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Beijing time on Tuesday December 6th at 9:30 in the morning, the Indianapolis Colts at New Jersey MetLife stadium, New York jets challenge. The team last hand in the 2015 season, when the jet passenger field 20:7 beat the pony. Is currently fighting division champion Colts 5 wins and 6 losses, which won 2 wins and 3 losses; and the jets 3 wins and 8 losses, 1 wins and 4 home court. jets attack first, and quickly out of gear. He got the ball on the line, quarterback Andrew (Andrew Luck) - Clark (T.Y. Hilton short wide receiver T.Y. Hilton) with 13 yards, the final tight end Dwayne - Alan (Dwayne Allen) a 7 yard touchdown, pony quickly established a 7:0 lead. Iraq first connection T.Y. Hilton for 34 yards, then in the end find Dwayne - Alan, 21 yard touchdowns, pony 14:0 jets. game in the second quarter, running back Ryan Fitzpatrick pass Matt Ford (Matt Forte) with 40 yards into the red zone after they failed to score a touchdown. Kicker Nick Falk (Nick Folk) hit a 38 yard free kick, jet pony at 3:14. jet out again third, ponies guard Frank Gore continuous punching ball forward, T.Y. Hilton 15 yard ball, eventually Dwayne Alan finished the 23 yard touchdown catch, this is the game he recorded third receiving touchdowns, helping the team leading 24:3 jets. game in the first half with about two minutes left, pony cornerback Darius Butler (Darius Butler) to succeed in passing midfielder Ryan Fitzpatrick st cheap nfl jerseys free shipping eals. .Liu Peng to visit China delegation handball stressed YOG essence is a comprehensive development | hand Association The picture is Liu Peng's visit to the Chinese Youth Olympic delegation, Li Lei / , in the athletes' village. In August 15, Singapore Cleveland (correspondent Li Lei) this afternoon, the State Sports General Administration, Chinese IOC President Liu Peng came to the Youth Olympic athletes village, visited and condolences to participate in the Youth Olympic athletes and coaches. At the meeting, Liu Peng stressed that the sincere words and earnest wishes: we are concerned with the comprehensive development of young people, this is the true meaning of the Youth Olympic Games, rather than take the number of medals. gave Liu Peng a high degree of evaluation because the Youth Olympic Games were held in history for the first time. He said the Youth Olympic Games, the latest sports event set up by the International Olympic Committee, provides a new platform for youth to compete and communicate throughout the world. According to the characteristics of the youth, the Youth Olympic Games emphasizes learning and cultural education, emphasizing interaction and communication. These two aspects are new and are brand new for all. Liu Peng continued, "culture and education need to be achieved through multiple cultures. Athletes' cultural education can not only be strengthened in the classroom, but also encouraged by the subtle, tangible, invisible and mutual influence in extracurricular activities. In my understanding, the Youth Olympic Games emphasizes that learning emphasizes education, motivate each other, communication is a kind of incentive, communication is a kind of learning. The role of this aspect is not as much as the teaching of culture in the classroom. today is the first Youth Olympic tournament, commenting on the Chinese delegation duopai task, Liu Peng stressed: the first Youth Olympic Games will not emphasize the trophy, we won many gold medals from all walks of life always more concerned about, but for the Youth Olympic Games, we are concerned with the comprehensive development of young people, this is the Youth Olympic Games will the truth, rather than take the number of medals. visited the little athletes in a friendly way. Liu Peng also put forward his request and hope: hope that the small athletes should seize this rare opportunity and study with their eyes open. On the one hand, we should show normal training results. On the other hand, we should learn from other countries' cultural and educational aspects so as to provide nutrition for us to improve our sports performance and culture education after returning home. (finished)Oakland Raiders rookie wide receiver Cooper Amari (Amari Cooper) full of confidence in his first season, he has repeatedly said it will shock alliance, let all people realize their own value and ability. In addition to catching the ball as a relay, Cooper seems to be able to do more. recently, the Raiders coach group is considering Cooper as a punt return to work. The team's special team coordinator said: "Cooper is a very good player and he has the ability to do any work." Whether he will be a back attack, it depends on his position in the team. He has such a gift that he can finish the work. At this stage, we will make a corresponding attempt. " The League has many players willing to try a punt return to work, but for the team, the problem is not so simple. Most teams are more willing to protect the important players in the team and let them avoid the return of the attack. The Raiders had already signed a special Lyndon holiday (Trindon Holliday), the team will examine who is more suitable for the new season for the return.In the base | development characteristic sports build quality education | Zheng Dong district held a soft barrier match opening ceremony ????4??26????28???2013???????????3?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????|??|??????????????????쨰??????????????????????13???????????????????|??|????? The competition is divided into primary school group and middle school group. Zheng Dong New Area Yongping Road Primary School and eighty-eighth middle school respectively obtained the first place of the primary school group and the middle school group. This competition and to implement the guiding spirit of the Education Bureau of Zhengzhou City, Zhengzhou City Sports Bureau on further strengthening school physical education work, strengthen the comprehensive quality education of students in our region, vigorously carry out the sunshine sports, promote the vigorous development of Zheng Dong new characteristic sports. athletes in the competition health first, lifelong physical education, is the goal of school physical education. In order to promote the vigorous development of Sports School District of Zheng Dong, to build the eastern sports brand characteristics, Zheng Dong New District in April 2012 by the State Sports General Administration officially named the national softball experimental base, at the same time, also granted 14 schools for the Eastern National softball experimental school. Over the past year, has been developing vigorously in the Zheng Dong new area with the attention and support of leaders at all levels and the hard efforts of the majority of physical education teachers and athletes, and has been loved by teachers and students and parents. It is believed that this competition is not only an important measure to promote quality education, but also a major test for schools to carry out soft Softball Teaching on campus. (feed / China Softball Association) sports team photo

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