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The official website of NFL | Sherman children in the day of the Super Bowl football was born | for the Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman), this weekend is destined to be an extraordinary weekend. In addition to the super bowl, his children are likely to be born this weekend. Asked if he would be absent from the super bowl to meet the child's birth, Sherman said the child would be born at a suitable time. Sherman said he should not be born on Sunday, and that would affect something. But I think he will be a good child, and he can wait until the end of the super bowl to come to the world. A reporter joked that if a child was born before a super bowl, it would affect him to participate in the game. Sherman said: of course, I love my children more than the super bowl. I hope he can stay in his mother's stomach for a long time, but if he chooses to be born before the game and even in the game, I can do nothing. I don't want to miss the moment he was born, and I hope God can help me. Sherman said on We cheap nfl jerseys free shipping dnesday local time that the child's mother is now in Arizona with him. If children are born earlier than expected, they will choose to produce in a local hospital.The official website of NFL, Eagle linebacker Curtis beauty - trying to trade in football nest Kendricks recently revealed that the Philadelphia hawks tried to find to sell their own line of beauty - Wei Kou Kendricks (Mychal Kendricks) of the team, if unable to complete the transaction, the team may directly cut him. The salary will be next season Kendricks is $6 million 600 thousand, but his team for the 2013 season to become the decline in value from each season is occupation bowl players. He participated in the 273 Defense this season, compared to the other starting linebacker, such as Jordan - Hicks (Jordan Hicks) 971 and Nigel Brad Ham (Niel Bradham) 990 times far. also has a very important reason is that when the team defense team uses the five cent money formation, Kendricks will come off. In the competition, he has completed the 2 level player. cut Kendricks team can save $5 million salary space. So the team is hoping to get rid of his income to prepare for the draft. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Ben Rothlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger) will miss the next game against the new England patriots. Everyone is guessing how many games he will miss. Pittsburgh Steelers president art Rooney II (Art Rooney II) said to the official NFL big recovery time may be between 2 to 6 weeks. "I think 2 to 3 weeks is the best possible, but that's what we want," Rooney said. "2 to 6 weeks may be a reasonable range of estimates." Rothlisberger received surgical treatment for the meniscus on his left knee on Monday. The star quarterback in the hopes of eighth weeks after the Steelers bye week to return to the game, but he told local media taking into account their injury history this might not be realistic. at the same time, Landry - Jones (Landry Jones) will start in the next game. Then ninth weeks away in Baltimore division rivals Steelers crow. In the bye week after they will face the Dallas cowboys, Cleveland Brown and Indianapolis colts. Ben injured when they take on history means we can expect him to return earlier than expected.The official website of NFL | Mustang chief game punter staged brothers | football showdown September 15th Beijing time, a focus battle between the United States and the United States was launched between the Denver wild horse and the kkansas chief. Before the match, the discarded kicks of the two teams slowly walked to the edge of the field and hugged. It turned out that the two of them were brothers. Before the match, they left a precious picture with their family. (Dustin Colquitt) Dustin Hoffman - Coquet and Britten - Coquet (Britton Colquitt) is a pair of brothers, whose brother was born in May 6, 1982, aged 32; his brother Britten was born in March 20, 1985, aged 29. The Coquet brothers are very young love football, as the Secretary punter, has entered the same high school effectiveness, and has joined their home to the University -- University of Tennessee, two people was the Tennessee volunteer team (Tennessee Volunteer) the main punter. 2005, Dustin Hoffman was selected for the Kansas City Chiefs brother NFL, as a punter. Four years later, at the 2009 draft convention, Britten, the first lineup who was selected in the first team of SEC, also became the Denver wild horse's kicker. At this point, the Coquet family gave birth to two NFL - level kicker. The team of two brothers is also in the west side of the United States and has at least two opportunities to meet each year. Since his brother entered NFL in 2009, every time two people meet, he will leave a picture of a picture as a commemoration. In the past 5 years, two people left more than a dozen pictures, and there were more and more people around them. At present, my brother has five children, and his brother has two children. Looking at the two brothers with love, the photographer could not resist taking this tender moment.

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