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Wang Lusheng: Chinese water polo | swimming must seize the golden ten years of sports development opportunities Luca group project, momentum majestic China swimming star team collective landing resources trading platform for sports industry, so that in May 11th the swimming conference concern. The swimming management center of the State Sports General Administration of sports director Wang Lusheng said at the meeting, the two projects Chinese swimming boarded resources trading platform in the sports industry, not only to open integration events and capital, more emphasis on Chinese swimming must seize the golden ten years of sports development opportunities, adhere to the sports industry resources publicly traded, promote sports factors order of market circulation. Wang Lusheng pointed out that at the just held sports Expo and sports industry annual summit, the leaders and experts and scholars agreed that the next ten years will be the golden ten years of China's sports development. This is based on: one is good policy again and again, two is the trend of the development of national fitness, three is the trend of sports industry gra cheap nfl jerseys free shipping tifying growth under the new norm, four sports and sports culture to promote the fly side by side to enhance the country's soft power. According to Wang Lusheng , at the end of last year, the State Council promulgated the "on accelerating the development of the sports industry to promote a number of opinions" of sports consumption, the beginning of this year to deepen the reform of the central leading group for consideration by the "overall" China football reform in July this year, the International Olympic Committee will vote decided to host the 2022 Winter Olympics venue, Chinese most competitive, which will be positive in order to provide policy basis for the development of Chinese sports; national fitness has been identified as a national strategy, national fitness activities showing a booming trend; in the national economy under the new normal, China sports industry last year achieved two digit growth, a new round of development of the inflection point, and the industrial structure gradually reasonable, real economic activity increased significantly; either the arena or the sports culture has become an important symbol of national image and soft power, the more The more important it is. These clues, let everyone have deeply felt that the new spring of Chinese sports development has come. Wang Lusheng further stated that swimming is a popular sport by the masses, and the number of participants is in the forefront of various sports events. China's swimming is an important force in China's competitive sports and has won a lot of honor for the nation and the nation. The development foundation of the swimming industry is very profound. It has a significant position and great potential in the sports industry. Chairman Mao's trip to the Yangtze River left us with a valuable cultural heritage. Swimming strong body - building heart, sharpening the will, into nature, showing speed, strength, beauty, harmony, contains rich cultural connotation. In the face of the development of sports gold for ten years, we must seize the opportunity and momentum. Wang Lusheng finally said that sports development can not be separated from the support of the government and the community, sports work should also serve the construction of the country, and strive to return to the society. Today's conference is to give the society and the public a wide range of attention and support for China's swimming and promote the development of China's swimming. At the same time, promote China's swimming and enterprise.NBA star private car once a year NBA all star in addition to enjoy the wonderful game, all the stars of the car is certainly worth a visit. Kobe, who has the highest annual NBA salary in the 2014-2015 season, can get $23 million 500 thousand. It's perfect for these professional players to buy any luxury cars. Its ?The official website of NFL | - Sean Richardson will return to the Green Bay Packers football | Sean Richardson (Sean Richardson) is coming back to Green Bay Packers. Recently, Richardson signed a contract worth 2 million 550 thousand dollars with the packers for 1 years. seems to be a good deal, especially for a substitute defensive player. In the 2014 season, Richardson had the top 17 tackles of the secret service group and an important short kickball catch. coach Richardson commented on this: if I were asked to choose MVP of special service group, I would choose Richardson. He had great feeling. You could see that his progress was different every year. The contract also made Richardson a fourteenth player for the Packers' annual income in the 2015 season. At present, the packers also have a $17 million salary space.The official website of NFL | Carol before the speech: relaxed attitude, fun | football NFL the famous media people Albert - Brill (Albert Breer) said that a player reveals to him that the Seahawks team coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) in the pre mobilization speech and the past is not what Brill Carol said at the same time, nearly two weeks in efforts to create a normal, not let the players have competition pressure the. In the Saturday night's pre competition speech, warned Carol that players should try hard to seize the opportunity of this super bowl to enjoy the fun of the game. They must remain normal on the field and play the last game of the season with a relaxed attitude. Since Carol took over the Seahawks, the Seahawks has been the league's most confident and relaxed atmosphere in the squad's team, all the Seahawks players are very listen to Carol, thanks to Carol's excellent personality charm.

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