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The official website of NFL |2015 in the North Union looking | football season since Aaron Rodgers after a strong rise, the packers has not missed the playoffs, and never let the division title slip. Do the other teams in the North District of the National League are like the will of the United States of the United States of the United States? On the contrary, the lion, the Vikings and bears to a quarterly basis in the attempt to challenge the packers to the throne, you sing on stage, the way to the wild card playoffs, the new season will be the strongest challenger who packers? Green Bay Packer is confident: in recent years, the overall situation of the team, the packers can directly kill the super bowl; the collective illness can also stagger the team reached the playoffs, for other teams, it is not possible to complete the task, of course, they are not Aaron Rodgers. The ball is not the most accurate, reading is not the best, compressive strength is not the strongest, the running speed is not fast, but each individual technology Rodgers can be discharged into the top three of the league, with a peak physical condition, Rodgers can get the ball to the stadium you want any corner. Four elite quarterback unmatched martial arts for many years, when the saints, Broncos offense fine-tuning, Brady will face four games, four elite has been t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping o third, not to mention their old age, perhaps people can expect, Rodgers will usher in the season to dominate the league. In addition, Josh Heaton led strong offensive front, Addie RESINES and Randall kaub elite offensive weapons, talent burst table young defensive backfield coach Mike Mccarthy, and make hands focus spot scheduling, all good news indicates that the packers will usher in the season crown. worth worrying about: Rodgers's best partner, Jordi Nielsen recently scored 4841 seasons total yards and 43 touchdown catch, but the new season the packers will face without his dilemma, although Mccarthy said will let others take over for Nielsen's vacancy, but people are always aware that students lose a peak the offensive weapon for the team's influence. In addition, the defensive frontline talent is insufficient, the slot angle guard is too much, the outside corner guard is not enough and a series of small problems also affect the packing worker's winning journey in detail. unknown factors: blonde and Cray, Mathews clearly said: I don't want to play inside. But the reality is that last season, Mathews first perimeter guard, packaging factory lost 379.3 yards; first hair line guard, then to 313.5 yards. He has enough toughness to complete body and grapple with sufficient speed and talent to mark the near end and front running back, during the raid, he has enough familiar skills, it seems like he has become everything perfect inside wei. But insiders often need experienced stacking to avoid mistakes, which is precisely what Mathews lacks. That led to his fluctuating performance last season. Once Mathews was a killing machine, and now he must be prepared to be the leader of the team's defensive team. 〉The official website of NFL | fourteenth week released a list of | rugby player ????NFL???????????????????????????????????????? Pittsburgh Steelers running Weile viand - Baer (Le Veon Bell) fully deserve the bestplayer in the American League, Cincinnati tigers game last week in the face of Baer firepower, the 26 red ball 185 yards and two touchdowns and receptions for 50 yards and a touchdown, almost single handedly destroyed the tiger defense. This performance also successfully suppress the other three candidates: Denver Broncos running back CJ- Anderson (C.J.Anderson), the new England patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman (Julian Edelman) and Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carle (Derek Carr) here is the League of nations by the Carolina Panthers quarterback Newton Kamm - four (Cam Newton) was elected last week, Newton 226 yards and three touchdowns and one rushing touchdown, helping Panther road massacre New Orleans saints, renewed hope for the playoff. Newton has already passed the experience of passing 200 yards, passing the ball code by 80 yards in four matches, and no other quarterback has been able to do that for more than two times in history. again to see the other awards this week: United States: defensive player: Baltimore linebacker Elvis Crow - Ndume Weil (Elvis Dumervil), a game last week xhumo 4 tackles, with 3.5 sacks, and one manufacturing dropped the ball, and help crow restrict the Miami dolphins offensive. the best special teams player: new England patriots punter Ryan Allen (Ryan Allen), playing 5 times away from Allen against San Diego in the lightning game were kicked out of 247 yards, four punt the ball 20 yards in the first half. couplet: the best defensive player: New York giant rookie Kennard Kennard, Kennard contributed two shots to Tennessee last week to help the giants win the Tennessee Titan. the best special teams player: Saint Louis rams wide receiver and punt returner tahon - Austen (Tavon Austin) in last week's game, Austen had three punt return yards over 25 yards, with a 78 yard punt return touchdowns.The design of and before the launch of the Costa Rica national team in the 2018 World Cup qualifier in Jersey, New Jersey used from the flag of Costa Rica in red, white and blue, emphasizes the unity of the whole country, and before the two Jersey did not choose the blue as the main colors. The morphology of the Jersey positive draw inspiration from the shape of the National Stadium in Costa Rica in Costa Rica, here is the national team's home court, the fans' home". and before the two Jersey, the new ball collar after engraved with the name "COSTA RICA (Costa Rica)", the front below the possession of "LA SELE" embossed text, Costa Rica national team nickname, meaning heart preferred. The main part of thehas a week ahead of the Patriots locked AP first position, is likely to be part of the main holiday arrangements in the final round of the match against Bill, but spike wilfork reasons must play the game. The reason for is that in the contract terms of vifco, there is an activation clause worth 1 million 250 thousand of the bonus, which is that weiflock can play in the defensive number of more than 70% of the Patriots and take part in the semi-finals of the Federation. Although the patriots have got the Federation to ensure that the Federation will participate in the first semi-final qualification, but this season, wilfork currently in the Patriot defense played 1031 file 764 file (74.1%), if not the last fight, is likely to drop below 70%, you will not be able to activate the clause. so the Patriot fans are likely to see the leader of the defensive team appearing in the regular season.

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