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Hubei Province Sports Bureau, Hubei University held a celebration [graphic] | Bowling on the morning of twenty-one, the Hubei Provincial Sports Bureau, Hubei University for the first time to participate in the National Youth Bowling Championships triumph of the Hubei University women's bowling team held a grand celebration, the former deputy secretary of Hubei province Zhong Shuqiao, vice governor Hong Xiang, Gao Ruike; director of the Hubei provincial Sports Bureau Hu Dechun, chairman of the Provincial Association of bowling Jiang Jinkui; vice president of Hubei University Party committee secretary Liu Jianfan, Yan Ming and other leaders attended. Hubei TV station, Wuhan TV station, Hubei daily, Chutian Metropolis Daily, Hubei pictorial and other media have done field reports. National Youth bowling girls won four gold Lake Chu Tian Metropolis News (reporter Wang Feng Intern Zhong Hui) "this is the Hubei bowling cause of the last fire, will start a prairie fire!" 3 years ago, Hubei University, bowling hall officially opened, the school party secretary Liu Jianfan Zhuang language in the ear. But who did not expect, a dream so quickly, the reporter noted yesterday, just in the end of the 2014 National Youth Bowling Championships, the women's bowling team won four gold lake, imbued with Supreme heroism. It is reported that t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping his is , they first played for Hubei national championships. Six junior girls only trained for one year for the first time in the national competition. They won the team, elite, four and single, and four championships. "This is the best result that Hubei has achieved in the national youth tournament in the last 10 years." Zhao Faming, the Secretary General of the provincial Bowling Association, said. celebration site school leader speech provincial leader speech leadership and team members won gold, silver and bronze medals leaders meet Hu Dechun congratulated speech by Deputy Secretary Zhong Shuqiao venue star glittering "I'm inside, ha ha"NFL official website, buffalo Queen: the gold - Peigula rugby, wo , standing in hundreds of flash lights many years later, Pegula Kim will recall the day when she flew to the other side of the ocean, and the life changed. always is like this before the game! The golden Peigula laughed out loud, driving her SUV slowly through a flash from a warm welcome pathway. As the boss of buffalo Bill, Kim Pegula, with her husband Terry (Terry Pegula), became the actual owner of the team two years ago. In the just renamed the new * * Ji Yuan Stadium (New Era Field) in the stadium, the team will compete with the new England patriots. The stadium opened in 1973, the Bill team witnessed the brilliant 90s, into four consecutive Super Bowl have frustrated the embarrassment, but also one of the important Peigula in gold investment in Buffalo - she was on the pitch is located near Park Orchard lived 6 years. In 90s, I had never seen a game at home when I lived here - the traffic was completely paralyzed before and after the game, and the fans poured into the stadium. It was like a zoo on Sunday, and at that time we didn't even have enough police to maintain order. So we can only sit at home and watch the game live. Then, we haven't thought of a tiny bit: the future we will become the team's boss! Look, I don't know what I've been going through in these years! gold - Peigula resume life called surrealism like ups and downs. When she was a baby, her mother abandoned her to a police box on the streets of Seoul. After she was admitted to the orphanage, and at the age of 5 is a Canadian couple adoption, had come to the other side of the ocean. At that time, it was not a common thing to adopt a foreign orphan. Then she came to buffalo in the United States and took root here, until now - the queen of buffalo. The two husband and wife are now the owner of Buffalo's two professional sports teams: NFL Buffalo Bill and NHL Buffalo military knife team. The old and dead center of Buffalo has now become a vibrant Entertainment Center - people even call it Pegulaville. Bill and Russ Brandon, the president of sabre, evaluate Pegula's influence on Buffalo. Once the wasteland was reclaimed, the once barren land was transformed into a source of happiness. Many people did not look at the future of the Bill team, and all these questions were in the bottom of Lake Erie after Pegula took office. How did Pegula get today's achievements from scratch? The short length of space is not enough to elaborate on her ups and downs. And she even 〉At the beginning of April, including Terry, Torres, Zal and Mata, and many other Chelsea players were invited to participate in the "blue is the colour" album, blues all the body painted blue paint put on a variety of classic style, artistic sense and strong impact. And yesterday, the 2013-14 season of Chelsea's Home Jersey was also officially unveiled. Players like Torres, Cech, David Lewis, Cahill and Oscar showed their jerseys. The new shirt is inspired by the classic old shirt worn by the Chelsea star. The New Jersey is still the blue, and vertical dark stripes, white blue and white collar replaced the word "V", the words of white chest sponsors.The official website of NFL | chief of defense manufacturing ball conversion capacity greater than before | football in a year, the Kansas chieftain had changed a lot. has been exposed to the problem of offensive fronts throughout the season. Compared with the start of the season last season, chieftain's 0-2 season started in 2014. Another reason is that the defensive side cannot make the transformation of the ball. Last season, defense coordinator Bob Sutton (Bob Suttun) led the defensive team to make a brilliant ending in the transformation of manufacturing rights, and the 36 time to create the ball transfer to get the league's best +18 score. This year, the chief reaped only one turn of the ball. that's a little sad, Seddon said in the local media. We tell our players that as long as they stay on the court, that will happen. I don't know where to happen, but you have to keep the ball out of the ball when the opportunity comes. One problem is that the reorganization of the second defensive lack of good players, another group of defensive injuries, safety Eric Berri (Eric Berry) this week because of an ankle injury in the absence of this week, Sutton's defense against Miami on Sunday and Ryan Hill (Ryan Tannehill) Taney would lose a copy cut. The exchange of 's ball rights was a bit of luck, and the Sheikh got some occasional anti - ball games in the last season. But the difference is that only one year for the Kansas chieftain will become very fast.

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