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even-even soccer equipment network Nike today launched a film called "you don't believe" limit clips. The film introduced by Wieden+Kennedy, director Daniel group (The Daniels) directed by actor Oscar · Isaac (Oscar Isaac) and Su Bingtian (the narrator, China sprinter, Aaron Gordon (·); Aaron Gordan, American basketball player, English Gardiner (·); English Gardner, American sprinter Stanton zhankaluo), · (Giancarlo Stanton, American baseball player), Kevin · Durant (Kevin Durant, American basketball player), Mo · Fala (Mo Farah, the British runner), Neymar (Neymar Jr., Brazil, ·, football player); Houston (Nyjah Huston, American skateboarder, Serena Williams (·); Serena Williams, American tennis player) and Zach · (Zach L Levin; AVine, American basketball players and other athletes are out of the mirror. The film aims to pay tribute to every sport enthusiast that keeps breaking its limits, as well as champion athletes including Neymar.Squash | Auchan center built a fashionable sport stadium holiday experience glass wall Luca on 1~3 October 2010, the national squash championship and the 2010 China squash Tour Finals will be held in Kunshan. During the Games Organizing Committee in Jiangsu of Kunshan City Sports Center Auchan shopping center held 3 days beginners training and exhibition. Auchan shopping center is a comprehensive shopping center in Kunshan City, the largest, in October 1st alone, 30000 cheap nfl jerseys free shipping people traffic. China squash Tour Finals of the organizing committee to build a glass wall stadium in Auchan shopping center, attracting a large number of visitors. beginner training and performance competitions are held two times every afternoon and evening. The form of issuing experience vouchers is required to participate in the endless stream of squash experience. Many people are attracted by the wonderful performances, some visitors attending the experience after second days, and come again to Auchan shopping center to experience the charm of squash. Shi Yujie, a college student who has just finished training, told reporters: "I once saw squash games on TV. Today is the first time to experience playing squash. I played badminton before, and I plan to learn squash in the future. according to organizers, in October 2nd, 200 million people traffic in Auchan, if not rain man will be more, there are a large number of visitors every day there are 200 people play squash, squash in experience activities every day, participate in the experience of half the people asked where visitors can participate in this sport, some tourists directly enroll in Jinhui squash club. squash is known as the king of indoor sports. It is a fashionable sport. Through this promotion and popularization, more people will participate in this sport in Kunshan and enjoy the fun brought by squash. (Paul)The official website of NFL | Fitzpatrick this week will start playing football | Ryan Fitzpatrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick) is still the team's first quarterback. Fitzpatrick left the game in advance in a match with the Oakland Raiders last week. At the moment, his injuries were better than expected, and he took part in the team's training on Wednesday local time. Without a surprise, he will start the game with the Jacksonville Jaguar this weekend. The jet's replacement for the quarterback Smith (Geno Smith) was injured by the shoulder, but also took part in Wednesday's training. According to the reporter's on-the-spot observation, Fitzpatrick showed normal performance in the receiving links, and he could finish the delivery with the running guard smoothly. The influence of hand injury on his technical movements can hardly be ignored. Fitzpatrick can be a good news for jet fans. Last week Smith came off the bench to pass for 265 yards, 2 touchdowns, but sent 1 steals. In the end, the jet fell to his opponent. The performance of the jets this season is a bright spot, and they will not want to lose the quarterback at the critical moment of the season in the playoffs. related news: Fitzpatrick plans to undergo surgery after the seasonIn the base of | national softball Championships youth summer camp | soft barrier (Figure) picture is: high school women's group champion Shenzhen dragon pearl middle school photo. (Horst Association) August 5th, the Chinese Softball Association, Chinese Education Association jointly sponsored by Henan Province, Zhengzhou City Bureau of education and sports of the 2010 health Cup National Softball Championship today morning ended all competitions and the award ceremony was held, so far, 2010 of the national Softball Championship ended, at the same time, the 2010 National Softball summer camp officially camp. this tournament lasted for three and a half days, and all teams fought bravely in the competition. They united together and got the strength of competition, and scored their own achievements. The award ceremony in the morning at about 11, to attend the award ceremony of the leaders and guests: executive vice president of Chinese Education Institute deputy director Guo Yongfu, vice chairman of Chinese Softball Association Jiang Xiuyun, Henan Provincial Sports Bureau Wang Peng, Japan International Health Corporation Sales Director, Secretary of the central North pass Chinese softball association long Yang Xu, Henan Province Education Wei Yi Department deputy director Nie Shizhong, director of the Zhengzhou Municipal Sports Bureau Li Qingshan, Zhengzhou Municipal People's Government of Zhengzhou city mayor Yan Jianhua, Assistant Secretary for education and sports located in Wang Ke and Fujian Nanan Nanhua Shoes Co., Ltd. chairman Chen Zhongxing. The leaders and guests present the awards for the award-winning team and the individual. the tournament referee Xing Lisa announced the results of the competition, primary school group: Henan experimental school Zheng Dong primary school won the first prize, Nanjing Baixia District Yudaojie primary school in second, Beijing City, Chaoyang District Jiuxianqiao Center Primary School in third, Beijing City, Chaoyang District village in eight Center Primary School in fourth, cultural city Zhengzhou three road Changzhou city garden, second primary school and Sichuan Jinghai baseball club won the fifth, sixth, seventh. group: Shenzhen middle school middle school women's Dragon harvest first, the high school affiliated to Beijing Institute of Technology in second, Beijing zhichunli middle school in third, the school won the fourth prize. middle man group: Xiamen Dadeng school won the first prize, the seventh middle school of Tianjin city in second, the city of Tianjin Huiwen Middle School third. The organizing committee also set up the sportsmanship award. It was awarded to Sichuan Jinghai baseball club, Beijing Institute of Technology affiliated middle school and Tianjin Hui Wen middle school. The coach from the teams of all groups won the Best Coach Award, and some of the players who did well in this tournament won individual individual award. In addition , vice president of Chinese Softball Association Ms. Jiang Xiuyun also designated the softball equipment supplier of Japan Health Corporation Award for Chinese Softball Association, and awarded Fujian Nanan Nanhua Footwear Company Limited in 2010 the national Softball Championship partner. Zhengzhou Jinshui District Education and Sports Bureau, Zhengzhou

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