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The official website of NFL | Rodgers attended the NBA draft and Wisconsin rugby players celebrate | The NBA show is certainly an exciting event, and the Green Bay Packer Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) ensures that he is not absent. , who was publicly supporting the basketball team of University of Wisconsin during the crazy period of March, appeared at the NBA draft spot of Barclays center. He came to support his friend Sam Dekker (Sam Dekker). After being selected by the Houston rocket, Dekker and Rodgers took a couple of photos with the hat of the Rockets. On twitter, Dekker wrote: another big brother came to New York to celebrate. earlier this year, Dekker revealed that Rodgers inspired him to play a brilliant performance before University of Wisconsin's victory over the University of North Carolina, and he responded to the ruling performance with the highest score of 23 points. O cheap nfl jerseys free shipping bviously, their friendship will continue.NFL's official website, the first foreign took over the operation of lightning poor or absent, the new season football nest San Diego lightning determined their starting time in the United States Wednesday took over Steve - Johnson (Stevie Johnson) may miss the entire 2016 season. According to , Johnson reported a more serious problem in the repair of meniscus tear, that is to say, there is no way to deal with it all in one operation. Johnson was 30 years old this year and finished 10 games in the last season with 45 shots, 497 yards and 3 touchlines. lost Johnson, and lightning had to sign Travis Benjamin (Travis Benjamin) and James Jones (James Jones) in the free market. Johnson completed 1000 consecutive 3 seasons' data in Buffalo Bill. In 2015, he made 3 years' contract with lightning, and his income in the new season is 2 million 900 thousand dollars.automatically switch automatically play video clips to thank Erwin farewell with good luck for the future is loading ... Kaili - Erwin's trading is undoubtedly the most popular topic recently North American sports circle, NFL Pittsburgh iron man running back Baer Leweien behavior of Erwin very disappointed in Erwin move to Celtic after the transaction, he burned Erwin Cavaliers Jersey No. 2, in order to express dissatisfaction with Erwin. Leweien - Baer Baer is from Ohio, where the Cavaliers are in. So he is a hardcore fan of the Cavaliers. He released a photo of Erwin's Jersey by his mobile phone APP. Baer burned Erwin Knight's shirt "Erwin is the second best basket terminator in the league. Second only to Lebron James, the last layup is crazy." Baer admired Erwin in the social media during the 2016 finals, but all of this has become history. there are a few irrational Celtics fans burned the transaction of another protagonist -- Thomas's shirt, but unlike Erwin, Thomas never had to leave, he is involuntarily by the Celtics traded to cleveland. , if we stand on the perspective of Knight fans, we can understand their actions. After all, the Cavaliers are the champions of the league the year before. They are still one of the strongest teams in the league, but Erwin's move may destroy the future of the Cavaliers. ( and ) copyright statement: This article is the exclusive article of the Tencent sports. It will not be reprinted without authorization, otherwise the legal responsibility will be investigated.The official website of NFL | plans to resume training next week by the cowboy | Rugby With (Dez Bryant) - Bryant Hernandez's return, the Dallas Cowboys began to shift attention to quarterback Toni Romo (Tony Romo) of the regression on the agenda. This week, cowboy officials announced that Romo would resume training next week. Coach Jason Garrett (Jason Garrett) said, by the present situation looks very good. This week, the team will continue to arrange for Matt - Cassell (Matt Cassell) to serve as a first issue. before, the cowboy chose to put Romo on the list of injuries. According to the NFL official list, the players who are listed on the list can attend the team training in 6 weeks and return to the competition in 8 weeks. ??íž????2?????????????????????????? Cowboys coach group also said, take some time to observe by the situation, adjust his state. 's current cowboy's record is only 2 to 4, and it is at the bottom of the National League. Whether it is Cassell or Brandon Vuitton (Brandon Weeden) are unable to effectively organize the team's attack. After Bryant's return, cowboys need roo to lead the team in the playoffs.

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