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The details, Jersey has an elegant gentleman with a button collar, cuffs with yellow and white decoration. As with home court Jersey, Jersey collar has a special pattern, the pattern core is the original Kano Road stadium grandstand on the roof of the clock, written around the slogan "There's no place like home (no place like home)", below is the "1935 Kano Road, 2015" and "80th anniversary". After the shirt collar joined the word "OTBC", it represents the club's song "On the Ball, City (Norwich City, in kicking the ball").Super Bowl defeat for the Carolina Panthers at best chance fell to 50 yards shot in the game at the end of the kicker Graham ganor (Graham Gano) on the body. , in his own view, the shot and the Mustang left unrelated to the pause before his first attempt. Like a lot of good ki cheap nfl jerseys free shipping cker, he just blames himself. "I thought I would kick in," GANAL said after the game. "I have no doubt about this in my heart. But the result was not. It doesn't define my season. I have a lot of games left. I have a lot of teammates coming to me and told me that I will help us win a lot of games, I believe them. I hope I can come back again, but the reality is that I can't. I have to look forward and finish the next shot. " said, "I can't do anything. I made my team disappointed, and it made me feel bad. I hope I can come back again, but I have to look forward. " GANAL earlier in the 50 yards and over 24 times in 14 attempts to play successfully, so this distance does not mean that the Panther could win.The official website of NFL, the giant guard Justin - Pugh: the renewal of the initiative, football wo Justin - Pugh (Justin Pugh) is about to enter the rookie contract for the last year, and he is ready to meet the big contract. I have the initiative, Pugh said to the New York media when he talked about the contract. professional rugby focused net named Pugh as the thirteenth top guard in the last season. Pugh was selected for the first round of the 2013 draft in the first four seasons of his career. I did very well, he said. I know how important this is to me this year. I think it's the best giant I've ever played, so I think the sky is the limit for the team and me. Although in a busy offseason after the giants have very high expectations, Pugh's line will face a lot of problems in the new season. They are still unaware of whether their performance of the two teams in the attack is better than last season's progress. If any of the two people do not perform well, then Pugh's omnipotent ability can play a role. for Pugh, unfortunately, he's hard to keep fit. He missed 5 games last season due to a sprained medial collateral ligament in his knee. Since the 2013 rookie season in 16 games since he never attendance. if Pugh was able to keep fit in the new season, he could get a good return. This offseason many guard got a big deal at the club. Cleveland Brown and Joel (Joel Bitonio) than him renewed for 5 years, the contract value of $51 million 200 thousand, while the Kansas City Chiefs and Lauren - Duwel Neita Deef (Laurent Duvernay-Tardif) for about 5 years, the contract value of $41 million 250 thousand. Pugh would also want a similar treatment. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Guangxi Liuzhou |2015 bowling alley "thunder kangxiaole Cup" elite bowling tournament strong incoming 2015 Guangxi city of Liuzhou province "kangxiaole Cup" elite bowling tournament coming in August 2015 a day at 14:00 in the afternoon in the Thunder Alley grand opening! The contest for the elite doubles game players, regardless of the area, regardless of gender, enrollment bowling enthusiasts can, all applicants each send a kangxiaole old yogurt, why not, hurry to sign up now, focusing on participation ~ ~ ~ there are more behind surprise waiting for you! We sincerely look forward to the elite will visit the Thunder Alley bowling competition!

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