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The official website of NFL, tight end Tammy wants to stay at home may also be the Falcon 49, rugby nest Atlanta Falcon near Jacob Tammy (Jacob Tamme) will become a free player after the disappointing 2016 season. In the last season he only finished 22 ball 210 yards and 3 touchdowns, the second half of the season he spent in the injured reserve list. But that does not mean that he will not get the team at the age of 32. ESPN reported that if Tammy to stay in the Falcon, he is likely to join San Francisco 49. The former offensive coordinator Kell Shanahan Falcon (Kyle Shanahan) has now joined 49 people as the new coach, so 49 people already know Tammy's offense. at the same time, Tammy said he wanted to stay in the falcons if he could. I like to play for the falcons, to love my teammates, to love everything that happens in this team, Tammy said. I'm interested in looking at what's going to happen in the fu cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ture. Tammy signed a $3 million 200 thousand 2 - year contract with the falcons in 2015. In reality, he might have to accept a contract that is smaller than that. But a coach who knows him clearly knows he can make a contribution. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Josh Norman (Josh Norman)'s 2016 season was his best season. Why? You have to ask himself. though his copy has changed from 4 to 3, and he has not been able to enter the first round of professional bowl or professional bowl, which is worse than that of the Carolina black panther in the 2015 season, but Norman told reporters that he had proved more in the first year of red skin in Washington. Norman said: "at least for me, this is the best season last year, I can say to myself:" OK, you can go to the game of the year, because the coach will put me in this position, I can go to play nickel, also can be in the edge position, I can do sacks can also steal, whatever you want me to do what I can do."" besides these, Red Skins ranked twenty-eighth in defensive League, twenty-fifth in pass defense league, but Norman in 2016 season is an important force of panthers. But last season, red leather didn't even enter the playoffs.for the Miami dolphins for the two week is really not easy, last week they slowed down the JJ w (J.J.Watt) offensive this week, they need to face the new England patriots tight end rob Gelon Khodorkovsky (Rob Gronkowski). in the press conference before confronting Houston and Dezhou people, dolphin coach Dan Camp Baer (Dan Campbell) claimed that the attack of the team was all target, and this time he said the team's all defensive goal is G Ron koves Ki. said, "I think he's a beast and everything is done." One to one, you can run the route, the feeling of outstanding hand, can block in the inside, protect the quarterback, maybe he can still do the running guard behind the quarterback. But what we're going to do is just like the other one last week, Watt, and all five offense players are going to deal with him (jokingly). This time all the second line defense teams are going to deal with G Ron koves Ki. Gelon Khodorkovsky against New York jets in last week's game finished 11 catches for 108 yards and 1 touchdowns. And jets have so far had one of the most effective defense teams in the league. let us look forward to the dolphin is how to organize the Gelon Khodorkovsky and Tom Brady (Tom Brady) score.The official website of NFL | and New Orleans saints coach Payton contract for 5 years | football when Sean - Payton (Sean Payton) decided to stay in charge of the New Orleans saints one month, he was bound to get a new contract. When joined the National League chief's breakfast on Wednesday, Payton himself announced that he had renewed his contract with the team for 5 years, which would allow him to stay in the saints until 2020. Payton hasn't signed a contract yet, but it plans to finish it soon. in 2006 to become saints coach Payton is currently the third longest coach coaching a team of NFL active coach in time, and the Green Bay Packers coach Mike - Mccarthy (Mike McCarthy) flat (Bill Biliqieke (Bill Belichick) and Malvin Lewis (Marvin Lewis) top two). I don't think it's right to stay in the team for a long time. We are all lucky to be able to do what we love. Payton said when he talked about the new contract. won the 87 - 57 record of the saints under Payton's saints and won the only super bowl in team history. Payton said he planned to end his career here in a month. The new contract gave him a step forward to this goal.

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