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even-even soccer equipment network world champion Germany they fought in the World Cup Jersey to stay in Brazil, the flow of time, in the 2016 European Cup, we will see the design is fresh, embroidered with New Jersey French European Cup logo.Losangeles announced a new team of lightning injuries in the United States Wednesday, rookie guard - Forrest li-hope (Forrest Lamp) due to cruciate ligament tear may the season. , according to ESPN news, this year's two round show has been sent for MRI. , if it's not for injuries, Lanpu can win the first place of the season's right front side of the season, and now the lightning has to find a new substitute. and their first sho cheap nfl jerseys free shipping w, Mike Williams (Mike Williams), were also unable to fight. That is to say, the Rookies of the two rounds before the draft will be absent from the new season due to injuries, which is obviously not the opening of lightning after coming to Losangeles.The official website of NFL, chief linebacker Justin Houston will not play the next game, football nest Kansas City chieftain said Justin Houston Houston won't play in the next match against the black leopard in the Carolina, which changed the decision of Houston to finish the season's first show in the next match. Houston, In the final report of the chief's injury to the emirate this week, was listed as a confirmation of his absence. manager Andy - Reed (Andy Reid) said Houston did not have a recurrence of the old injury, but the team decided to allow him to rest for a week more. he did very well this week, Reed said. He looks very good. in the past four seasons each season, the team leader Houston captured and killed the number of misses in the situation, the Emirates will use Dee - Ford (Dee Ford), Harry (Tamba, Hali) and Frank (Frank Zombo) - the museum served as an outside linebacker. Ford has been caught 9 times this season, one of the largest in the league, including 5.5 escapement in the past two games. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | lightning Mathews confirmed the lack of war, Alan played the probability of less than 50% | football this week San Diego lightning opponent will be the Kansas City Chiefs, as long as the win, they can successfully enter the playoffs. It is regrettable that both sides will not be able to meet the regular competition with the most complete lineup. The chieftain announced on Friday local time that quarterback Arrakis Smith (Alex Smith) will be absent from the match, and the lightening is announced on the same day. Runner Ryan Mathews won't play this week. Mathews has been plagued by ankle injuries since 14 weeks, and he has been absent because of injury. The team will use Brandon Oliver (Brandon Oliver), Donald Brown (Donald Brown) and Ronnie Brown (Ronnie Brown) to attack the chieftain's tough ground defense. at the same time, the team revealed that Keenan Alan (Keenan Allen), the number one number, is also more likely to continue the lack of war. His chance of playing is less than 50%, and the team is more inclined to treat his injuries in a more conservative manner. Alan was injured in the clavicle in the fifteenth week match with Denver Mustang, which led to his absence from 49 in San Francisco last week.

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