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New Orleans saints keep silent for the four point guard Drew Bracey (Drew Brees), but the star quarterback thinks he will not miss the civil war against the Carolina Black Panthers. "I really want to play, but I have to check every day. I have to deal with my injury wisely, so this is what I am doing, "Bracey told reporters on Wednesday. He then claimed that he was" very confident "and could play the next game. Bracey took part in the training on Wednesday and confirmed that he had no pass in training. He made his shoulder injury in the game as one of the injuries that you should be careful to treat. Bracey confirmed that he would decide whether he would play against the Panther. This decision may not be made until the morning of the day of the competition. If Bracey is unable to play, the substitute Luke McKoen (Luke McCown) will get the first starting opportunity in two seasons. if Bracey sidelined, unless McCain can summon the offensive cheap nfl jerseys free shipping team bad in the game, the saints will start losing streak. All in all, this is a nightmare opening for the saints looking forward to a rebound in the southern part of the league.The official website of NFL | Raiders and veteran Woodson 1 | Rugby on Monday local time, veteran safety Charles Woodson (Charles Woodson) and the Oakland Raiders decided to renew for 1 years. According to the NFL official, the contract is worth about $1 million 800 thousand. It means that we can still see the veteran's performance in the game next season. this season, van derson's performance is beyond the team's expectations. His grappling number led the team and finished 4 times. In 1998, the Raiders selected the woods in the first round, but once joined the Green Bay Packers, the veteran decided to go back to where he started. Previously, van derson repeatedly stressed that he would retire as a raider's player. reviews the 1998 draft, and only 2 people remain in the league. In addition to van derson, the other was the top star of the year Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning). At present, the Raiders have announced the appointment of former wild horse defense coordinator Jack Del - Rio (Jack Del Rio) as the new manager of the team. As a team of the most senior players, most say, Woodson will provide help for the coach on and off the early October, there is news that the NFL team will be in the next 12-24 months to Losangeles. It seems to be the first to be implemented in 2016. according to the "San Diego post" Kevin - Ace (Kevin Acee) reported that an anonymous message to said: "if no team will move to Losangeles next year, we may not stay in the old home court, this is a highly confidential message, when I heard quite a shock." aise conjecture that the lightning team is a team that is likely to move. In addition, the Saint Louis rams and the Oakland Raiders are also trying to move to Losangeles. The rams and the Raiders left Losangeles after 1994, and the lightning team came to the United States after the 60s last century and spent the first year in Losangeles. ace quoted the "reliable message". Two of them will form an alliance to settle in Losangeles. The two teams may be rams and raiders. In any case, lightning team owner Dean spanos (Dean Spanos) has recently been focused on the dike or defeat the two teams moved to Losangeles". for the lightning team, the bet is very high. If they stay, then the other two teams will infringe the lightning team for 20 years to nurture the ball Market. But Esther pointed out that lightning team eventually should still stay in San Diego the old stadium.Our football equipment network Adidas company in the major league club Chicago fire team jointly announced the 2018-19 season of the new home court Jersey, to commemorate the history of the club won the double 20th anniversary, New Jersey team drew inspiration from the 1998 season the "double crown" shirt, and salute the great achievements in the future in the past. the continuation of the classic design club shirt, white stripe chest to reproduce the history of season 1998 that "double jersey" style, adhering to the "Adidas from the stadium to the street" concept, the new Adidas EQT series of classic style shirt with collar and cuffs, brought the game into everyone's daily life. shirt proudly display exquisite casting club badge, Silver Star team at the top of the 1998 Major League cup. The white stripe The unique shirt collar, lined up four pieces of six angle from Chicago City Xingyuan, on behalf of the four important historical events in Chicago, including six star second red represents the fire occurred in 1871 in Chicago, Chicago is also the source of this disaster fire team names. shirt sleeves emblazoned with the club's red and blue and white armbands exclusive alliance.

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