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Auto play switch auto play [replay] Kobe shirt retiring ritual 60E Kru for old big hit call is loading... Tencent sports news Beijing time in December 28th, Nike officially became the official shirt sponsor of NBA this season. In June 2015, NBA signed a contract with Nike. Nike officially became the official shirt sponsor of NBA from the 2017-2018 season. The contract lasted for a period of 8 years. And after Nike became a shirt sponsor, it immediately cancelled the set of the former home and guest shirts. The shirt is divided into the alliance version, the Logo version, the declaration version, the city edition and the classic edition. in a few jerseys, the city version of the shirt is used as a special shirt for each team. It can be said that there is a story behind each shirt. Today, let's get to know the story behind the NBA city version of the Jersey. It is regrettable that the Houston rockets, the Miami heat, the New York Nicks and the Toronto Raptors will have to be released later. Losangeles Lakers: legendary series since 1960, countless stars and superstars have come out of the Losangeles Lakers, and they are all wearing the classic purple gold robes. For this reason, the Lakers final cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ly chose to use the city version to pay tribute to some of the most famous players in the team, the so-called "legendary series". Kobe Bryant is the first to enjoy the city jerseys to pay tribute to the Lakers legend, this is the biggest characteristic of Jersey City version in Jersey printed with Kobe "Black Mamba" (Black Mamba) signature, and on the belt buckle position with LA24 logo. At the same time, this dress is designed to correspond to the black mamba snake style, nickname. There are 16 stars on the side of the shirt, which symbolizes the number of Championships in the history of the Lakers. Boston Celts: Dynasty Series since 1957, the Celts have won 17 NBA Championships, more than any team in the league. No matter who led the green army to win the championship, it is one of the best big players in the league history. It is also a legend of accurate shooting, or is the key to be known as "truth". Celts have defined a word Dynasty. Although there were too many different leaders and legends in Celtic history, the success of the team was under the same roof. The floor of the garden hall in Boston's north shore garden has been a symbol of Celtic, with green and white. Celtic City Series jerseys specializes in special home hardwood floors and Celtic beginning coach Auerbach. The belt buckle is designed for the image of the prominent north bank garden ball.The official website of NFL | ram in tenth overall pick run Weigeerli | Rugby Saint Louis goats will have the best backcourt attack combination in the league. As this year's first round pick in the biggest surprise, a choice of rams running back Todd (Todd Gurley) Karli in tenth, he will partner Trevor Mason (Tre Mason), with help from multi angle attack group for the rams. Gly was also the first runner to be selected in the first round since the 2012 season. In the National League West, construction team idea ram is very similar to the Seattle Seahawks and the 49 people in San Francisco, the ground offensive strong defensive plus high will be the foundation of victory. With Nick - Fowles (Nick Foles) joining, the team has also been strengthened in the quarterback position. The attack mode of the new season rams is worth looking forward to. last season, missed a lot of games because Karli injured knee anterior cruciate ligament, but this does not affect his draft appeal. At present, his injury recovery is more optimistic, will not affect the main training plan of the new season. Gly is regarded as the next horse Sean Lynch (Marshawn Lynch). He can find opportunities in a very small space, and has excellent vision, strength and acceleration ability. Gly's joining also made the ram another runner Zach Stacy (Zac Stacy) aware that he was in trouble. He was surprised to publish his state on personal network social media, but then removed the state. A reporter revealed that Stacy will leave or put forward to apply to the rams in the next few days.The falcons played 17-0 leading dolphins on Sunday, but were then lost 20 points by the other. Two consecutive defeat Atlanta must make effective adjustment. coach Quinn Dan Quinn may have some ideas. He was asked at the press conference on Monday whether he was satisfied with the frequency of taking the ball by Julio Jones (Julio Jones), and he answered "no". Jones was used as a passing target on Sunday for the 7 time to finish the 6 pass and get 72 yards. He has been used as a passing target 37 times this season, finishing 25 times. Significantly lower than his career average. falcons are now playing 306 games this season. Quinn said he wanted more time for the team's attack team, and Jones's contribution must be indispensable.The official website of NFL | Mansel grandfather: the girl has its own problems | football at present almost everyone, including Jonny - Manzel (Johnny Manziel), thinks his over-the-counter problems are very serious. but Manzel's 73 year old grandfather, Norman Manzel (Norman Manziel) came out to speak for his grandson. Old Manzel directed Manzel's ex girlfriend: this girl has its own problems, I'm not saying that Jonny's problem is caused by the girl, but...... everyone should let him have his own space, he has the right to keep their own privacy, this is his power, but he had to worry about these things because, his privacy is open in front of you, but he is not a public property, he doesn't owe you what. - Rowley (Colleen Crowley g Colin Manzel) ex girlfriend recently claimed that Manzel had repeatedly beat her in a drunken state and trying to threaten her life. 4 months ago, two people had a dispute over the road, and then again. It's obvious that this has happened too many times. , of course, Manzel himself beat his fans' heart with his bad off-court behavior again and again. Maybe letting him stay away from Rowley for 2 years will help him in his career.

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