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Tom Brady (Tom Brady) in England has been for 17 years, but his mind is always thinking of Tylenol (San Mateo) Shenma home. us time on Wednesday, a sports journalist revealed how the new England patriot quarterback was helping his home home. The story of happened in August 6, 2016. When Sean and Riley lost their 20 year old son, Calvin, it was a great blow for the family. Calvin, a first - year baseball player at a local school, was killed in San Francisco. Calvin's family is in 15 years old when he moved to San Marco tylenol. in that the news of Calvin's death, the family received a special letter, it comes from Calvin's favorite player is Brady, letters by their friends at the same time in high school and Brady John - the same team (John Kirby) Kirbys hand delivered. Kirby told reporters: "I told the family misfortune when Brady, then Brady asked me write the way will not be very good, not long after I received this letter, this letter has 2 pages are written clearly, he is very concerned about the family situation." Although Riley and Sean is not willing to disclose the text inside the letters, but they were moved to the letter, they told reporters: "this letter really touched us, it is like the blessing our children's life, Brady tells the story of his life had been in the community, the meaning of this letter is too big my child, is the pride of the community, he is also the super fans, sincerely touched b cheap nfl jerseys free shipping y."The official website of NFL | hawks coach explain why the last time the arbitrary choice of | rugby ball Philadelphia hawks coach chip Kelly (Chip Kelly) is regarded as the league's most advanced consciousness of the coach. But this week's game against the Arizona Cardinals, a decision Kelly was criticized. There were 2 minutes left at the time, and the two sides were 17. The eagle in front end zone of a 4 stall 1 yards, the team had a chance to take a risk of first attack or even a touchdown, but ultimately chose a free kick kelly. The next minute, Carson Palmer (Carson Palmer) and John - Brown (John Brown) were connected to the 75 - yard line to complete the reverse score. In the interview, talked about his decision: I did want to attack the 4, and we discussed the problem in the 2 minute pause. I think our defense team played very, very well in the game and I am confident that they can defend their opponents. I told my players that the reason we chose the free kick was that I had confidence in them. Kelly decided to part from the members of the trust, the other part is to understand the strength of opponents, anti League Cardinals run strength column. But in fact, the game in the ground attack on the great eagle, the Cardinals cannot restrain their run. After the game, Kelly also said that the last attack in the opponent's defensive performance was not ideal. In spite of this, he still chose a more conservative way of scoring. For the final decision, Sean Mccoy ran Weile (LeSean McCoy) also have their own ideas: I think we can beat them in the run in. They have been very tired, we can follow up a victory with hot pursuit. I believe our frontline players are better than their front lines. However, in the previous 3 gear, Mccoy lost the number of the ball. was asked why he didn't communicate with the quarterback Nick Foles. Kelly said: "we tried this last year in the competition with cowboys, and we failed at last." Fowles said. I don't want to repeat it this time. In fact, there is no reason for us to ask Kelly to take the risk on a flat point. When the opponent's end zone in front of you, but empty handed, this is also a failure. Kelly chose to trust his defense team, but it was a pity that the players failed to respond to the expectation.Seattle Seahawks rushed the ball because the horse Sean - Lynch in the last season (Marshawn Lynch) leave, injuries and bad line performance. The number of other parts of the team has a chain reaction that can not be obtained by the attack. In the last season, the Seahawks have more than 60% of the attack is the ball attack, and in the 2015 season, this figure is just over 51%. coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) said the Seahawks plan took more rushed ball in the new season to ESPN. "we're sure," Carol said. "We cut the ball more than 100 times in the last season. This basically explains everything. Basically, this is the reason that all things have become so. The defense team has to play more time. We have to pass more. We have to carry on more pass protection because we have trouble in the attack. Carol also said: "when the quarterback position is in a mess, plus the running position is in trouble, everyone is injured, so we can't find the rhythm. So I think we're going to get the ball up again this year. sign Eddie RESINES Haiying (Eddie Lacy) in reinforcing have Thomas - Rawls (Thomas Rawls) and C.J. (C.J. Prosise) general Seth running back position, if three of them can stay healthy, then they may be running back can be composed of the most powerful union.In the base of | Prince William and Kate at the London 2012 Olympic Games Ambassador the British royal family announced on Thursday that Prince William (Prince William) and his wife Kate · Middleton (Kate Middleton) and his brother Henry Prince (Prince Harry) will soon become the official ambassadors of the 2012 London Olympic Games. Court of St. James's announced that the three members of the royal family will encourage and lead the British people to play the strong backing of the 900 British Olympic team and Paralympic delegation, and inspire them to fight for the UK. The Palace also said that the three people will make full use of their own inspiring power to enhance the public's understanding of the Olympic values and the values of the Paralympics. in addition to the 3 royal members, the British Olympic Association also released 27 other 2012 Olympic Games ambassadors at the beginning of the year, all of whom are well-known athletes of the British team of all previous Olympic Games. Prince William said through the palace that he was very honored to be elected Olympic ambassador. He and his family are all eagerly looking forward to the Olympic Games. London will inspire many people by hosting the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, especially young people, Prince William said. For more than years, the British royal family has always maintained a close relationship with the Olympic Games. Now, the three young royal members will open a new chapter. queen Elizabeth has been an important supporter of the British Olympic Association. Princess Anne once played the role of equestrian athlete in the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games. At present, Princess Anne is not only the chairperson of the British Olympic Association, but also as a member of the International Olympic Committee and the London Olympic Organizing Committee. Anne princess's daughter Zara ·, Phillips (Zara Phillips) is also a world-class equestrian athlete. She also hopes to participate in the 2012 London Olympic Games. The London Olympic Games will be held from July 27, 2012 to August 12th. The London Olympics will be held from July 27, 2012 to August 12th. (show)

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