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last week also consider retiring and engaged in the Olympic Games the Minnesota Vikings all star running back Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) immediately changed their mind. According to , Peterson is preparing to return to the game next season, according to people familiar with the matter. The fastest this week in the proceedings to ensure his return to the team in the offseason, as everyone knows he is suspended until next year after April 15th. If can Peterson in March next year on the return to the team, he will be more operating space, especially he decided to leave the Minnesota Vikings to search for a new club. he said earlier that he would leave the Vikings, but it was just a matter of time. However, we do not know whether the Vikings were divided into two groups to support and oppose the return of his return at the beginning of this period of time to reach agreement.The official website of NFL | Thursday night game preview: Titan @ Jaguar | Rugby The regular season finally entered the eleventh week, this week's Thursday night game will be between Midland south two weak team Tennessee Titans and the Jacksonville jaguars. This year will be the first draft of the second draft pick last year and showdown between! The Jacksonville 3 - 6 Jacksonville Jaguar has a good record this year. Last year's t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping hird show main quarterback Blake Boulter this season to play a stable, although the four score only 81 of the poor, but the results are already 2381 yards to par line (like the two data than PM high...) Although the outgoing; 19 touchdowns, but 11 interceptions, it also shows that Boulter is one of the advantages and disadvantages of very distinct quarterback. This year's two round rookie runner up in Alabama is a great surprise for Jaguar this year. It has taken 531 yards in 8 games, though it has only 1 touchdown, but this result is pretty good for a rookie. Most Jaguars offensive weapons this year is two Allen - Alan Robinson and Alan Hearns, the former scored 758 yards and 7 touchdowns, which also has 697 yards and 7 touchdowns accounted for. Although the hearnes may be due to injury would miss the game, but the two occupation bowl tight end Julius Thomas or will fill the blank become absent hearnes, Jaguar and a trusted red kill. The two bit line bit Taierwen Jaguar - Smith and Paul - Perth Lusini will continue to defend for the team in second tier weak defense to provide all the help. 2 - 7 Tennessee titans have this year show Bangyan Marcus Mario Kobita, but due to the lack of more offensive weapons, they are still poor performance this year. Michael Marcus Mario Kobita, although opener shine, but due to injuries and his performance has become the struggle. But Mario Kobita played quite well in the two matches that Titan won this season. 7 games, 1795 yards and 13 touchdowns results have been qualified, all people look forward to his future worthy of alliance. Titan's way of attacking the road is relatively poor, and the team's current main runner, Antonio Andrews, is only 298 yards away. The team is currently the most trusted veteran catcher Walker de Lanier tight end, currently only 508 yards and 3 touchdowns accounted for. If the top third of the League attack is Titan, who wants to take a victory in Jacksonville, Mario Kobita needs to activate all the offensive weapons around him. Otherwise, one can't make bricks without straw again staged the tragedy.The official website of NFL | rookie receiver Perryman crow was placed in the injured reserve list | football Baltimore crow rookie wide receiver Bray Shad Perryman (Breshad Perriman) will be officially absent from the remainder of this season. The team announced on Tuesday that they had put him in the list of injuries that meant season's reimbursement. crows selected Perryman from the central University of Florida in the first round of this year's draft, twenty-sixth Shun. The highly favored catcher has not recovered from a knee posterior cruciate ligament sprain from the first day of the training camp. In September, the thunderbolt had a limited return to training - running on a route and taking part in personal training. in the face of the Cincinnati games in tiger crow third weeks ago, Perryman in the warm-up attempt after another long look very painful. He later received an expert's endoscopy and showed no new damage. Perryman was not only affected by the injury of the 2015 level hand. The Chicago bear's first round show, Kevin White (Kevin White), has also failed to play in this year's match. He underwent surgery for a tibial stress fracture in August. The Indianapolis Colts first show took over Philip (Phillip Dorsett) - Dorset in seventh weeks after the fibula fracture sidelined.The official website of NFL | Cardinals coach insists on season playoff four people choose the right of | football - Palmer Carson respectively loss due to a knee injury against the Saint Louis rams in 2 regular season games division (Carson Palmer) in the civil war and Drew - Stanton (Drew Stanton), the Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians (Bruce Arians) in the playoffs last season at the beginning of the urgent need to quarterback. Ryan Lindley's career record is a disgrace, and his first 229 passes have not been achieved. The 50.3 quarterback scores and 1 wins and 5 losses record (under.167) is 30 years of the worst playoff quarterback. Lindley drag performance was lost to the Carolina Panthers cardinals in the wild card race attack group only 78 yards hit the NFL playoff record. then why not Arians in the face of regular season 49 of San Francisco's last game in accordance with the original arrangements that turn arm strength strong rookie quarterback Logan Thomas (Logan Thomas) play? Arians this week at NFL annual meeting again that Thomas is not ready to start NFL level match. We selected him for the two years from now, instead of November, Arians said. His first appearance was earlier than expected. I'm not going to make him (in San Francisco) a failure because once you fail, those tragic memories will never disappear. said: if you destroy the Arians teammates in the playoffs, it is difficult to win back their support in the locker room. I just don't want him to be in that situation. Whether it is right or wrong, it is my decision. Who can find fault from the logic of one of the best NFL quarterback experts? Thomas is to need time to develop the potential players, success stories are rare in this type of player, but this did not stop trying to shape the Arians have excellent physical condition of the former Virginia Tech star Palmer's future as a substitute.

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