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Cincinnati tigers' quarterback Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton) clearly knows what is the holiday spirit of Christmas. Dalton and his wife, Jordan, have been working on their own foundations and working hard to help the children in the hospital. It is reported that so far they have helped 73 families pay their children's medical expenses. since its founding last year, the foundation has raised $2 million 100 thousand and spent 2 million 500 thousand dollars. Apparently rich American football players are helping others with their own money. is no doubt that Dalton is the nominee of the Walter Payton award this year, because his charitable contribution is huge. let us again thank Mr. and Mrs. Dalton for helping others to make their contributions. after a media boy cheap nfl jerseys free shipping cott, Bennet Seahawks defensive end Michael - guns at a. Before ESPN The Magazine has issued a document in detail with existing friction, Seattle Seahawks team. In this case, Bennet hit back on Twitter: "this article is garbage, TMZ level. All hearsay, I'm surprised you will send this." In this paper, was mentioned on quarterback Russell (Russell Wilson) - Werwilson resentment, Bennet tweeted: "I love (Wilson) the good team, good friends, good man. I was in his house last week, and he gave me a rib to eat. " The protagonists, Wilson and Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman), have not yet responded to tweet in . but this article cannot be asserted as Weakness lends wings to rumours. The author cites publicly published material, such as the Seahawks running back coach Sherman - Smith (Sherman Smith) speech, also record said these arguments from an anonymous sources, rather than the onion news.The official website of NFL | McNabb said Cutler is in the Midwest, at the end of | football has a long time ago the famous quarterback Donovan Macnab (Donovan McNabb) is very active in the social field, to defeat the Kansas City Chiefs shouted after the Patriot era has ended last month in the new England patriots, then on Monday the Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk ridiculed - cousins (Kirk Cousins) bad performance. This Thursday, the 6 session of the occupation bowl at the Chicago Sports Radio quarterback comments stunned, said Chicago bears quarterback Jay Cutler (Jay Cutler) is the central and western regions of the Toni - Luo (Tony Romo) at the end of. Cutler said in the program: Cutler is the Midwest Roo, and he has proved himself to be a good quarterback. But for the quarterback, people always pay the most attention to the record. How many games have you won? How many playoffs have won? How many postseason experiences do you have? If you have only been in the playoffs for nearly 10 years, you must not have a strong team. Cutler played in the League for 8 years and had only one playoff experience in 2010. Ronaldo was the three time in 8 years to enter the playoffs, with a record of 1 - 3. On the contrary, Macnab broke into the National League final 5 times in his 13 year career and had 1 Super Bowl experiences with a total record of 9 - 7. Macnab continued: "so now the question is, why can't you take the team into the playoffs?" You have the talent and the potential. Why can't you do it? In fact, there are many helpers around Cutler, and the level of teammates is not a problem. So one more time, can you pinch the team together? I don't think I can. Macnab is not totally unreasonable, but now the bears and cowboys are making great progress in the playoffs. We are very patient and wait for the two half of the season.The New Jersey still retain the classic V type cutting collar design, shoulder position with three stripes, shirt frill position will have a printing pattern, pattern from the club legend Ryan Giggs (Ryan Giggs) of the famous Jersey through in their first full season. These designs will be used on the three shirts that have been released this season.

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