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Fans of the 21 century may be surprised that the former quarterback is not always at the top of the NFL salary structure. For example, at the end of the 1970s, the league's highest salary was two future Hall of fame run guards: OJ- Simpson and Walter Payton. About 40 years after , the rebirth was first seen. The new super bowl MVP von Miller to be the first group of wild Marceau alliance defense contract, the new contract Eagles defensive end Fletcher Cox let him become the NFL's second most expensive non quarterback. so, before the 2016 season begins, let's take a look at the ten most valuable non - quarterback players in the league. 1. JJ- Watt, defensive end, Houston Dezhou man three of the best defensive players of the year in the past four years, JJ- Watt was a dominant player in his age. The 27 year old Taylor, and Laurence Watts has Reggie White par, became one of the most desperate defensive player. is not the first time, nor is it our last time to guess how many teams he was worth in the first quarterback. Rob Kowski - Marcus 2., near end, the new England patriots defense group W, attack group Gelon sikorski. G Ron Kowski's body is so horrifying that many NFL experts call him a "laboratory product" or "a masterpiece of the God of Rugby". Stop Gelon 'is almost impossible, you may need to do some synthesis in the laboratory cheap nfl jerseys free shipping , such as the size and athleticism of Jamie - Collins, Richard - Sherman and Patrick - Peterson key ball speed and flexibility. this offseason, the Cardinals general manager Steve Keyimu said the league now has no complete proximal frontal. The present near end front is not a false attack line player that can only stop the failure of the ball. It is the unstoppable large number of players. G Ron Kowski is not only the only exception, but also a historical relay to block the best players. 3. Aaron - Donald, defensive cut-off, Losangeles ram Donald's strong explosive force starting from a static state distinguishes him from the ordinary defensive cut-off. The advantage of flexibility is unassailable with his strong and agile hands, constant footsteps, and the ferocious pursuit of the top predator. "extremely, extremely destructive," Pirates coach Dirk Cottle says at the end of last season. "Our scout team spent a few weeks studying their opponents, and they told me that Donald and JJ- Watt were the same players. It was unbelievable to me, and when I saw a video of the game. I realized that he was really a class with Watt! I mean, last season was brilliant for him. He was absolutely the end of the game. " 4. von 〉The official website of NFL | Griffin III perfect answer 2015 season absence | football on Wednesday, Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) took part in Cleveland Brown's press conference. Griffin completed a 2 year contract with Brown in March, but he never completed a game since the 2014 season and became the third backup quarterback in Washington last season. in this interview, Griffin gave a perfect answer to his bad situation in the past 2 seasons. He said, "have you ever been away from writing for a while? But that is your favorite job, but you have to leave for a while, so you need to spend the time, you can't be beaten down and reinvent yourself. on the scene we have also heard a lot of Griffin's inspirational quotations, if you say you are very modest, then you must not be modest. We're all hungry, we have a heavy burden on our shoulders, but we haven't had dinner for a long time, so now we have to work hard for it. No pressure, no return. Obviously, the Cleveland fans new quarterback slogan has a lot to choose. hopes Griffin will be able to return strong and help Brown.Chief Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown) this season has been amazing, just over half the season with 852 yards and 7 touchdowns, he even touchdowns, can be said to be one of the best in the League wide receiver. Steelers coach Mike Tomlin (Mike Tomlin) is also full of praise for his love, more directly with the Houston Dezhou people's top defensive end Watt JJ- (J.J.Watt) for comparison. Tomlin told ESPN on Tuesday said: "Brown is now in the hands of the external JJ- Watt, he is both mental and physical level is over the top, the best in the world outside. He has been the focus of attention of all the competitors, but has good performance, like JJ- Watt, everyone knows he is a beast and always on his double care, but still can not stop him nothing." and Kelvin - Johnson (Calvin Johnson), Julio Jones (Julio Jones) and Bryant (Dez Bryant) - Hernandez and de Maris Thomas (Demaryius Thomas) of these powerful height Martha took over, Brown was "Petite", but he still "big" quarterback Ben Rothlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger a group of two people). The most tacit alliance. said in an interview: "I have never seen anyone who can match Brown's hands and feet perfectly in games like this. You can only give him the ball and he can contribute to the super performance."The official website of NFL | blockbuster deal: the Seahawks get saints tight end Graham | football After a disappointing season, the saints in the New Orleans dared to change their blood to the lineup. It was clear that the range of blood exchange was extended to almost everyone in the team. NFL official website (Ian Rapoport) - Ian Rapoport on Tuesday, according to sources reported that the Seahawks team the saints tight end Jimmy Graham traded to the Seattle Seahawks (Jimmy Graham). The saints will be sent to Graham and a four round draft pick in the draft by the Seahawks Seahawks sign, the first round pick (thirty-first overall) and center Marx Unger (Max Unger). and just last summer, the saints locked Graham with a 4 - year contract of $40 million. Unlike a player who can make a difference for the offensive team and at the same time bring great trouble to the defensive players, it seems that it is not consistent with the attack team of Sean Payton, who relies on the diversity of the formation of Payton. When the 28 - year - old near - end was healthy, he was a nightmare against the defender and was one of the best red zone threats in the league. but the near end of the three - degree career bowl has been affected by injuries in the past few seasons. The saints can believe that they get the first round of signing. A stable center and a big contract to get rid of Graham is worth sending him away before his body is further destroyed. The Seahawks this offseason the biggest demand of red threat and tight end. They are now killing two birds with one stone a dominant player. The saints lost a professional bowl player in their peak, and last season the National League champion got a deadly weapon. In real life, it is common for the rich to become richer.

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