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popular expectations safetys Stevie Brown (Stevie Brown) to return to the New York giants have become a reality. The giant announced on Monday that they signed Brown. Houston of Dezhou on Friday to determine Brown in the left edge after he decided to cut off. Brown joined the Dezhou people in May. It is reported that Brown has been awarded the invitation of four teams. after Brown was cut off by the Dezhou people, many people thought the giant would sign him back, and he would be willing to return to the giant. The occupation career into sixth years of safety during the 2012 season the giants completed breakthrough season, made 76 tackles and 8 steals the ball. However, his knee anterior cruciate ligament tear in the 2013 season was reimbursed for the season, and he never achieved the same success. In the 2014 season, the number of Brown's escapement was halved and failed to be cut. The giant in the safety position in urgent need of help. They lost four safeties in two weeks. due to the impact of injuries, Brown is not the same as before, but the urgent need to join Xin'an. The giant. His performance in the giant's new season is worth paying attention to.The official we cheap nfl jerseys free shipping bsite of NFL | ram cut wide receiver Austen Pettis | Rugby Saint Louis rams, from 2011 to 2013, used 6 picks to strengthen the team's line-up. The 6 picks were all higher than the 5 round, but the result was that the team had not been able to find truly trustworthy players. On Monday local time, the goats announced that they had cut off Austen Pettis (Austin Pettis) and the team took a 3 round of Pettis in 2011. in the first 3 seasons of his career, Pettis finished 31.6 times a season on average and had only 11 games to start. As the slot took over, his performance has been struggling against the Seahawks in the game last week he was not activated. At present, the team took over the team lineup is still abundant, the accumulation of many top players, including Blaine Quirke (Brian Quick), Chris Givens (Chris Givens), Austen (Tavon Austin) - tahon and studman - Bailey (Stedman Bailey). Pettis's prospects are not optimistic, and we will continue to pay attention to whether he has a chance to find a new home. He was linked with the new England patriots, and the patriot's attack coordinator had worked with Pettis in the ram.Beijing time early December 20th, NFL ushered in the first Saturday night game of the season. The two sides are the New York jet fleet and the Dallas cowboy team. first game, the home battle cowboy team took the lead with a free kick. However, in the second round of the attack, Matt - Cassell (Matt Cassel) sent a copy, nearly lost the lead. Fortunately, the jet in the 4 gear 1 yards of the cowboy at 3 yards failed to get the first attack. But at the end of this section, the jet is still in array. Pileru - Powell (Bilal Powell) find space completed 12 yards rushing touchdowns, but did not score additional points. At the end of the first festival, the jet has a 6:3 lead for the time being. second, the cowboy quickly replaced the substitute quarterback Karen - Moore (Kellen Moore). But it seemed that he was not ready, and a copy was sent out as soon as he came to the field. The jet turns it into a free kick. Fortunately, this section in less than 2 minutes left, Moore two consecutive successful passes, help Bryant Mendez (Dez Bryant) to get a 10 yard touchdown catch. At the end of the half, the cowboy took 10:9 a little ahead of the jet. In the third quarter of , the first time the cowboy first came to the 10 yards of the jet, but the ball from Moore to the area was cut off, and the right of ball returned to the jet fleet. However, the jets quarterback Ryan Fitz Patrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick) 2 offensive after the ball return. The cowboy was re - attacked in the red area. Fortunately, the jet defense team had a strong performance, which was only 3 points and 4 points. Then both sides abandoned and kicked each other and did not organize an effective attack. to the fourth section, the jets again got the ball, the ball with four points, Patrick Wei Fei is, only 5 minutes, will advance to the cowboy touchdown before Eric Dekker took over the last exon 87 (Eric Decker) to complete the 3 yard touchdown catch. At 16:13 the jet came back again. 9 minutes left in the game, rookie Moore led the Cowboys a time-consuming 7 minutes spare no effort to catch up, forward, finally enter the range of 16. The last 1 minutes and 55 seconds, the two sides return to the same running line again. At this time, the jet with 3 suspended a few files after the attack, four quarterback Dez Pat Kerry once again play a magical performance, a 43 yard pass, attack directly to cowboys half, finishing in the final 36 seconds, the score will be set at 19:16. finally, the away game combat jets win over rivals, the Cowboys completely lost the playoff qualification. Though cowboy quarterback Moore failed to reverse at the last moment, his performance has gone beyond expectations, and he will probably play the rest of the season as a starter.even-even soccer equipment network MLS club Orlando city official today officially announced the team's 2017 season new Adidas home court Jersey, the continuation of the New Jersey Club unique purple tradition, the details of the design review before the club entered the major league honors, and celebrated the event moved into the new home court this historic. right shirt sleeve cuffs with white numbers "28.5410645 -081.3890350,," this is the new club home court Orlando (Orlando City Stadium) City stadium is the center site of the geographical coordinates, "Lion" the new season will continue to write their history in Orlando City Sports field. the continuation of the details of the design of a new home court Jersey, Jersey back collar printed below the crown and the lion "Orlando City (Orlando)", the symbol of the team made before entering the League of honor.

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