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The official website of NFL |TJ Ward: media does not give the Mustang defense respect | football last season, Denver wild horses won the super bowl by their strong defense. The defending team was highly praised and considered to be one of the best defensive teams in history. , but player TJ Ward (TJ Ward) believes that the media did not give enough respect to the defending team. He said: "it seems that many media are doing this, and we still have no respect. We hope to be better than last year. This is what we want to do. Our defense coordinator has not left. We can easily find the state of last year and continue. Mustang group is the number of defensive season first in the League limit team, the league's fourth opponents scoring players, they finished 14 steals, 4 of them completed the run back up front, they handed over 52 quarterback sacks, and Ward as the safetys completed 2 escapement which killed Ward thinks, the team steals and steals touchdowns also improved, he also ana cheap nfl jerseys free shipping lyzed the shortage of the team holds the. but why does Ward feel unrespected? He says: maybe they feel we don't go to the game as they like, and it's more like entertainment. This answer has recently appeared in interviews with a few wild horse players, and maybe they should try to change their mindset.NFL official website, 2016 regular season sixteenth week night game, football @ lion cowboy nest 2016 season, sixteenth week, and one night race, 2016 season and one night match, "" , the last night of the regular season will be held in the two teams of the League of nations this season. The Detroit lions will bid farewell to the cold north and go south to Dezhou to challenge the Dallas Cowboys this season. Dallas cowboy's performance has been greatly improved this season, which comes from relatively fewer injuries, strong protection of offensive fronts and high level play of several newcomer. The old team captain Jason Witten still continues his legendary career, until now the veteran has reached the ball 11845 yards behind the legendary tight end Toni Gonzales was ranked second in history. Sean, Li Wei, though he wasn't able to enter this year's professional bowl, but his performance is obvious to all. Last season and this season, Li has brushed up to the 268 catch and catch data, leading the league. Detroit lions are likely to get in the top North Union playoffs, as long as the game they won the packers lost, they will again reach this achievement. This season's recovery is not only in the offensive team, but also in their increasingly robust second line defense. Cornerback Darius viceira has breached 12 times pass in the last 9 games, has gradually become the Union over the nightmare. The safety glaveau Quin since 2014 has got 13 steals, tied for the same period up to the League of nations. broadcasting platform: sina sports Tencent video PPTV sports Iqiyi sports NFL Chinese website commentator: Zhang Yun The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.In Carlton Agu Dossi took up the outside (Carlton Agudosi) and Justin - Scher del Rey LONG TEE (Justin Drescher), the Cardinals from the training squad promoted offensive tackle Winston Painter (Vinston Painter). - Breuer Aaron fifth weeks (Aaron Brewer) wrist fracture after the Cardinals signed with Drescher. His departure means that Breuer has been able to return. The 29 year old Drescher played in 8 games in the past six seasons, is a saint long kick off hand. Aguduoxi did not play the regular season. Painter was a secret group of Cardinals played in 3 games. He was the six round of the 2013 Denver Mustang, who stayed in wild horses, Brown, giant, dolphin and red skin.In 2015 the Suzhou hurricanes one Bowling for seventh weeks to celebrate | bowling Championship racing season 2015 Suzhou hurricane one bowling seventh week race result G1 G2 G3, the name of the fairway number G4 bare points week plus week minus score sharing lucky ranked 1 10--2 278178177191824824 206659 sueyoshi name horse first horse sueyoshi 2 9--1 169247180224820820 205645 second bear bear active active 3 14--1 Wang Ke 201202226187816816 204746 third 4 201205195205806581 203676 Wang Ke 11--1 Xu Haiqiang fourth Xu Haiqiang 5 9--2 land 178201219199797797 199 6 13--1 Rongming Lu Rongming Jiang Ming 190184227190791791 198 single high Jiang Ming Xu Wenjun 173195205201774774 194 66 7 12--1 8 15--1 207188212167774774 Mianren Dashun Xu Wenjun Shaw Shaw 194 Mianren 91 5--2 summer Yufang 20218320117175716 773193 summer Yufang 10 11--2 Le Ming 193176203194766766 lucky 192 11 16--1 20017016519072510 715181 three Ming Wang Yulong Wang Yulong lucky four 12 12--2 186170176173705705 176 yellow Suizhen lucky two yellow ear vibration of 13 10--1 Liao Bo 108158153134553245 627144 lucky Liao Bo 14 13--2 Li Zhijian 202199160056156114 Li Zhijian champion Ma Jiqing Second Army bear active

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