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quarterback Fitzpatrick Fitzpatrick Ryan returned to the team's first line-up and led Houston Dezhou attack team to shine, which helped him win the thirteenth week's best offensive player. 33 of his 24 passes successfully (success rate 72.7%) gained 358 yards and 6 touchdowns without steals, quarterback score reached 147.5, Dezhou 45-21 win over the Tennessee titans. in the team to try to use the backup quarterback Ryan Malet (Ryan Mallett) and sit on the bench, this is called magic Fitz (Fitzmagic) quarterback trimmed his beard, played well in the game. in Pittsburgh this week also has a wonderful performance, but not by the do. Four point guard Drew - Bracey (Drew Brees) came 5 touchdowns, New Orleans saints 35-32 away victory over Pittsburgh Steelers, this performance earned him a week thirteenth NFC offensive player. The quarterback completed 19 of 27 passes (70.4% success rate) to get 257 yards and 5 touchdowns without steals, quarterback score reached 140. This is an important victory for before the home court losing saint. below is the other winner of the week: week thirteenth AFC defensive player: Indianapolis Colts linebacker Cowell di Jackson (D'Qwell Jackson): he made 7 tackles in the game, 2 tackles to rival loss yardage, 1 times and 1 times to retrieve the ball defense off the ball back into the 35 yard touchdown. thirteenth weeks of the American League's best special teams player: Jacksonville Jaguars kicker Josh Kobe (Josh Scobee): he finished 2 free kick shot in the game, including a 43 yard fourth festival in lore with 28 seconds left, he also completed an additional shot. thirteenth week National League defensive player: Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sh cheap nfl jerseys free shipping erman (Richard Sherman): 2 steals 2 times over 49 people in San Francisco captured his 19-3 game with the seahawks. This is the second consecutive week the Seahawks defender won the prize - this is they become a whole sign again. week thirteenth NFC special teams player: the Minnesota Vikings special teams player Adam - Diyelun (Adam Thielen): he blocked the opponent a punt return 30 yards and a touchdown.The routine for everyone before the topic is "ready for a few day Brady punch out?" "How many points are you going to chase after a big score?" The result is in line with everyone's expectations, and the real strength gap between the two teams. said that the Patriot opening wave attack backward, with Derek Henry of the Titans must attack into the Bureau, so the Patriot front hoarding heavily guarded, let Henry chachinantao, but their defense is somewhat lax, can not completely seriously consider Mario Kobita's reading options and emergency ball forward, plus black year No. five show Cory - Davies in the hole - mark Butler, received a fairy ball touchdown, the Patriots behind some chance. and "the Empire Strikes Back", by Travis Kelsey - mad child half of last week, the game Titan smart school, with the best backcourt player Kevin - mark Sikorski de Baia glycopyrronium, the blue giant did not open; the top cornerback adori Jackson defended the Patriot long ball threat brandin Cousteau, cooks did not open. But the attack group is not patriot two key weapons locked will stall, when the Titan veteran rushed pass group almost did not bring too much pressure on Brady, "the old man lent" in Foxborough is like playing the game crazy rush rhythm, to slot Oman and Dora Duhem backcourt - Lewis. Almost never go empty, with every kind of fake, throwing, running, and a fake fax Brady anger bullet pass, the second section before the Patriot three wave attack all of the array, as is essential in the head of the Titan three uppercut, the basic wave current equal to one away game. defense patriot lock Henry continue to implement the strategy, let Mario Kobita face three long code number, he instantly turned Colin Capet Nick, only a reliable catch of Eric Dekker and the Patriot deal, very difficult to continue the offensive. In addition, before the game is expected to be largely blocked the Patriot group rushed from the Titans offensive front, at such a crucial game even collective arrhythmia, Matt Patricia rarely call raid circumstances, the Patriots made 19 times to a total of 6 players out of the brush recorded 8 sacks. and the patriot game if you want to win, must have the advantage line, such as the 2015 season American League finals the Broncos did, in this game, the two line of the battle, is expected to slightly advantage of Titan, are lost, that you almost don't have to win. The old man lent the game came 335 yards 3 touchdowns does not seem to make people exclaim, real terror is the second half, Brady did not relax, the 53 ball effort to defeat the Titans, finally a touchdown, Gelon Kowski with a full fix the Titans defensive fighter de Baia is without doubt. Into the final ap. phase 〉update: according to NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that red will sign a 4 year $94 million contract with Smith, of which $71 million security deposit. quarterback Arrakis Smith (Alex Smith) is not worried about her future for the time being. Washington Red Leather has no need to worry about who will be quarterback in the 2018 season. Kansas City according to local media reports, the Emir had reached an agreement with the Redskins traded Smith to the Washington Redskins, the chip is a sign of three - Kendall and cornerback Fuller (Kendall Fuller). although the deal could only stay in an oral agreement until 3.14, the reporter reported that the two parties had agreed to the details of the deal. The 2018 season was the last year of Smith's contract and traded him out to help the emirate save $17 million in salary cap space. The deal means the chief will give the first rookie to the rookie quarterback Patrick - Ma Holmes (Patrick Mahomes). The former Redskins starting quarterback Kirk Cousins (Kirk Cousins) also need to enter the free market in this offseason, look for a new club.MLB Encore tragedy! Atlanta warrior fans were killed from a high platform and unfortunately died accident scene morning tennis news Beijing time, August 30th morning, in a major league baseball match against Atlanta Yankees at New York stadium in Turner stadium, a football fan accidentally fell from the high bleachers and was killed. police subsequently blocked ten rows of seats in area 201. The dead were near the area of the player's wife and family, and the police found blood on the surface of the concrete around his seat. Atlanta police officer Charles Hampton subsequently confirmed the fan's death time after the warriors lost seventh games. He also said the dead were male, at least more than 50 years old. The police did not exclude the possibility of murder. Grady Memorial Hospital later confirmed his death in an official statement. So far, there has been no information about his identity from his family. The medical staff in the stadium had treated him for about 10 minutes, including an instrument that enabled the recovery of the heart. They were around him, and the security officers were also segregated from the area. The medical staff confirmed that the fan was back to the seat. Witnesses said the man was caught in a wire net when he tried to cross the press mat, and then the man fell on his seat. They also confirmed that when Alex - Rodrigues made a hit in the seventh inning, they could see the wires swaying for a few seconds. After the incident, when the fans were escorted to the room of the warrior club, it seemed to be hard to accept the reality and weep ceaselessly. The Braves outfielder Cameron mebbin's son was crying. Someone came to the warrior's dressing room and told the warrior's head coach Pierre nice. Similar events have occurred before . In August 12, 2013, a fan fell from a four - story stand up to 85 feet in the Turner stadium and died. Later, the police verified that the dead was 30 years old Ronald - Lee Homer, and the cause of death was suicide. The police also said in a statement that Homa jumped into the player's parking lot after a heavy rain - delayed match between the warriors and Philadelphia. also killed two fans in the 2011 League. 39 year old Shannon stone is a fireman, he and his son to watch Rangers in Texas, Brown Wood game, because trying to catch the Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton threw baseball, and accidentally from a 20 foot high fence fell to death. Earlier in , a 27 year old man fell from a height of 20 feet when he watched the Colorado Loki mountain team.

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