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The official website of NFL | Brady if the appeal fails, the player will resort to the law | rugby union NFL President Roger Guder (Roger Goodell) in May this week for Tom Brady (Tom Brady) the appeal of the verdict, the new England Patriots quarterback is likely to start the new season in the absence of the first four games. A NFL player union source told the media that if such a result would happen, the Union would seek to overthrow the ruling. if Brady is fined and no longer a ban, he will decide whether to take legal action. To resort to the law may not be a new idea, this idea appeared in recent months, because of the players' Union and Brady think he not committed any offence, but after a federal court has been in Lei - Les (Ray Rice) and Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) decided to overthrow NFL were two incidents in suspension. if the players union will indeed go to court for the revocation of suspension decision, their arguments are: to determine the ball is properly inflated provisions only for the team staff and the players (even though the rule for Brady, he did not know the punishment s cheap nfl jerseys free shipping tandard); investigation report by Brady against the general understanding of deflation behavior as the criterion for judging whether it involves a deflation behavior; does not have the ball measuring the standard; Godell due to a conflict of interest should not be served as an arbitration officer. as for now, we are waiting for the results of the appeal. As for Brady, at least he released on personal photos on Instagram, he did not feel particularly worried about.knee in game play against the New Orleans saints suffered serious injuries after the Chicago bears Zach Miller Feng proximal (Zach Miller) successfully received vascular surgery and will continue to stay in hospital for treatment of New Orleans. in the team statement, the bear team said Miller was injured in the competition and was rushed to the medical center near the stadium for emergency vascular surgery to repair the broken leg artery. The operation has been completed and Miller's injury has been stabilized, and he will continue to stay in the hospital with the bear medical staff for further assessment. Miller completed a touchdown in the ball when the knee dislocation, the ball also was the umpire not touchdown. The bear team was last 12-20 to the saints. bears John Fawkes Fox provided more details about Miller. He said, "Miller is suffering from vascular problems -- he broke the artery when he was injured." (John Fox) They cut a blood vessel from his uninjured leg and mended the tear. Fawkes said he talked to Miller a few hours ago, and Miller is very keen on his connection but is in a good state of mind. He will remain in New Orleans until he is allowed to return to Chicago through a check.was in November, and it was the time of the annual publication of Web sites, billboards, and aircraft flags that made NFL coach or general manager out of office. according to the "New York daily" mani Shi Mehta reports, the two New York jets season ticket holders have established the John Iraq Qi Ke class network ( Jason and Jared kopper kopper brothers want to raise enough money to buy an outdoor advertising metropolitan stadium to let the Qi Ke class advertising published in iraq. They saw the idea that Qi Ke, the general manager, had found a reason for himself at a press conference this week. Jason told reporters: "first of all, Sunday's game against the buffalo Bill was extremely embarrassing and ridiculous. Although we were angry to leave the court, we could at least tolerate it. On Monday, Qi Ke's statement at the press conference was simply unbearable. Did I sound like he was joking? So we have to put it into action. " even though Iran Qi Ke had not even had the chance to hire his favorite coach after he was the general manager, the 2014 season's record was enough to put him off. The first 8 games 1 wins 7 negative, and the end of the season at the end of 2 - 14 or 3 - 13 negative, the boss Woody - Johnson (Woody Johnson) will be left to Iran Qi Ke?The official website of NFL | pony coach Xan Freeman: he made us defensive speed | football The arrival of Dequel Jackson (D 'Qwell Jackson) and its own injuries brought down the attention of Indianapolis's little horse line weijill Freeman (Jerrell Freeman) this season. But in fact, he is still the most important part of the defending team. He can move quickly between the side lines, and he can do well in defense, and he can do well in covering defense. in the game against the Cincinnati tigers last week, Freeman finished 15 grappling, led the team, contributed 1.5 times and made 1 shots. It was worth noting that during the regular season, Freeman had only finished 1.5 escapement. This season, Freeman had been absent for 3 weeks in the first half of the season with injuries and chose a truce in the last 1 weeks of the regular season. But after the playoffs began, he again proved his value. Chuck, a Chuck coach, said that our defensive team has contributed a successful match, but Freeman is the best one. You can see him in any corner of the field, his speed is faster than anyone, which helps us speed up the whole defense. Freeman, the king of the 2012 and 2013 cuddles, has shown a decline in his performance this season and has finished only 94 grappling. Jackson finished 140 times and led the team. This week, Freeman will be responsible for marking Julius - Thomas (Julius Thomas), he finished 8 in the first week of the ball played, scored 104 yards with 3 touchdowns.

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