cover contributed, this is the number above statistics cannot show the contribution. Callaghan said, "I think the number is just one aspect, because you have to try to get to the outside in the regional flushing system. Which is particularly prominent in the role of Witten outside, he can resist lateral defender to punch the ball through the lateral." Although the cowboy team does not often flush the ball to the outside, it often gets large numbers on the outside. Statistics show that the Cowboys can get 6.2 yards on the left to the left, and 4.9 yards to the right. Callaghan side screen for extending the number of witten ability tribute: "if you do not have this type of proximal front cover, may already be stopped. Because it is difficult to block the defense tackles on the outside side. Only when we have such a near end front with a sports and shield type, can we reach the ball and push it on the side. when asked about his role in the rushing attack, Witten said he was ready to end as nearly universal. But ironically, the Cowboys will Graham and Jimmy Witten (Jimmy Graham) comparable to the league's best ball proximal front, and Witten actually say he is happy to attack the road: "in order to output to punch the ball better especially like we do in the outer region at the ball, need to be outside consolidate, because there is a lot of one-on-one confrontation, if the outer cover can not be guaranteed, then rushed the ball could not advance." indeed, DeMarco - Murray (DeMarco Murray) has led to punch the ball in the league, but already Witten is the league's best ball type front one of the near end. The occupation began to become the star bowl cowboy offense cover, he said bluntly: "when facing the two person I can win the fight, that there is a safety cover, I can provide the maximum cover required in blocking the defensive end at the same time." , of course, the number of catches and the array are still waiting for him. Witten before 2012 three 8 receptions for 76 yards, but after the tide to create history of proximal front single season record number of ball and the occupation career high second receiving yards. Witten added: "in the present system to punch the ball I think is still not fully understood the proximal front in the role of passing attack. But I will continue to embody a threat in the three links of passing protection, flushing the ball and running the route. "

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