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Detroit lions center Dominic Lara (Dominic Raiola) for Sunday against the Chicago bears game in flagrant violation of sports ethics foot opponent, NFL ban imposed a punishment. the third quarter Lara staggered cut bears defensive tackle Igor Ferguson (Ego Ferguson), Ferguson was hurt but later returned to the game. after Lara explained that it was an accident, NFL do not think so, and on Monday reiterated the security and safety of a player for him, Lara reportedly will appeal on Tuesday, he said: "this is not, I remember I almost fell, I noticed. Then I apologized to him and shook hands. but Ferguson did not accept the apology and explanation, and he said, "we all saw his action. It is impossible for things to be worn out. " Teammate Brandon Marshall (Brandon Marshall) also chimed in: "Lara should be suspended. He's too dirty to play. "The official website of NFL | cowboy lion rising | football playoff tickets The playoff game of Dallas Cowboys against the Detroit lion was hurt by the fans' wallet. According to the website data show that the hot cheap nfl jerseys free shipping degree of the game far more than three wild card game in the field. The average price close to 300.22 dollars, than the Pittsburgh Steelers before the game and Baltimore crow 50 dollars, the lowest fare is 71 dollars, but if you want to sit down and then at least $100. if you want to sit a little more spacious or comfortable, or sit in a good view like a 111 stand 17, you need to spend more than 5500 dollars, as for the price of the suite, that is at least 30000 dollars. is a good deal.Beijing time on Friday morning, the Pittsburgh Steelers in the final game of the preseason, Sherlock defeated the Carolina Panthers. generally, in the preseason game last week, NFL teams will be frozen in the 53 man squad players, the game of opportunity for those who are still in the squad to fight edge. ????????????????????????????????????иоик?????Landry Jones????????drive??Dobbs????????53????????????????????????????????????????иоик????Feiler?? The main front end front Jesse James, the new Vance Vance near the front end, the main slot outside the Eli Rogers and the rookie catcher Juju Smith-Schuster also get only about 8 time. Last season practice squad took over Cobi Hamilton and Marcus Tucker to get about 50% out of the game. The substitute running guard Terrell Watson has got the 19 chance to hit the ball. The defense team is not. In addition to a few core players, many of the main players were in the first line-up. The main Artie Burns and Cockrell, cornerback T.J. Watt and the main thrust in military Bud Dupree, Vince Williams, starting inside linebacker safetys Golden and Sean Davis have 10 stalls around the playing time slot cornerback played a William Gay. The first line-up like did. The first day at 12:23, the Panthers face three to 10 yards, 4 rushing Steelers, T.J. Watt and Bud Dupree almost simultaneously broke through the Black Panther 6 pocket, the ball from quarterback Derek Anderson hands shoot. The Steelers start defending spikes Javon Hargrave will pick up the ball. But Landry Jones is not better than the Steelers quarterback - he was passing the right arm is disturbed, ball was thrown into the air, directly to the hands of the Panthers linebacker. The Panther also took advantage of the opportunity to score the ball from the running guard Fozzy Whittaker. After Landry Jones was replaced, Joshua Dobbs took over the game. This service, he reflects the pre-season two weeks did not reflect the cool and calm. Second day at 13:00, Steelers run fake pass, Joshua Dobbs showed a his arms to find exactly the right: Justin Hunter, 58 yard touchdown. the end of the second quarter, the Steelers regional raid, Steelers safety Jacob Hagen could not even up against, lead Panthers wide receiver Byrd catch a touchdown.Even even football equipment net news Holland national team 2014 World Cup Jersey release. Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam (West gas plant) Cultural Park, Holland national team, Claasen Bauer and Hughes Weltman jointly announced the Holland team of new jersey. The design of the New Jersey combines Holland culture and provides better performance for innovative performance. "design of the away kit is full of youthful vitality, it will stimulate the Holland players, fans of the glory." Loti, the global director of innovation for Nike football, said. ???????????бь?125?????????????????????????????????? While this impressive badge is a larger version of the orange lion, a symbol of a new era of Holland football team at the same time, the core value of simplicity and unity, glory. The underneath of the badge is 1889 (founding year) and the words of 2014. cuffs are orange decorations, players can flip it out to show personality. The post - led triangal flag is the crown of the lion's head in the Holland Football Association badge. "in order to ensure the comfort and dry at the same time, the New Jersey is very outstanding." Veer said. "I like bright colors, and I hope the fans will like it." during the course of the game players to effectively adjust the temperature so as to improve the performance of the field, is the focus of the work of Nike design team. With the combination of Nike Dri-FIT technology, burning mesh and laser cutting air circulation technology, Nike designers can achieve the most desired dry effect of athletes. 〉 resistance

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