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Oakland Raiders safety Charles Woodson (Charles Woodson) to get a long-awaited birthday gift. The veteran, who has been fighting for 18 years in the league, is 39 years old on Wednesday. He has never cut off Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) pass for the past 20 years. He will also make this birthday wish. made a dream come true in the 10-16 defeat to Denver wild horse by the Raiders. He made a 2 copy of Manning and became the oldest player in the history of completing the first time. "When you have finished 1 times, you want to finish second times," says van derson. When you finish second times, you will naturally want to do more. " The former Heisman winner, finally completed the end of career long desire. "At least I've kept him waiting for 18 years," said Manning. Maybe it is because last season I finished 2 touchdowns in the head. Anyway, let's go. I knew Charles when I was in college. He was so good for a long time. "According to the NFL Network reporter Mike (Mike Garafolo) and Lafoluo reported that former Cleveland Brown in the first round to show Jonny Manze cheap nfl jerseys free shipping l (Johnny Manziel) "contact" with a number of NFL coach, trying to get back in 2015 after the collapse of career opportunities. Lafoluo said: "Manzel's people believe this is his return to the chance, the spring alliance is another factor. The team also told Manzel that, if necessary, he might have only a bottom - salary contract and no guarantee. " but Manzel's goal is not money. The Texas A&M University quarterback all-powerful is also willing to sign into the training squad, and prove that they have the right attitude in there." When took part in the program, Manzel had a deep reflection on his past, and his performance was a lot of learning. As to whether his return journey is smooth, everything can only wait for time to reveal the answer.| Chinese arenaball football occupation League first leg Beijing National War CAFL (China Arena Football League): national professional American indoor Rugby tour October 1, 2016, the day of the annual national day. And this year's national day, China's sports industry will also usher in an unprecedented event -- the first professional American indoor rugby tournament in China will be unveiled in October 1st in Beijing Lue sports center. Beijing Railway Station race is CAFL (China Arena Football League) the first station of 2016 national occupation arenaball tournament, six teams of six city will be fierce competition in Beijing LETV Sports Center on October 1st -2, two days, three matches against were: October 1st 14:00 Guangzhou superenergy team VS Qingdao express boat team; October 1st 19:00 Dalian Dragon King team VS Shenzhen Cobra team; the Shanghai Skywalker team VS Beijing lions team at 15:00 on October 2nd. after that, the tour will arrive at Dalian, Qingdao, Guangzhou and Shenzhen every weekend, and will finally compete for the championship in Shanghai Oriental Sports Center this weekend in November 5th. The tour is hosted by the National Sports Administration's small ball sports management center and the Chinese Rugby Association, and olive international media culture (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is of the first leg of the tour of the Beijing lion Beijing, as the capital of China, is undoubtedly the first choice to hold the first CAFL competition in history. Beijing not only has a long history, has the magnificent the Great Wall, grand open the Imperial Palace is a places of historic interest and scenic beauty; a modern metropolis with the bustling business district and modern Olympic buildings. Whether it is cultural accumulation or infrastructure, Beijing will undoubtedly contribute to the development of CAFL. The home of the Beijing Railway Station, the music and Sports Center, is a modern multifunctional hall, which is comparable to the Staples Center of Losangeles, USA, no matter the area or the number of people accommodated. The sports center was also the home of the CBA Beijing Jinyu team, which could attract more than 18000 visitors to the scene. Taking this as the first home of the CAFL tour, it will bring great popularity and very stable guarantee for the 2016 national professional indoor rugby tournament. Denver wild horse is waiting patiently for the future decision of Payton Manning (Peyton Manning). But for the 39 year old veteran, if he decides to fight for next season, everything will be very embarrassed. if Manning appeared on the team's list in March 8th, his $19 million income would be all guaranteed. If Manning decides to return, it is clear that Mustang needs a cheaper offer instead of 19 million. But according to PFF's source, Mike Florio (Mike Florio), Mustang doesn't want Manning to return in any form of salary. But the Mustang and don't want to cut Manning, so they hope for Mustang Manning to retire, this is similar to last season's Pittsburgh Steelers and Troy Polamalu (Troy Polamalu). This is the current Mustang for Manning and Oswald respect shelved substitute young quarterback Brook Weiler (Brock Osweiler) of the contract negotiations, but according to the exon Florio negotiations have to disclose the actual this confidential form is the beginning. so if Manning decides to fight for the 2016 season, we are likely to see the legendary player appearing in the third teams in his career. news: Denver Broncos quarterback Oswald vhailor hopes to keep the team

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