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Vice captain James ·, Milner said: "this is definitely a eye-catching Jersey, it will let us stand out on the field, the unique color is exciting, and it is very comfortable." shirt collar with Bill · sir Shankly's motto: "Red for danger, red for power (red symbolizes danger, red represents power), the medial hem is printed on the back of the Jersey in 2001 led the team to create five crown feats marshal Houllier (Gé rard Houllier) motto:" Liverpool Players must play like a Lion (the Liverpool players must fight like a lion)".as the Carolina Panther 22 - 19 beat the Tampa Bay pirates, the team locked up a playoff number, then th cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e team needed to fight for another person. is reported that after the match dressing room, coach Ron (Ron Rivera) asked the players to gather together, and shouted the boss Richardson's name to show support. Rivera said at the scene, "please remember, this is for a team. Everything we do is for the team, and the most important thing is about the team. So please help me, count to 3, Mr. Richardson. " doesn't seem to have a better way to express support for the current black panther to the Jerry Richardson of the team boss, only to win the last home game of last season, Jerry Jerry. At present, Richardson was accused of sexually assaulting a worker in the workplace, and openly racist comment, by the alliance, and he has already announced the sale of the team in the season, but his players and coaches are still in the most difficult time to support him.??????????????3?-???????Bruce Arians????????????????????????????????????????|??????3-?????Drew Stanton???????????-???????Ryan Lindley???????????????????? He said Arians to watch the team training on Thursday after that decision, "Stanton did not participate in training this week, so it will not play the game, his injury has recovered a lot but not enough, so I won't risk him." Lindley during a game last week has made great progress, from 316 yards and two touchdowns and three interceptions, when he was in the 229th career pass finally got their first touchdown pass, this figure also created a new historical record NFL. Arians also said he never used the lack of experience in the playoffs the newcomers like Lindley, this is a big challenge. has had 6 rookie quarterback appearances in the playoffs in the past, before the Lindley game. The record is 2 wins and 4 defeats. The most recent victory belongs to the 1976 Gifford Nielson of Houston oil man's new quarterback, Gifford.Although Jamal - Charles (Jamaal Charles) because of the preseason injury last week basically impossible to play Saturday night against Minnesota on Thursday, but he still return in practice. On Thursday, the chieftain was preparing for the training camp at the West Missouri state university training camp. Charles hurt his foot when he moved to the dormitory, so he couldn't attend the second pre-season match in California last weekend. Thomas Thomas (De'Anthony Thomas) returned after the absence of a exercise for a leg muscle spasm. Defender Chris Owens (Chris Owens) returned to the field after a day's knee injury. Star Defender Eric Berri bowl (Eric Berry), wide receiver Dwayne (Dwayne Bowe) and black line Joe Maes (Joe Mays) did not participate in the exercises.

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