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NFL issued a statement Monday confirmed by a union, the new England patriots and FBI security team to carry out joint action to find the quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) of the fifty-first super bowl jerseys stolen. , which Houston police believed to be worth $500 thousand, had disappeared for more than 6 weeks. The unexpected is this action also found Brady's forty-ninth time super bowl jerseys, before the people did not know the Brady lost this shirt. , according to informed sources, on suspicion of stealing the Jersey name Mauricio Ortega (Mauricio Ortega), worked in a Mexico media. According to the media, Ortega resigned last week. Brady was pleased with his shirt. "I'm glad I in the forty-ninth session and the fifty-first session of the super bowl jerseys are found, I want to thank all of the relevant law enforcement agencies," Brady said in a statement. cheap nfl jerseys free shipping "I know they've worked very hard on this - I'm very grateful to them. I hope that when I get my shirt back, I can get some very positive things from this experience. " The shirt is clearly an integral part of the NFL culture. The Patriots in the Super Bowl in Super Bowl history the greatest reversal, Brady 62 passes 43 successful 466 yards and 2 touchdowns. This is Brady won fourth Super Bowl MVP, and his fifth championship.The official website of NFL | Redskins in the bus to the stadium when the crash | football According to the NFL media reporter Ian (Ian Rapoport) - lap reports: before this Sunday Washington Redskins away Minnesota Vikings game, Redskins coach had an accident on the way to the stadium, collided with another car traveling in the bus. luckily, no player was injured in the accident except for an accompanying officer's leg injury. After a collision with second buses, the windshield of the front bus was broken, and then the players were transferred to another bus. Wide receiver Pierre pine (Pierre Garcon) after the accident immediately tweeted a picture of her and make sure no one was injured. It happened, but we were all right. finally arrived at the stadium safely, but it was a pity they lost the game.Suzhou taigeer bowling tournament Zhang Jiayi won the | bowling 918 months Suzhou taigeer bowling match ended, Zhang Jiayi to 918 won the first division championship, Feng Xiaobing, Wang Wen, Liangxin help with the same score 839 points were two or three, four, Liao Bo won the B championship, Zhou Huiliang won the highest award single game, the winning player congratulations, the race time of next month for the May 3rdThe official website of NFL | alliance will introduce new drug Wilke, Gordon may benefit | Rugby Denver Broncos wide receiver Weiss Vilk (Wes Welker) season four games was suspended, Cleveland Brown took over Josh Gordon (Josh Gordon) for the entire season. All two players had appealed but failed. but now there is a chance that two players will be able to reduce their time of suspension. Mike Florio (Mike Florio) reported in NBC that Wilke, Gordon and other banned players may benefit from the new drug inspection regulations. The new rules may soon be agreed with the owners and players of the team. The main reason for the new regulations coming out of the is mainly because the new regulations will include human growth hormone detection, which has never been specified before. But there are some other changes in the new rules. One change is the off-season from amphetamine use performance enhancing drug against (performance-enhancing substance PED) is a rule violation of drug abuse (substance-abuse) regulations. This means that from the first violates the provisions of PED Wilkie (automatic 4 games) as a first-time offender drug abuse provisions (no ban). Another change is that the standard of cannabis testing may be improved. This will affect Gordon, because his hemp detection number just exceeds the current NFL positive standard, which is much lower than other organizations such as the World Anti Doping standard. it would be good news for Wilke and Gordon if NFL changed the rules of the drug test and added to those who were positive this year. This means that although the players union did not clear the alliance and union is already quite close to an agreement, Wilkie and Gordon should hurry to call their union representatives, asking them to fix the agreement, but also fix as soon as possible.

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