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The official website of NFL | Snoopy dog son joined the Lynch | football team. Snoopy (Snoop Dogg) - dog son (Cordell Broadus) - grams of Intel, since recently retired from University of California Losangeles campus football program, and try a NFL running back together for a new career. 's new project is to design beautiful men's underwear. The team is called PSD, and the founder of the team appraise him as a very creative young man. Another player of this team is from the Seattle Seahawks running back Sean Lynch MA (Marshawn Lynch), Lynch has been through the PSD team released their beast mode series products. Lynch explains why she supports PSD. I get several PSD underwear, they are very comfortable, so I decided to let my brand cooperate with them, so that my fans can cope with different situations and feel comfortable.Seattle Seahawks running back Sean Lynch - Beast horse (Marshawn Lynch) is not the kind of love his ideas in words revealed, so this makes it very difficult to tell him that he will carefully consider the decision to retire this sentence is really false recently. recently, NFL media reporter Michael Robinson (Michael Robinson) is also Lynch's former cheap nfl jerseys free shipping teammate. As a close member of Lynch, he speaks for Lynch. "I don't know Lynch's real idea. I don't think anyone can know his true idea. But for him, everyone in the dressing room is his friend, and he is the best runner in the league, and his new contract will be very big. " we know Lynch, and he has his own timetable, and if he doesn't want to talk, he won't talk to you in a word. It is reported that the Seahawks will provide a $10 million a year contract for Lynch, but they are waiting for Lynch about to retire after the decision to negotiate, Robinson said: "I am not 100% sure he would really retire, we communicate with him, but this is not just about football, perhaps to Oakland into the community, the group of children, that he has been serving the children is the most important for him. He is such a very principled man, a man of his own, and when he makes a decision it is his faith. " Lynch's 2014 season is incredible, 1673 yards, 17 touchdown and second impact on the super bowl. If it's time for him to retire and return to his hometown of Oakland, we may no longer see his performance.Thanksgiving is the most important theme of this week, which is a holiday closer to the Chinese new year than Christmas. This is a holiday to be grateful to others, to be thankful, and to be a grateful person. This week Khalil Mack Newton sent a gift to Thanksgiving, let him become a "monk" again after a single game and sacks, steals, forced off the ball, picked up and dropped the ball up front players; Tyreek Hill to be grateful for his open teammates helped him become union 51 years after the single game completion return touchdown the ball up front, and rushed up to second people. The ball array... the team that has improved this week does not forget to be thankful for his unfortunate rivals, first bit cowboy (10-1) Why is always you? The cowboy won't get down from the throne. Hear a lot of "poisonous milk" the Seahawks more threatening than a cowboy. Well, it is true that the second line of the cowboy has a sign of collapse. They were good when Morris Claiborne and Barry Church were healthy. Now, Church has recovered, and Claiborne should be back in a few weeks. If you think the Seahawks will be happy in the playoffs with cowboys, maybe you should look at the last Seahawks against them video Bubu class. (we're talking about the team having a fully fired quarterback, not the Matt Cassel in the last season) video link here. second ( = 1); Patriot (9-2) successfully won the jet. Patriot like Cyclops Serpent - Pulis gold finish "escape from New York". But their saviour is not Tom Brady, but the thorn tattoos have to the defensive end of the thirty years of age. Chris Long, who had only once been captured before the season, worked at the critical moment. Do not give Ryan Fitzpatrick any chance! With the perfect arc, the Willie McGinest and the Tedy Bruschi are attached to the soul. He represents the glorious tradition of patriots! At the moment, he's not a man fighting! The Patriots became the first of the United States. This victory belongs to James White, Malcolm Mitchell, Chris Hogan and Trey Flowers, and belongs to every abandoned patriot player! Third ( = 1) on (9-2) if Derek 〉The official website of NFL | Steelers wide receiver Bryant faced a year for | football Pittsburgh Steelers hope to have the opportunity ninth times to enter the Super Bowl in the next season, but in the absence of wide receiver Mata Weiss (Martavis Bryant Bryant) the case will become more difficult to do this. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported on Saturday, according to people familiar with the matter, the foreign player was banned due to violation of NFL drug abuse regulations. The alliance has not yet been formally punished, but if he is banned, Bryant will be appealed. , according to Bryant's agent, said Bryant planned to be evaluated and treated for depression. And this may be the cause of his violation. According to the agent, Bryant missed a number of drug tests. He had been suspended, at the beginning of the season because he repeatedly violated the provisions of the alliance doping and was banned for 4 matches. in the two season total scored 17 touchdowns in the Bryant case, it is hard for the Steelers easy replacement value. We can look at Antonio - Brown (Antonio Brown) and Marcus (Markus Wheaton) - Wylton after the second grade wide receiver Sami (Sammie Coates) and coats's veteran Darius Haywood - Tony (Darrius Heyward-Bey) can play a more important role. Before the introduction of the new San Diego lightning proximal front pull - Green (Ladarius Green) darys can also help, but Bryant's amazing athletic ability is irreplaceable.

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