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Green Bay Packers continue to work hard to keep important players. on Friday announced the renewal of the packers defensive tackle Troy Le gaiao (Letroy Guion). According to NFL official website reporter Albert Brill (Albert Breer) reported that the contract for a period of 3 years worth 11 million 250 thousand U.S. dollars, plus 500 thousand bonus terms. style Almighty gaiao can find the location of the front line of defense, which makes him a valuable player in the 3-4 defense. According to media reports in the Green Bay, on the front of his defensive teammates B.J. (B.J. Raji) in Lachish said he fully deserved this contract after said his future "is now unknown". 28 year old gaiao a year ago for a long, but after he in February last year because of marijuana charges, he eventually pleaded guilty and paid a fine of $5000. Instead he later signed a one-year contract. He was fined 3 games at the beginning of last season. A year later, Gaiangde wish. in the effect of the Minnesota Vikings after the 6 season, he played in the packers 2 years a total of 53 tackles and 3.5 sacks.According to NFL famous media Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) have told Jones, wide receiver James (James Jones) has signed a one-year contract on Thursday night and arrived at the New York giants. Allegedly including giant eagle, chief of the teams, the Seahawks and the tigers to Jones expressed the intention of signing, but Jones eventually chose to come to the big apple, according to Rapoport, the giants offensive coordinator Ben Machado (Ben McAdoo) Jones is the decisive factor in the choice of the giant, two people worked in the green bay the packers wo cheap nfl jerseys free shipping rked 7 seasons. Jones signed a contract worth 11 million 300 thousand dollars with Oakland Raiders in March last year for three years. However, his performance in the last season was mediocre, and the ability to get out of defense declined rapidly, which led him to be cut off by the Raiders in March this year. The giant signed him more than a distrust of Victor Cruz (Victor Cruz), but Jones's position is not stable. If he can't play a strong performance in the training camp, he may even not be able to enter the final 53 people's list. is currently a giant hoarding a lot of receivers, in addition to Odair - Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr) and Cruz, Reuben and Randall (Rueben Randle), Washington (Corey Washington) - Crespo and Dwyne - Harris (Dwayne Harris).two last season between the quarterback of the ram, after leaving the ram, two people have led the team to the NBA final this season. Although the two people were not the first quarterback of the team at the beginning, they were lucky enough to go here and the opportunity was always given to the prepared people. The two teams of the playoffs against the history of 3 times, the 2 wins and 1 losses have a small advantage, the 2009 season last met with Michael Vick the eagles in the wild card round to win 26-14. But look at the two teams' historical confrontation, almost in the same line, so the National League final is still a lot of suspense. Far East China region has not won the Super Bowl Philadelphia Eagle once again came to the National League finals 10 times in the league, after the final hawks 5 wins and 5 losses, for them to bring fans a long Philadelphia Bardi cup is undoubtedly the most important. In the last week of the semifinals, the last moment smothering defense freeze Falcon's counterattack, helping the team poise. Although quarterback Nick Fowles still did not get much improvement, he didn't give his opponents too many chances. With the beginning of this season, the hawk is launching a new round of attack on the Super Bowl champion. This season, the Hawks have the league's most efficient touchdown weapons, wide receiver Arshan Geoffrey scored 9 touchdowns, another receiver Aglo and tight end ertz are accounted for 8 touchdowns, more flowering, the Viking line defense will face very severe test. The offensive end of a number of blooming, defensive end strong and powerful, the eagle this time really flying in the sky? , for the Vikings, an epic miracle competition, let them return to the finals of the National League finals. They are now striding forward to the Super Bowl they held at home. The Vikings who broke through the finals of the League finals tenth times before, only won 4 times before. If they can take a victory from Philadelphia, they will become the first team to play Super Bowl in their NFL home. Keith Kenath, and Steve von Digges 61 yard line to a common lore, the National League playoff game completely in history. Kenath mben season ushered in a new height of occupation career, the data came to the occupation career highs, and in his occupation career first playoff game with his 318 yards and a winning touchdowns and proclaim to all the fans, he is not a spare tire quarterback, he has based on the alliance cost. Led by Murray and Jimmy Jinnong and Digges and schieren Vikings offensive team, although the star taste slightly worse, but they are very efficient. At the same time, the Viking defense team is also very strong, the regular match is limited to only 275.9 yards of the opponent, ranking first in NFL. It seems to be the equivalent of the eagle, but in order to become the first of the history, the Vikings must have been suffocating a full breath. NFL Chinese website chief commentator: Zhang Etam (Egg Zhang〉Song Gaozong, during the period of Shaoxing (about 900 years ago), Qingming, the Bao TA TA temple on the outskirts of Ling'an, Hangzhou, and the poor scholar paid farewell to their sisters and brother-in-law who went to the grave to worship their ancestors. scholar from the temple of Yili idle away, for a column from the terrace, in Shouan square, flower street, wells pavilion bridge, Xining bridge, to the solitary mountain, four view, path to the West lake. Xiantingxinbu, standing on the lake bridge. Seeing the landscape, the scholar sighed, "good scenery!" Cloud in the northwest, Southeast of mist, falling drizzle. West Lake green, one more very hazy mist, charming. The student supports an oil paper umbrella with him, and appreciates the thunder peak pagoda and the shallot hills on the other side. At this point in the Lake Pavilion, a very stunning white girl is looking at him...... * * adaptation of Feng Menglong "men" of the "white lady Yong Zhen Leifeng Pagoda" "the biography of white snake", the most beautiful classical love story in China, believes that every Chinese is familiar with it. The story takes place in the historical and cultural city of Hangzhou, Zhejiang. Today, the elements of Zhejiang's beautiful and rich Jiangnan Water township are integrated into the contemporary design, and the stunning and hot touting of the green city team in Zhejiang has been achieved this season. Mr.X got the home and guest shirt for the first time. Don't say much, and share it with readers of "Mr. X shirt". simple outer packing, only a Anta logo, and a big "L" size logo. But has jumped out the silhouette of the pagoda. cutting and material: using popular tight design, slightly waist. Not too thin elastic fabric can effectively avoid the pitch fiercefighting damage caused by jersey. , taking into account the lack of air permeability, has a full range of air holes behind the shirt, which can be a good solution to the problem of the players' body heat. Jersey front: the panoramic view of West Lake silhouette, "water" and "day", the margin as with the waves of fashion in West Lake waters. in printing and dyeing patterns, by size, countless shades of diffuse dots on a white background. The logo: value of Zhejiang Greentown team building 20th anniversary, as the club special custom logos, above the "1998-2018". air permeable hole: the permeable hole adhesive strip is arranged in irregular arrangement. The first two lines are stacked, showing the double meaning of the Anta "A" letter and the "V" letter. tag: the face is red and gold, and the back is particularly marked with "professional products", indicating the identity of the "changing room player version" of this shirt. after a very chic collar 20th anniversary gold commemorative badge on the extraction of small logo, meaning "take out".

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