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The Wuhan international water polo | festival in Nanchang province for the first time | touted open test point (reporter Li Yong) in 2014, China Wuhan international crossing the Yangtze River held a test competition in Nanchang, Jiangxi on Sunday. More than 200 swimmers in Jiangxi participated in the 400 meter breaststroke test. the annual Wuhan Festival, have come from around the country and the world swimming enthusiasts to participate, they must also pass a test in order to participate in the team composition. But this time in Nanchang set up a separate test match, which in the festival is the first time in history. Nanchang Winter Swimming Association Secretary long Liu introduced the more than 200 people to participate in the test results is also wrong, nearly ten results in less than eight minutes, dozens of people results in less than nine minutes, they will form a team to participate in the July 16th the festival. The Festival Organizing Committee official said, in the Nanc cheap nfl jerseys free shipping hang open test is a useful attempt to further expand the influence of the crossing section, the future will be in Hefei, Changsha and other places to set up such test points, let the festival this brand more popular.The Arizona Cardinals this season's weakness a year ago they scored 13 victories this season, only 5 wins 8 flat 1 negative, but they are likely to lose in the list of the most talented players. is currently the team quarterback Carson Palmer (Carson Palmer) and Larry Fitxgerald (Larry over Fitzgerald) are not sure whether to continue for next season in the cardinals, which Fitxgerald could no longer continue to battle. Fitxgerald said: "I can't say what I just focus on the immediate, but I am not sure I went on the way, I still love the game, love sports, I love and a group of people together to pursue our champions, this is fun for me, which is why I am still here, so I the current focus on the next two games." Fitxgerald is 33 years old this year, he and the Cardinals contract to 2017, so at least income and guarantee or even at the age of 33, but he is still catching up to the players League this season, completed 98 ball. apparently he wanted a super bowl, but this is not the linnet. Fitxgerald said: "I am not to praise others or receiving yards and the game, which will become part of history, but you are going to win the game, when you sit at home watching the other team in pursuit of their champion, will be very eager, this is not a good feeling." even-even soccer equipment company Nike network to join the American Football Association today officially announced the United States national team in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, new home court Jersey, combined with the best performance and bold innovation and classic design, the new U.S. National Team Jersey home court is the ultimate embodiment of American style and patriotism. classic white shirt, including whole body and sleeve shirt joined the light grey stripes, stripes and a long tradition of the United states. The shirt has a white POLO collar with a red decoration, which is a landmark element in American fashion and sportswear. The blue triangle flag in the collar contains 13 white pentagram, originating from the original American flag, and narrating the history of American recollection. There is a specially designed name and number font on the back of the Jersey. This modern and angular font is directly influenced by other sports teams in the United States. There is a small badge of the US national team underneath the number of the shirt. In addition to the ball 〉The official website of NFL | tiger and left Jiefeng Whitworth 1 | Rugby Andrew Whitworth (Andrew Whitworth) do not have to wait until five years after the contract to fulfill the contract for the new. and the Cincinnati tigers left Jiefeng 1, he will play for the team until 2016. NFL official Ian - Rapoport, according to the news of the insider, said the contract was worth up to $9 million. Whitworth in this offseason because he said the tiger wanted to pick his successor and headlines. The team chose not only Cedric Ogbuehi (Cedric Ogbuehi) in the first round, but also the selection of Jack Fisher (Jake) in the second round. they may be the future of the team, but Whitworth and Andre Smith (Andre Smith) is now. is the oldest League starting offensive tackle, Whitworth start outstanding performance in the first two games after he was offensive tackle occupation Football Focus Network third score. The tiger attacked the front line and had not yet captured the opponent, but it showed a strong performance in the ball attack. It helped the tigers to hit the ball third in the league's third place. Whitworth will make $5 million this season. Smith's contract expires at the end of the season, so it will renew Whitworth's contract for another year to ensure that the tigers will retain at least one veteran's offensive front when promoting young attacking frontline players.

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