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Water polo | record hanging bronze triumph | Chinese women's water polo medal must be 2012 ??????????????8??24???(???? ???)???????i?????????????????????????????????????? Li Hua, director of the swimming sports management center of the State General Administration of sport, said that the third time has won a good foundation for preparing for the 2012 Olympic Games. Women's water polo must win medals in London Olympic Games and strive for better results. Li Hua, the director of the swimming center, took the team in person, so he paid great attention to the four - year world cup. After returning to Beijing this morning, he said at the capital airport that he could see that the players' confidence and morale were still strong enough to compete with the strong teams such as the US, Australia and Canada. Victory over Greece, Hungary, Canada, won the group first. The difference was lost to the United States, and the United States was the world champion last year. After the first four, he defeated the Russian team. he thought: This shows that with our teams have considerable strength. It is a good start and a good foundation for preparing for 2012. the good performance of the Chinese women's water polo team has made the outside world think that the Chinese team has the ability to compete for the champions. For future goals, Li Hua affirmed cheap nfl jerseys free shipping that the Asian Games must win the championship. The world championships will take another step next year. The London Olympic Games will win the World Cup results for the collective ball level, and must win the medals and strive for better results. has led the team to continue to make progress in the Spanish teacher Juan · Girard s, he said: Juan is an internationally renowned coach, with the team, the players of the game, his command than the 2008 Olympic Games and a big step forward, for the team to control more skilled and understand. FINA World Cup women's water polo match held in from August 17th to 22nd in New Zealand Kelisitecheqi. In the group match, the Chinese team defeated Greece by 11:7, 11:8 defeated Hungary, 9:7 won the Canadian team, and defeated the host New Zealand team in the next knockout stage, and broke into the top four teams. In the competition for the final seats, China was 9 - 10 for the world cup champion America, which was the only defeat for the girls in the world cup. In the bronze medal battle, the Chinese team 11:9 won and created the best history of the Chinese women's water polo. The water polo World Cup was held in four years, and the last China team was eighth. Before this year, the best results of the Chinese women's water polo team were fifth in the Beijing Olympic Games.The official website of NFL | Jie Winston Metz to lose 18 pounds in good condition | football Jameis Winston, the four - point guard of Tampa Bay pirates, has recently lost 18 pounds in order to avoid a second year decline. Winston said in an interview: "I have heard people in the League say that when you are new, if you perform well in the first year, there will be no plan for the rest season. I didn't really have any plans for the season. in order not to let his second years the state of decline, Winston found the trainer Tim Grove (Tim Grover), Tim has Michael - Jordan (Michael Jordan) and Kobe Bryant (Kobe Bryant) trainer. Tim said, "he is only 22 years old. I will not tell him that he can only rely on controlling diet. I will help him change his eating habits first, and do his personal diet plan well. In fact, Winston used to like to eat a bit of potato chips before going to bed. Now he chose to eat fewer potato chips at lunch time, which soon played a role in his weight. in addition to diet, the biggest change in the rest season is Winston's training. They train for 1 weeks a month. This training seems to make Winston very satisfied. He says he feels better. Winston's rookie season completed 4042 yards of 22 passes and 15 times.although the Green Bay Packers tight end Andrew (Andrew Quarless) - Leeds boast arrested in July 4th, the team had cut him. ESPN, according to two people familiar with news reports said in praise Antilles accused shot in public misdemeanor, the packers won't cut him. packaging industry after the incident issued a full statement saying officialese, is "collect more information" and not to comment. will accept the punishment according to the Leeds boast NFL personal conduct, he may be forced to be suspended or placed in the president of the exemption list. , the near - end forward, will initially start the near - end front with his teammates Richard Rodgers (Richard Rodgers) competition packer. Any punishment may undermine the opportunity for competition. Kwame Arguelles in this offseason by quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) highly, the latter think this year has 6 years of career veteran will make "progress" in the 2015 season of Although does not lose in the Antilles boast packers, if he was forbidden to debut for a long time in the season, this progress will not take great strides.The official website of NFL | Cleveland Brown two players arrested Christmas | football Cleveland Brown, the outer guard, Armonty Bryant, won't play the next match against Kansas City chieftain because of being arrested on Friday morning. according to the local court records show that Bryant and Brown teammates deante - Saunders (De'Ante Saunders) due to the 60 mph limit range of driving speed reached 75 miles per hour and was stopped by the police. Saunders, who drove, refused to take a blow test. local police said Saunders was arrested for driving after drinking. In addition, they are also Saunders's car seized a pistol. The information on the gun will be reported to the local prosecutor's office because Saunders does not have permission to carry the gun. , and Bryant, has been carrying the prescription drug Adela (a psychotropic drug) without a prescription. If he can't issue a prescription, he will be charged with a crime. general manager Brown ray (Ray Farmer) - French Moore said in a statement Saturday morning team to 5.5 sacks ranked team of Bryant and Saunders was arrested in second after it was stopped by traffic police. This is some of the charges that we will take seriously, Farmer said. The importance of making responsible decisions is emphasized by all members of the team. This makes the two members feel very disappointed because of making bad decisions. Farmer also said the matter would be regulated by NFL's personal behavior regulations. this is not the first time Bryant has violated the law. When he was still in college in 2012, he was arrested for selling marijuana. After being selected by Brown in 2013, he was arrested at the school stadium due to a wine drive.

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