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The official website of NFL | Smith and Capet Nick or because of a woman in the fight | football training Aldon Smith and Colin Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick) fight in the 49 training camp this week, the reason is for a woman. Smith, 49 people in San Francisco finally cut off Smith on Friday in the United States, because he had to make the decision because he was arrested many times. And the fights of the training field were finally pulled off by the teammates. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????|???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Smith was punished for 9 games last season because of being arrested. For Capet Nick, this is the second time he has been caught in an affair with his ex girlfriend.The official website of NFL | Manchester Zell new tricks: Twitter announced mobile phone number | football on Friday night, Brown Manziel, a new rookie quarterback of Cleveland's Johnny, seemed to have ma cheap nfl jerseys free shipping de a mistake on the biggest social networking site in the US, Johnny. Of course, no one knows what to do on purpose. Manzel accidentally released his 7 mobile phone number on twitter. After that, the twitter was deleted quickly, but the screenshot of the news SI.COM website retained. belongs to Sanantonio and Kerr in Dezhou based on the phone number, which is exactly where Manzel lives. Manzel is still Brown's backup quarterback, every action but the former Heisman winners are almost on the most popular social media rankings. now Manzel has not received a lot of phone calls, but it is estimated that the message is full.The London Olympic Organizing Committee announced the Olympic Water Polo | series of test matches last 11 tournament schedule Luca London 2012 Olympic Organizing Committee announced in February 27th the specific schedule London Olympic Games last 11 test match arrangement. Tickets for hockey, synchronized swimming, wheelchair tennis, water polo and Paralympics track and field test will be sold to the public at 10:00 a.m. on March 15th. The fares will range from 3 to 20 pounds, and all tickets will be sold through the Olympic ticketing system. men's Olympic football qualifying final match will be held in the city of Coventry Stadium on April 23rd, the fare is 5 to 10 pounds. British University Sports Federation (BUCS), outdoor track and Field Championships will be held at the Olympic Stadium on from May 4th to 7th, BUCS members will receive priority tickets. The relevant regulations and specific arrangements for the visitors' entry and exit of the Olympic Stadium on Saturday, May 5th, will be published separately. The organizing committee will also to the local residents, the British national sports organizations and friends of athletes participating in distribution and wheelchair rugby, shooting, archery and Paralympic Boccia test match tickets. The London Olympic Games series is about to enter a critical period. For the London Olympic Organizing Committee, the most challenging day is Saturday May 5th. On that day, there will be as many as 80000 spectators and tourists entering the Olympic Park to watch the UK general League outdoor Athletics Championships. This will be the most popular competition in the day since the beginning of the test competition, and it will bring pressure to the organizing committee. But Debbie ·, director of the Sports Committee of the London Olympic Organizing Committee, Javans said that we have successfully held 31 tests so far. We have the confidence, and we have the ability to successfully complete all the test events and prepare for the events of the Olympic Games. Olympic sponsors visa in addition to continuing to support the Olympic Games and the international sports affairs also sponsored 5 events. As the official sponsor of the London 2012, visa card (debit card, credit card and prepaid card) or the London Olympic Games only test match series all payment card online ticket sales. (Yi Wen) from April 18th to May 8th, there will be 8 test competitions held in the Olympic Park in London.American time on Saturday, the Chicago bear team resolved to take over Victor Cruz (Victor Cruz). The reason for the team to dissolve more is that they are unable to rediscover Cruz's performance in the super bowl of the New York giants. Cruz had gone through 7 seasons in the giant until February, and the bear team signed a contract with him for 3 months, hoping that he could become the third firepower that the team took over. , because the bear team needed to control the team list to 53 people before Saturday. Although Cruz did not perform badly in the pre-season games, he finally decided to cancel the contract considering his injury history. Cruz's career has been completed 303 times to advance 4549 yards and 25 array.

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