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Cincinnati tigers lost in the wild card race, but their losses will continue until next season. Local time Monday, NFL officials announced Bo Fekete of Wei Feng tiger line (Vontaze Burfict) - TAZ imposed a 3 game suspension, without paying salaries during the team. at the last moment and Pittsburgh Steelers game, Bofeikete illegal receiver Antonio Brown against each other (Antonio Brown), which led to a concussion. The act was given a foul by the referee, which directly led to a shot at the last moment of the tiger. Bo Fekete's style of play is rude, he is to run Weile viand Steelers - Baer in the eighth week (Le Veon Bell) for the season. In the seventeenth week, he used the same rough rash to cause the Baltimore crow near end forward Marx Williams (Maxx Williams) to leave the field. In the 2014 season, he also deliberately reversed Newton Kamm (Cam Newton) and Greg Olsen (Greg Olsen) of the ankle.NFL's official website announced this week | cowboy Bryant truce | Rugby cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Dallas cowboy's opponent this week will be Buffalo Bill, but there will be an important player absent from both sides of the team. The team's official website announced that the receiver (Dez Bryant) - Bryant Mendez and cornerback Maurice clayborn (Morris Claiborne) will miss this week's game. Bryant this week because of a foot injury did not participate in any training, prior to the injury report he was listed as difficult. Bryant was absent this season after 6 games in the absence of this week. This week the cowboy will start the quarterback Karen - Moore (Kellen Moore), which is his first career. Bryant this season only 72 times as a pass, the ball 31 times, 401 yards, yards for 12.9 yards, scored 3 touchdowns. In 6 consecutive games, his number of shots is less than 70 yards, and this is the first time since his rookie season. Bryant's bad performance is also related to the lack of team quarterback. After Tony Toni was injured, the team couldn't organize effective attack. The Romo team was also unable to organize effective attack.Handball | Obama White House Office of the Olympic torch relay | called on the country to support Chicago's bid | hand Association Obama at the White House South Lawn show swordsmanship at the capital of Washington, D.C. (Xinhua News Agency Zhang Yan / photo) Xinhua September, 16 September (reporter Liang Jinxiong) Obama, the president of the United States, said at the White House 16, he hoped that the whole US would support his hometown of Beijing to bid for the 2016 Olympic Games. Chicago is ready. The American people are ready. We need the Olympic Games. Obama said, if you choose Chicago, I assure you that Chicago will make the United States proud. The United States will make the world proud. Obama and Michel held a small Olympic relay at the White House to support Chicago's bid for the Olympic Games. A group of American Olympic and Paralympic athletes and the mayor of Chicago, Daly, participated in the event. Obama said that despite his love of Washington, Chicago was after all a city where he lived for more than 25 years. The city has broad shoulders, broad bosom and bold dream, and also has legendary sports figures, legendary sports venues and legendary sports fans. in recent years, some countries that have bid for the summer or Winter Olympic Games have been strongly supported by the leaders of the state. The city of Chicago had invited Obama to attend next month's meeting of the general assembly of the International Olympic Committee, to support Chicago's bid for the u.s.. Obama recently due to busy domestic medical insurance policy reform, October 2nd to attend the 121st session held in Copenhagen by the International Olympic Committee plenary meeting of Mrs. Michel on behalf of participants. Michel also made a statement that it was a great honor to help Chicago to bid for the 2016 Olympic Games. She believes that Chicago can provide a wonderful stage for the world and hold a historic Olympic Games. She also hopes that the Olympic torch will brighten her hometown. at this International Olympic Committee conference, International Olympic Committee will vote from 4 cities in Chicago, Tokyo, Rio De Janeiro and Madrid to select the cities hosting the 2016 Summer Olympic Games and Paralympic Games.(Carson Wentz) - Carson Wentz on Tuesday by the Philadelphia hawks in the injured reserve list. , after official documents were formally submitted to the alliance, the most feared nightmare of hawk fans came true. They believed, maybe - just maybe - this year it was finally their turn. MVP do not know the impressed fans, was injured after fans to support, or black Friday sales stimulus, according to official data, in November the title belongs to the Jersey wentz. 11 months of this list, in addition to the new list of Adam Sieren (Adam Thielen), the top ten are old faces. ???-??????Tom Brady??????-?????Jason Witten?????????????????????|???

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