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The official website of NFL | spuhler, knee ligament sprain will rest for at least a week | football in the sixth week of Sunday night race Philadelphia hawks and the New York giants of the game, the bench running back Darren spuhler Adams (Darren Sproles) a knee injury, will rest for at least a week. sprout was injured in a third run of the competition. He was injured by the defensive player in the attack and fell down. His knees were squeezed and sprained, and he immediately retired and returned to the locker room. Results after the test showed that, Papadopoulos sprained knee medial collateral ligament injury is not too serious. However, the this week into the bye, no game until 26 this month, so a nice Papadopoulos only missed a game, it will be good for the common and J Pross. , Papadopoulos this season in the eagle reborn, the union fought a 10 year veteran of the season can have the ball size 6.6 yards and 12.6 yards receiving code, and a 82 yard punt return touchdowns after his rise, make up the first run Weile Sean - Mccoy (LeSean McCoy) the early season slump.NFL official website: | League opener and patriots football | independent headset failure NFL said the new England patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers coach group headset failure opener in the first quarter of the issue has nothing to do. A spokesman for the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Alliance said on Friday that the alliance thought the issue was not deliberately caused by any individual, and that patriots were not concerned with the headphones. said that the problem is due to the aggravation of electronic equipment caused by bad weather. It also indicated that the alliance will continue to review this time to decide whether or not to take technical measures to avoid similar problems in other games. in the Steelers 21-28 lost to the patriot, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin (Mike Tomlin) said that most of the time between the first half in the Steelers coach and coach of the headset disturbed by the new England area broadcast signal, affect the communication between the coach team members. He also said he had a communication problem when he played home in the new England patriots. But the Steelers said Friday they don't plan to file a formal complaint. patriots coach Bill - Biliqieke (Bill Belichick) said his headset is also a problem. He said his team was repeatedly accused of cheating.The official website of NFL, running back Gore career to punch the ball code number is about to overtake Jim Brown, rugby wo Frank - Gore (Frank Gore) almost gave up rugby after second times of knee cruciate ligament tears in college. On the contrary, after the 12 NFL season, the runner will exceed the number of Jim - Brown (Jim Brown) career flushing. will rush out 20 yards in the next match against Chicago bears. Gore's career will be more than Brown, who is considered by many to be the greatest player in history. it's crazy, isn't it? Gore said to ESPN. I have a good career, especially after I've been in college. I was doubted because of the injury. I've been playing some excellent teams, working with some of the best players, and having some good players for me. Now I'm still playing and I want to go on. , 33, of , has been a reliable runner in Indianapolis's pony. Despite the bad performance of the pony's attacking fronts, Gore continued to play a strong shot at the ball. Before 's next game, Gore had hit 12293 yards in his career. He is a reliable and stable pronoun. He has not been absent since 2010. if he had a better opening player, he might have passed Brown early. Gore has not scored more than 100 yards in a single game since 2014. It's not Gore's fault, it's the horse's fault. But in the face of the weak Chicago bear defense, Gore had a chance to get more than Jim - Brown and get more than 100 shots. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Beijing time on Friday September 29th at 8:30 in the morning, the regular season four games officially opened zhanmu. The 2 - 1 - negative Green Bay packer is at home at home and meets the challenge of the 1 - 2 Chicago bear in Thursday night's night. Last season, the two soldiers from the North District of the National League were fighting two times, and the Green Bay won all two victories. The Chicago bears and the Green Bay Packers since 1921 have already fought 194 times, each record is 94 wins and 94 losses in 6, the packers, end neither in victory nor defeat; home court is expected in the history of the two teams battle record lead. more events, please click here The Green Bay Packers at 's home attack first started the attack. Ty Montgomery, who came out of the outside, rushed the ball several times in a row to get the first attack, but he was soon off the court due to his chest injury. To bear half, quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) short proximal front, former Chicago bears player matru Lawrence Bennet (Martellus Bennett), 26 yards into the red zone. Rodgers eventually took over Adams pass outside Germany Aventis (Davante Adams), a 5 yard touchdown, leading the packers 7:0. Chicago bears game first offensive to end quarterback Mike Glen Massacre: Lennon (Mike Glennon) were washed in military Craig - Mathews (Clay Matthews) captured and killed and dropped the ball, the ball was linebacker Jack Ryan (Jake Ryan) to pick up! This is the seventy-fifth capture of Mathews's career, making it the most popular player in the Green Bay Packers. Meanwhile, the Green Bay Packers attack team got the right to win the 3 yards before the line. Rodgers's pass found Randall Cobb (Randall Cobb), easy to catch 2 yard touchdown, the packers in less than the score became 14:0 within one minute of time. bear the nightmare is not over: Although Mike Glen Lennon through two passes and the Green Bay a 15 yard free kick into the personal foul shot, but the young center Cody White Haier (Cody Whitehair) a mistake cost the ball. At that time Mike was getting forward, to inform the team to adjust tactics (audible), but the center of Cody White Haier did not understand the intention of getting the ball out. The ball hit the getting knee, directly to the Green Bay side, Green Bay linebacker Blake Martinez (Jake Martinez) will easily pick up the ball. Fortunately, the Green Bay offensive team fails to take this ball score, forced out three. After that, the two sides abandoned the kicks continuously, and the first section ended. After the first section of , the game was suspended due to a sudden thunderstorm. The players and the fans in the field were evacuated to the room. After 47 minutes of suspension, the competition finally went on. second section one up.

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