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: a story and Yang Shusheng bored lying in the yamen gate, feeble to selling their own paintings: "what kind of person is willing to buy the calligraphy and painting, give me money to Beijing exam, I acquire fame, will double your money back!" Sitting in the car eight to lift the big Hua county magistrate overheard, then under the car to check it out, which know China magistrate on a phase of Yang Shusheng's calligraphy and painting, with a gold ingot to buy calligraphy. Four years later, Yang Shusheng high school to Juren, magistrate, sitting in a sedan chair office on the way, suddenly he heard someone outside the car selling calligraphy, y to associate themselves with compassion, he also used a gold ingot purchase price of Tian Shusheng's calligraphy. true story also occurred in the NFL world, RAM four years ago almost like "pig" pummeled by a red, four years after the return to the Losangeles rams, and acted as buyers, almost at the same price in exchange for a sign from Titan champion. So the heart is obvious, the ram is to grab the selected quarterback before Brown, also for the new city to bring new leaders. said the team's story, because of the hard salary cap, the fact that NFL has no real sense of "the Milky Way battleship, the success of the team generally no more than two modes: A, great quarterback + somewhat flawed construction cheap nfl jerseys free shipping team; B, great team + ordinary quarterback. The great stories of the quarterback and the team are few in history. four years ago, the ram had Sam, Bradford, who had just entered the three grade. Though it can't see the signs of the elite quarterback for a time, it will not at least be the four appearance of the elite quarterback. They don't have to use high cis to snatch RG3, and they don't want to waste the picks and sell them around. A lot of trading results and red picks is giving up the new quarterback, and increase infrastructure team, two years using red sent gift, RAM chose Greg - Robinson, Jenkins, Michael - nice Angelo Brock, Alec Austria Gatley et al., although it has no real growth for these players star, but now the ram lineup filled with talent, with opportunities for replacement quarterback infrastructure rich words ram. Ironically, in the past four years, the two times of the red skinned champion had been lost, but the ram didn't get anything. Nowadays, only the quarterback ram has become the red skin of the year, and it will be traded for the future quarterback with the opportunity of future infrastructure. , this is like a ram who sent out a loan shark four years ago. The interest is high, but the money is slow. There is no money to do great things, but after four years, the goat decides to find another person to borrow money. For them, the winning quarterback is great. local lad Jared gove can bring profits and the future, Carson Venc can bring the combat power, for ram who is superior to resolution, but the ram huataijiaqian jump up quarterback best choice in their mind, this is a clever and adventurous choice. story two: Yang Zhi county and Yin post are famous people in the city. They can not avoid the appreciation of flowers and words and paintings together.The official website of NFL | Chicago bears executive Kell long fifth year contract draft | Rugby Chicago bear has become the latest team to perform the fifth year contract option for the 2013 first round show. The bear team ensured that Kell - Lang (Kyle Long), selected in the 2013 draft, will serve a year more for the team. Lang was selected in the professional bowl at third degrees last season, and he had been the bear team for the last three seasons and was just missing a match. recently Cincinnati tigers choose to perform tight end Taylor efot (Tyler Eifert) fifth year contract options, but in addition he and Ron, some 2013 first round pick is not so good luck. Barker Vio J Barkevious (Mingo Cordarrelle) may not get such a treatment in Cleveland, Brown. Cordarrelle Patterson may have to wait until the beginning of the new season to know his future in Cleveland. EJ- Manuel (EJ Manuel) may not get the excess of this year's contract, and Dai Tong - Jones is also in trouble. In the 2013 draft, top 25 only 5 can bring to the team's different players - Lang, efot, ezrin Ansai (Ezekiel Ansah - Kiel), Desmond - trufan te (Desmond Trufant) and blue (Lane Johnson) - Johnson. Safety Kenny Vaccaro (Kenny Vaccaro) - also has been given fifth year contract with the saints, and has expressed the intention to implement the Carolina Panthers defensive tackle Starr Lo Tuhr Ray (Star Lotulelei) fifth year contract. The team can make a decision in May 3rd to decide whether to carry out the fifth - year contract option for their 2013 first round show.The official website of NFL | Titans receiver Wright for the right hand injury this week against a doubt | football Tennessee's Titan receiver Kendall Wright (Kendall Wright), said before the foreign minor fractures have their own right, but is not serious to the season point. He has no confidence in his own battle this week. Although the team has labeled him as a doubt, he is not able to attend this week. Wright said: "my hands are not good yet. It should be good next week. I'm going to play next week." I'm now waiting to see what I can do to get up after I get up tomorrow morning and then evaluate it again. It should be impossible to play this week, but I won't be able to reimburse the season. Wright this season with 51 catches with 633 yards and 5 touchdowns, if he missed the Titan's passing attack have no small impact. Wright also feel very helpless, he said: after all, hand injuries and ankle injuries are not the same, I tied a tape can directly play an ankle injury, injured his hand on it, and Berg (Zach Mettenberger MAGOTAN Titans quarterback) passing strength, the hand will be higher. has been reimbursed for another Justin Justin (Justin Hunter) season, so if Wright can't play, Nate Washington will become the top player in the team.In 2013, the Miami dolphin selected the defensive end front Dean Jordan (Dion Jordan) with the number 3. Jordan was banned from taking part in a season's competition last season in violation of drug abuse, and recently he began to apply for the restoration of Jordan's power. Jordan, 26, has been suspended since April last year. His agent told us today that Jordan has recently passed 2 drug tests. Jordan was a star player at the University of Oregon, but has been plagued by shoulder injuries in the rookie season and has been banned for 6 games due to a drug test. In his 26 games, he only played 3 quarterback performances. 's current contract for Jordan and dolphins will continue until 2017 and 2018 as an option, and the general manager of the dolphin says he needs further observation of Jordan.

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